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How do you hook up a capacitor to a Tweeter? 

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The proposed architecture reduces the voltage stress and the size of the storage capacitor, enabling the use of a film capacitor instead of an electrolytic capacitor.

As a result, the bulky electrolytic capacitor can be replaced with a small film capacitor.

This method can be applied to any woofer-tweeter AO system.

Also, a VPP capacitor model is proposed for the first time to design the VPP capacitor.

This facilitates the use of a film capacitor, which has a much longer life compared with an electrolytic capacitor.

The proposed circuit is able to reduce the energy storage capacitance to a few microfarads range, so that film capacitor can be used to replace the unreliable electrolytic capacitor.

These results indicate that the TR-PEN films can be used over a long term as capacitor films at temperatures up to 300 °C.