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Who supplies graphene? 

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These findings suggest that FG may be a useful alternative material to graphene for the preparation of graphene derivatives.

Based on our work, the researchers can choose graphene products (graphene paper, graphene film, graphene foam or graphene fiber) efficiently according to the research object in the future.

Thus, the next critical step of graphene growth relies on the synthesis of large graphene single crystals.

Graphene holds a lot of promise, but before it can be used commercially, methods are needed for producing processable forms of graphene in scalable amounts and also for incorporating graphene in devices.

The high-quality low-defect air-annealing grown graphene is comparable to commercially available graphene grown via chemical vapor deposition.

On the basis of our analysis, we propose the use of graphene seeds to synthesize high-quality graphene in large area.

Our finding provides a new experimental instance of graphene and would promote the research and applications of graphene.

However, graphene offers an attractive alternative.

The chemically derived, high-quality graphene sheets could lead to future scalable graphene devices.