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Aix-Marseille University
Marseille, France

24.3K authors

54.2K papers1.4M citations

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado, United States

4.3K authors

19.7K papers1.4M citations

University of Granada
Granada, Spain

23.2K authors

59.2K papers1.4M citations

University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

14.9K authors

41K papers1.4M citations

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

46.3K authors

89.4K papers1.4M citations

Jilin University
Changchun, China

101.4K authors

88.9K papers1.4M citations

National Cheng Kung University
Tainan City, Taiwan

49.7K authors

69.7K papers1.4M citations

London School of Economics and Political Science
London, United Kingdom

8.7K authors

35K papers1.4M citations

Central South University
Changsha, China

95.7K authors

92.3K papers1.4M citations

Stuttgart, Germany

37K authors

53.3K papers1.4M citations

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Kentriki Makedonia, Greece

26.8K authors

58.2K papers1.4M citations

Griffith University
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

13.8K authors

49.3K papers1.4M citations

Macquarie University
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

14K authors

47.6K papers1.4M citations

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York, United States

19K authors

39.9K papers1.4M citations

Technical University of Berlin
Berlin, Germany

27.2K authors

59.3K papers1.4M citations

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala, Sweden

13.5K authors

35.2K papers1.4M citations

University of Jena
Jena, Thüringen, Germany

22.1K authors

45.1K papers1.4M citations

Monash University, Clayton campus

21.6K authors

41.1K papers1.4M citations

Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

16.2K authors

37.4K papers1.3M citations

Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois, United States

13.9K authors

29K papers1.3M citations

University of Giessen
Giessen, Hessen, Germany

24.7K authors

43.7K papers1.3M citations

Sao Paulo State University
São Paulo, Brazil

55.7K authors

100.4K papers1.3M citations

University of Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany

27.7K authors

56.3K papers1.3M citations

University of Regensburg
Regensburg, Bayern, Germany

17.9K authors

38.9K papers1.3M citations

University of Toulouse
Toulouse, France

26.2K authors

53.2K papers1.3M citations

University of Bath
Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

15.8K authors

39.6K papers1.3M citations

Kobe University
Kobe, Japan

26.8K authors

54.3K papers1.3M citations

Sungkyunkwan University
Seoul, South Korea

28.2K authors

56.4K papers1.3M citations

Ames Research Center
Mountain View, California, United States

13.7K authors

35.8K papers1.3M citations

University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg, South Africa

25.2K authors

52.7K papers1.3M citations

West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

25.6K authors

48.3K papers1.3M citations

Curtin University
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

14.2K authors

48.9K papers1.3M citations

World Health Organization
Islamabad, Pakistan

13.3K authors

22.2K papers1.3M citations

French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation
Le Chesnay, France

13K authors

38.6K papers1.3M citations

Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana, United States

51.8K authors

57.5K papers1.3M citations

Vienna University of Technology
Vienna, Austria

16.7K authors

49.3K papers1.3M citations

George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia, United States

12.4K authors

39.9K papers1.3M citations

University of Oulu
Oulu, Finland

14.8K authors

39.8K papers1.2M citations

University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, Texas, United States

14.9K authors

35.5K papers1.2M citations

University of Eastern Finland
Kuopio, Finland

11.6K authors

34.9K papers1.2M citations

University of Bari
Bari, Italy

17.1K authors

44.5K papers1.2M citations

Islamic Azad University
Tehran, Iran

83.6K authors

113.4K papers1.2M citations

Saint Louis University
St Louis, Missouri, United States

18.9K authors

34.8K papers1.2M citations

University of Perugia
Perugia, Umbria, Italy

13.3K authors

39.5K papers1.2M citations

Rome, Italy

6.2K authors

30.8K papers1.2M citations

University of Southern Denmark
Odense, Syddanmark, Denmark

11.9K authors

37.9K papers1.2M citations

Aalborg University
Aalborg, Denmark

14.3K authors

45.6K papers1.2M citations

Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru, India

30.9K authors

62.4K papers1.2M citations

Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

9.2K authors

20.7K papers1.2M citations

Paris Diderot University
Bagnolet, France

16.9K authors

34.8K papers1.2M citations

Okayama University
Okayama, Okayama, Japan

32K authors

58.3K papers1.2M citations

South China University of Technology
Guangzhou, China

62.3K authors

69.4K papers1.2M citations

University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

17.9K authors

44.9K papers1.2M citations

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

41.6K authors

75.6K papers1.2M citations

Tongji University
Shanghai, China

76.1K authors

81.1K papers1.2M citations

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, California, United States

13.7K authors

26.4K papers1.2M citations

University of Lyon
Lyon, France

25.4K authors

43.2K papers1.2M citations

Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah, United States

21K authors

38.6K papers1.2M citations

The Catholic University of America
Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States

28.8K authors

42.2K papers1.2M citations

University of Chile
Santiago, Chile

34.8K authors

57K papers1.2M citations

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida, United States

18.8K authors

48.6K papers1.2M citations

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

9.3K authors

19.2K papers1.2M citations

Karolinska University Hospital
Stockholm, Sweden

16.3K authors

33.5K papers1.2M citations

Polytechnic University of Milan
Milan, Italy

18.2K authors

58.4K papers1.2M citations

Tianjin University
Tianjin, China

72.7K authors

79.9K papers1.2M citations

École Polytechnique
Palaiseau, France

18.9K authors

39.2K papers1.2M citations

Loughborough University
Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

18.1K authors

45.1K papers1.2M citations

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Cambridge, United Kingdom

4K authors

9.6K papers1.2M citations

Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, California, United States

12.2K authors

24.3K papers1.2M citations

Paris Descartes University
Paris, France

20.9K authors

37.4K papers1.2M citations

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Brussels, Belgium

14.2K authors

38.2K papers1.2M citations

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States

5.6K authors

18.3K papers1.2M citations

World Bank
Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States

7.8K authors

21.5K papers1.1M citations

University of Wollongong
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

15.6K authors

46.6K papers1.1M citations

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

13K authors

29.7K papers1.1M citations

San Diego State University
San Diego, California, United States

12.4K authors

27.9K papers1.1M citations

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States

13.8K authors

26.9K papers1.1M citations

Hanyang University
Seoul, South Korea

29.3K authors

58.8K papers1.1M citations

Deakin University
Burwood, Victoria, Australia

12.1K authors

46.4K papers1.1M citations

Dalian University of Technology
Dalian, China

60.8K authors

71.9K papers1.1M citations

University of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

20.8K authors

56.6K papers1.1M citations

Netherlands Cancer Institute

8K authors

17.2K papers1.1M citations

Peking Union Medical College
Beijing, China

67.8K authors

61.8K papers1.1M citations

University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

15.7K authors

26.8K papers1.1M citations

University of Twente
Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands

15.8K authors

39.9K papers1.1M citations

London, United Kingdom

18.7K authors

21.1K papers1.1M citations

Chiba University
Chiba, Japan

27.2K authors

51.4K papers1.1M citations

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina, United States

20.5K authors

42.5K papers1.1M citations

Southeast University
Nanjing, China

66.3K authors

79.4K papers1.1M citations

Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

13.9K authors

35.8K papers1.1M citations

VU University Medical Center
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

10.8K authors

22.9K papers1.1M citations

University Health Network
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

16.2K authors

27.4K papers1.1M citations

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

15.9K authors

31.8K papers1.1M citations

La Trobe University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

13.3K authors

41.2K papers1.1M citations

Yeshiva University
New York, New York, United States

12.7K authors

15.2K papers1.1M citations

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

18.3K authors

31.2K papers1.1M citations

Nankai University
Tianjin, China

42.9K authors

51.8K papers1.1M citations

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

20.5K authors

34.6K papers1.1M citations

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington, United States

11.5K authors

27.9K papers1.1M citations

Saint Petersburg State University
Saint Petersburg, Russia

29.1K authors

53.4K papers1.1M citations