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1st February, 2013

Multiplex Genome Engineering Using CRISPR/Cas Systems
Surviving sepsis campaign: international guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2012.
A general and simple method for obtaining R2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models
Carbon Nanotubes: Present and Future Commercial Applications
Handbook of Educational Psychology
Sensitive detection of somatic point mutations in impure and heterogeneous cancer samples
Tracking pathophysiological processes in Alzheimer's disease: an updated hypothetical model of dynamic biomarkers.
Circular RNAs are abundant, conserved, and associated with ALU repeats
A collaborative framework for 3D alignment and classification of heterogeneous subvolumes in cryo-electron tomography
practice Guidelines for Management of the Difficult airway An Updated Report by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Task Force on Management of the Difficult Airway
ABT-199, a potent and selective BCL-2 inhibitor, achieves antitumor activity while sparing platelets
Cohort Profile: The ‘Children of the 90s’—the index offspring of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer disease: risk, mechanisms and therapy
Regulatory networks defining EMT during cancer initiation and progression
Circulating Breast Tumor Cells Exhibit Dynamic Changes in Epithelial and Mesenchymal Composition
Treatment and prognostic factors for long-term outcome in patients with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis: an observational cohort study
Innate lymphoid cells--a proposal for uniform nomenclature.
Guidelines for perioperative care in elective colonic surgery: Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS®) society recommendations
Global Epidemiology of Psoriasis: A Systematic Review of Incidence and Prevalence
Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen): A robust, open-source python library for materials analysis
Vertical field-effect transistor based on graphene?WS2 heterostructures for flexible and transparent electronics
Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling: Rigorous Applications, Better Results and Higher Acceptance
Hybridization and speciation
Cohort Profile: The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children: ALSPAC mothers cohort
Human milk composition: nutrients and bioactive factors
Clinical practice guidelines for antimicrobial prophylaxis in surgery
WNT signaling in bone homeostasis and disease: from human mutations to treatments
The tail at scale
Epidemiology and risk factors of urothelial bladder cancer
Verification and validation of simulation models
A Primer on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling
Perspectives on Titanium Science and Technology
Transferrin-functionalized nanoparticles lose their targeting capabilities when a biomolecule corona adsorbs on the surface
Statistical notes for clinical researchers: assessing normal distribution (2) using skewness and kurtosis
Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT) and International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) collaborative update of CANMAT guidelines for the management of patients with bipolar disorder: update 2013.
Extreme grain refinement by severe plastic deformation: A wealth of challenging science
What The Evidence Shows About Patient Activation: Better Health Outcomes And Care Experiences; Fewer Data On Costs
Galactic star formation and accretion histories from matching galaxies to dark matter haloes
Adaptive Robust Optimization for the Security Constrained Unit Commitment Problem
The Noncoding RNA MALAT1 Is a Critical Regulator of the Metastasis Phenotype of Lung Cancer Cells
Process studies of change in organization and management : unveiling temporality, activity, and flow
Materials Challenges in Nuclear Energy
A review on empirical mode decomposition in fault diagnosis of rotating machinery
Memory, navigation and theta rhythm in the hippocampal-entorhinal system
The role of biotic interactions in shaping distributions and realised assemblages of species: implications for species distribution modelling
Dynamical movement primitives: Learning attractor models for motor behaviors
The 2013 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation Guidelines for mechanical circulatory support: executive summary.
Position paper: Characterising performance of environmental models
Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes: a patient-centered approach. Position Statement of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Diabetes Care 2012;35:1364–1379
Classifying and valuing ecosystem services for urban planning
A Delay System Method for Designing Event-Triggered Controllers of Networked Control Systems
Bacteriocins — a viable alternative to antibiotics?
Experimental demonstration of a unidirectional reflectionless parity-time metamaterial at optical frequencies
The Clermont Escherichia coli phylo‐typing method revisited: improvement of specificity and detection of new phylo‐groups
Patient And Family Engagement: A Framework For Understanding The Elements And Developing Interventions And Policies
How Teacher Turnover Harms Student Achievement
Animal models of traumatic brain injury
SUS: a retrospective
Convergence of descent methods for semi-algebraic and tame problems: proximal algorithms, forward-backward splitting, and regularized Gauss-Seidel methods
Comparative Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional and Electric Vehicles
Guidelines and good clinical practice recommendations for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in the liver - update 2012: A WFUMB-EFSUMB initiative in cooperation with representatives of AFSUMB, AIUM, ASUM, FLAUS and ICUS.
Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
Characterization of gut microbiomes in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patients: A connection between endogenous alcohol and NASH
A review of the applications of nanofluids in solar energy
A Survey on Smart Grid Potential Applications and Communication Requirements
The Angular Gyrus: Multiple Functions and Multiple Subdivisions
The Impact of High-Performance Human Resource Practices on Employees’ Attitudes and Behaviors
Flourishing Across Europe : Application of a New Conceptual Framework for Defining Well-Being
Network-Induced Constraints in Networked Control Systems—A Survey
Gut microbiomes of Malawian twin pairs discordant for kwashiorkor
MDM2, MDMX and p53 in oncogenesis and cancer therapy.
What Are We Weighting For
Cultural dimensions of climate change impacts and adaptation
Non-edible vegetable oils: A critical evaluation of oil extraction, fatty acid compositions, biodiesel production, characteristics, engine performance and emissions production
Six-of-the-best: unique contributions of γδ T cells to immunology
Cross-Country Differences in Productivity: The Role of Allocation and Selection
Cancer regression and neurological toxicity following anti-MAGE-A3 TCR gene therapy.
Understanding and managing conservation conflicts
RNA interference in the nucleus: roles for small RNAs in transcription, epigenetics and beyond
The Millennium Drought in southeast Australia (2001–2009): Natural and human causes and implications for water resources, ecosystems, economy, and society
Enzyme immobilization: an overview on techniques and support materials.
Bariatric Surgery Versus Intensive Medical Therapy in Obese Patients With Diabetes
Augmented visual, auditory, haptic, and multimodal feedback in motor learning: A review
The 'Out of Africa' Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity, and Comparative Economic Development
Epigenome-wide association data implicate DNA methylation as an intermediary of genetic risk in rheumatoid arthritis
A variant upstream of IFNL3 (IL28B) creating a new interferon gene IFNL4 is associated with impaired clearance of hepatitis C virus
The role of the natural environment in the emergence of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria
Navigating Paradox as a Mechanism of Change and Innovation in Hybrid Organizations
Organic matter–hosted pore system, Marcellus Formation (Devonian), Pennsylvania
Gene therapy clinical trials worldwide to 2012 - an update
Geographies of energy transition : space, place and the low-carbon economy
A Survey of Computation Offloading for Mobile Systems
In-plane heterostructures of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride with controlled domain sizes
How Do Simple Positive Activities Increase Well-Being?:
Practitioner Review: Do performance-based measures and ratings of executive function assess the same construct?
A survey of urban climate change experiments in 100 cities
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society's Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology: 2012 version.
Progress and prospective of solid-state lithium batteries
2012 Update of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslipidemia for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in the Adult
Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Distributed Generation
The UMIST database for astrochemistry 2012
The nature of feelings: evolutionary and neurobiological origins
Germline mutations affecting the proofreading domains of POLE and POLD1 predispose to colorectal adenomas and carcinomas
The prospective, observational, multicenter, major trauma transfusion (PROMMTT) study: Comparative effectiveness of a time-varying treatment with competing risks
FOXOs: signalling integrators for homeostasis maintenance
Multi-electrode array technologies for neuroscience and cardiology
Black hole: A new heuristic optimization approach for data clustering
A comparative study on the predictive ability of the decision tree, support vector machine and neuro-fuzzy models in landslide susceptibility mapping using GIS
Superior light metals by texture engineering: Optimized aluminum and magnesium alloys for automotive applications
Regulation of intestinal epithelial permeability by tight junctions
Identification of Serum Metabolites Associated With Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Using a Targeted Metabolomic Approach
SPFP: Speed without compromise—A mixed precision model for GPU accelerated molecular dynamics simulations
Adaptive thermogenesis in adipocytes: Is beige the new brown?
Whole-genome sequencing to delineate Mycobacterium tuberculosis outbreaks: a retrospective observational study
Spheroid culture as a tool for creating 3D complex tissues
Caveolae as plasma membrane sensors, protectors and organizers
Review: Activation patterns of microglia and their identification in the human brain
Fifth INTERMACS annual report: risk factor analysis from more than 6,000 mechanical circulatory support patients.
An optimized fluorescent probe for visualizing glutamate neurotransmission
The Science of Evaluation: A Realist Manifesto
State of the art in gold nanoparticle synthesis
Design and Implementation of a Highly Efficient Three-Level T-Type Converter for Low-Voltage Applications
Superior Electrochemical Performance and Storage Mechanism of Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries
Targeting Tumor-Infiltrating Macrophages Decreases Tumor-Initiating Cells, Relieves Immunosuppression, and Improves Chemotherapeutic Responses
Whole-Genome Regression and Prediction Methods Applied to Plant and Animal Breeding
Nanoscale Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with a Nitrogen-Vacancy Spin Sensor
Plasma-assisted ignition and combustion
Variable Clonal Repopulation Dynamics Influence Chemotherapy Response in Colorectal Cancer
How bad are the effects of bad leaders? A meta-analysis of destructive leadership and its outcomes
Symbolic execution for software testing: three decades later
Innate lymphoid cells — how did we miss them?
A near-infrared fluorophore for live-cell super-resolution microscopy of cellular proteins.
Chronic kidney disease alters intestinal microbial flora
The genome of the pear (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd.)
A scalable neuristor built with Mott memristors
Pathogenic mechanisms in HBV- and HCV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy on a (5-nanometer)3 sample volume.
Activating HER2 Mutations in HER2 Gene Amplification Negative Breast Cancer
Experimental investigation of the lithium-ion battery impedance characteristic at various conditions and aging states and its influence on the application
Comparison of Parallel Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Real-Time UAV Path Planning
Self-presentation and belonging on Facebook: How personality influences social media use and motivations
Plant science: the key to preventing slow cadmium poisoning
External validation and comparison with other models of the International Metastatic Renal-Cell Carcinoma Database Consortium prognostic model: a population-based study
Invariant natural killer T cells: an innate activation scheme linked to diverse effector functions
Dispersive Fourier transformation for fast continuous single-shot measurements
Kidney Disease and Increased Mortality Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms With Flow Diverters A Meta-Analysis
A critical review of recent research on functionally graded plates
Understanding the mechanisms and treatment options in cancer cachexia
Comparative study of methylene blue dye adsorption onto activated carbon, graphene oxide, and carbon nanotubes
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR): A State-of-the-Art Review
What types of interventions generate inequalities? Evidence from systematic reviews
Technical communique: Distributed event-triggered control of multi-agent systems with combinational measurements
Accessibility of Cities in the Digital Economy
Thirty Years of Prospect Theory in Economics: A Review and Assessment
Transformational leadership, job satisfaction, and team performance: A multilevel mediation model of trust
Y-chromosome evolution: emerging insights into processes of Y-chromosome degeneration
Revised guidelines for the clinical management of Lynch syndrome (HNPCC): recommendations by a group of European experts
How Elite Partisan Polarization Affects Public Opinion Formation
The Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing Effect in Management
The Appropriate Use of Approximate Entropy and Sample Entropy with Short Data Sets
Demand response in smart electricity grids equipped with renewable energy sources: A review
Singularities of the minimal model program
Energy conservation via electron bifurcating ferredoxin reduction and proton/Na+ translocating ferredoxin oxidation
Review: Risk evaluation approaches in failure mode and effects analysis: A literature review
Fast Cost-Volume Filtering for Visual Correspondence and Beyond
Treatment with platelet-rich plasma is more effective than placebo for knee osteoarthritis: a prospective, double-blind, randomized trial.
DNA Base Damage by Reactive Oxygen Species, Oxidizing Agents, and UV Radiation
Adipose tissue heterogeneity: implication of depot differences in adipose tissue for obesity complications.
Nonlocal Image Restoration With Bilateral Variance Estimation: A Low-Rank Approach
Normal ranges of left ventricular strain: a meta-analysis.
Diet Quality of Americans Differs by Age, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Income, and Education Level
'Am I not answering your questions properly?' : Clarification, adequacy and responsiveness in semi-structured telephone and face-to-face interviews
Applications of next-generation sequencing to phylogeography and phylogenetics
Unconditional Convergence in Manufacturing
Genome-wide association analyses identify 18 new loci associated with serum urate concentrations
Future directions for behavioral information security research
Chromatin marks identify critical cell types for fine mapping complex trait variants
The immunosuppressive tumour network: myeloid-derived suppressor cells, regulatory T cells and natural killer T cells
Nurses’ reports of working conditions and hospital quality of care in 12 countries in Europe
Weighted extreme learning machine for imbalance learning
Identification of recurrent NAB2-STAT6 gene fusions in solitary fibrous tumor by integrative sequencing
Zinc and its importance for human health: An integrative review.
Modern soft magnets: Amorphous and nanocrystalline materials
Document-level sentiment classification: An empirical comparison between SVM and ANN
Performance Comparison of MIMO Techniques for Optical Wireless Communications in Indoor Environments
Soil pH drives the spatial distribution of bacterial communities along elevation on Changbai Mountain
A review of scenario planning
Whole-genome sequencing for analysis of an outbreak of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: a descriptive study
Review: Microglia of the aged brain: primed to be activated and resistant to regulation
Herschel view of the Taurus B211/3 filament and striations: evidence of filamentary growth?
The evolution, challenges, and future of knowledge representation in product design systems
The role of non-equilibrium vibrational structures in electronic coherence and recoherence in pigment-protein complexes
Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Queueing Theory in Action
The Effective Field Theory of Dark Matter Direct Detection
Marginal zone B cells: virtues of innate-like antibody-producing lymphocytes
Groundwater depletion in the Middle East from GRACE with implications for transboundary water management in the Tigris-Euphrates-Western Iran region
Molecular Mechanisms of Vitamin D Action
Single-base resolution methylomes of tomato fruit development reveal epigenome modifications associated with ripening
A review of the beneficiation of rare earth element bearing minerals
Vitamin D deficiency and depression in adults: systematic review and meta-analysis
Microbial Life Under Extreme Energy Limitation
Influence analysis of community resident support for sustainable tourism development
Shared Decision Making: Examining Key Elements And Barriers To Adoption Into Routine Clinical Practice
Epoxy clay nanocomposites ― processing, properties and applications: A review
Influence analysis of community resident support for sustainable
Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli using synthetic small regulatory RNAs
Sleep-dependent memory triage: evolving generalization through selective processing
Meta-analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies of Inhibition and Attention in Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Exploring Task-Specific, Stimulant Medication, and Age Effects
The skin prick test – European standards
The mental health risks of economic crisis in Spain: evidence from primary care centres, 2006 and 2010.
The effects of MHD and temperature dependent viscosity on the flow of non-Newtonian nanofluid in a pipe: Analytical solutions
Androgen-deprivation therapy alone or with docetaxel in non-castrate metastatic prostate cancer (GETUG-AFU 15): a randomised, open-label, phase 3 trial
Posttraumatic stress disorder in parents and youth after health-related disasters
Cellulose polymorphy, crystallite size, and the Segal Crystallinity Index
Model-Based Event-Triggered Control for Systems With Quantization and Time-Varying Network Delays
Viewing things differently: The dimensions of public perceptions of police legitimacy.
Advances in CO2 capture technology: A patent review
Green as the new Lean: how to use Lean practices as a catalyst to greening your supply chain
Malaria biology and disease pathogenesis: insights for new treatments.
Shaping Citizen Perceptions of Police Legitimacy: A Randomized Field Trial of Procedural Justice
Fuzzy C-Means Clustering With Local Information and Kernel Metric for Image Segmentation
GRADE guidelines: 12. Preparing summary of findings tables-binary outcomes.
EUCAST expert rules in antimicrobial susceptibility testing
Optimal trading strategy and supply/demand dynamics
Preparation and characterization of a novel magnetic biochar for arsenic removal
A review on water in low rank coals: The existence, interaction with coal structure and effects on coal utilization
GRADE guidelines: 11. making an overall rating of confidence in effect estimates for a single outcome and for all outcomes
The Clinical Assessment Interview for Negative Symptoms (CAINS): Final Development and Validation
A Case Series: Cognitive- Behavioral Treatment (Exposure, Relaxation, and Rescripting Therapy) of Trauma-Related Nightmares Experienced by Children
Global and regional hearing impairment prevalence: an analysis of 42 studies in 29 countries
Marker-free phase nanoscopy
Marine macroalgae: an untapped resource for producing fuels and chemicals
Ischaemia-reperfusion injury in liver transplantation--from bench to bedside.
Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Critical Review, and Future Research†
Using fuzzy DEMATEL to evaluate the green supply chain management practices
Use the force: membrane tension as an organizer of cell shape and motility.
The impact of IT capabilities on firm performance: The mediating roles of absorptive capacity and supply chain agility
Whole Test Suite Generation
Molecular Mechanisms of Ischemia–Reperfusion Injury in Brain: Pivotal Role of the Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Reactive Oxygen Species Generation
Analysis K-SVD: A Dictionary-Learning Algorithm for the Analysis Sparse Model
Thermal stability of phase change materials used in latent heat energy storage systems: A review
Genome-wide RAD sequence data provide unprecedented resolution of species boundaries and relationships in the Lake Victoria cichlid adaptive radiation
Dynamic Capabilities and Performance: Strategy, Structure and Environment
Prosocial Spending and Well-Being: Cross-Cultural Evidence for a Psychological Universal
NOD2-mediated dysbiosis predisposes mice to transmissible colitis and colorectal cancer
Myeloperoxidase: a front-line defender against phagocytosed microorganisms
Objective Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images
Mechanisms regulating melanogenesis
The gut microbiota, obesity and insulin resistance
Cabozantinib in Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer: Results of a Phase II Randomized Discontinuation Trial
How basin stability complements the linear-stability paradigm
The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. VIII. Multiplicity properties of the O-type star population
Towards an open R&D system: Internal R&D investment, external knowledge acquisition and innovative performance
Computations of the viscoelastic response of a 3-D compressible Earth to surface loading: an application to Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Antarctica and Canada
Human Capital and Regional Development
Molecular Characterization of Basal-Like and Non-Basal-Like Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Brand communities embedded in social networks.
Phenotypic impact of genomic structural variation: insights from and for human disease
Rice Annotation Project Database (RAP-DB): an integrative and interactive database for rice genomics.
Inflammation and the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy
Biomass gasification for electricity generation: Review of current technology barriers
Epidemiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Histone acetylation: molecular mnemonics on the chromatin
Assessing the potential effectiveness of food and beverage taxes and subsidies for improving public health: a systematic review of prices, demand and body weight outcomes
Advances in three-dimensional integral imaging: sensing, display, and applications [Invited]
Impact of perioperative dexamethasone on postoperative analgesia and side-effects: systematic review and meta-analysis
Increased inflammatory markers identified in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of individuals with schizophrenia
Random Forests for Real Time 3D Face Analysis
A concave—convex elliptic problem involving the fractional Laplacian
Sequencing and automated whole-genome optical mapping of the genome of a domestic goat (Capra hircus)
The relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury and attempted suicide: converging evidence from four samples.
Optimal Placement and Sizing Method to Improve the Voltage Stability Margin in a Distribution System Using Distributed Generation
Second European evidence-based consensus on the diagnosis and management of ulcerative colitis part 3: special situations.
Rituximab in the Treatment of Refractory Adult and Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Adult Polymyositis: A Randomized, Placebo-phase Trial
High-throughput sequencing of the paired human immunoglobulin heavy and light chain repertoire.
Diabetes, obesity and gut microbiota.
A subpopulation of nociceptors specifically linked to itch
Hydrothermal synthesis of highly fluorescent carbon nanoparticles from sodium citrate and their use for the detection of mercury ions
ReviewFunction of alternative splicing
Contemporary medical tourism: Conceptualisation, culture and commodification
Corporate boards, audit committees and voluntary disclosure: evidence from Italian Listed Companies
Abnormal, mesoionic and remote N-heterocyclic carbene complexes
Root Exudation of Phytochemicals in Arabidopsis Follows Specific Patterns That Are Developmentally Programmed and Correlate with Soil Microbial Functions
Spherical projections with OSXStereonet
The impact of global climate change on genetic diversity within populations and species.
The unaccounted yet abundant nitrous oxide-reducing microbial community: a potential nitrous oxide sink
Creating good public policy to support high-growth firms
Overview of the production of biodiesel from Waste cooking oil
Salinisation of rivers: An urgent ecological issue
Gut microbiome composition is linked to whole grain-induced immunological improvements
Ex Ante Skewness and Expected Stock Returns
#Earthquake: Twitter as a Distributed Sensor System
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Vancomycin-Induced Nephrotoxicity Associated with Dosing Schedules That Maintain Troughs between 15 and 20 Milligrams per Liter
Evolutionary conservation of codon optimality reveals hidden signatures of cotranslational folding.
What is societal impact of research and how can it be assessed? a literature survey
High capacity hard carbon anodes for sodium ion batteries in additive free electrolyte
A review of potential materials for thermal energy storage in building applications
The long non-coding RNAs, a new cancer diagnostic and therapeutic gold mine.
The endocytosis and intracellular fate of nanomedicines: Implication for rational design
Phase II Study of the MEK1/MEK2 Inhibitor Trametinib in Patients With Metastatic BRAF-Mutant Cutaneous Melanoma Previously Treated With or Without a BRAF Inhibitor
Genome-wide association analysis identifies new susceptibility loci for Behçet's disease and epistasis between HLA-B*51 and ERAP1
An Effective CU Size Decision Method for HEVC Encoders
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Wire and Arc Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Distributionally robust joint chance constraints with second-order moment information
Predicting radiation pneumonitis after chemoradiation therapy for lung cancer: an international individual patient data meta-analysis.
Dehalococcoides mccartyi gen. nov., sp. nov., obligately organohalide-respiring anaerobic bacteria relevant to halogen cycling and bioremediation, belong to a novel bacterial class, Dehalococcoidia classis nov., order Dehalococcoidales ord. nov. and family Dehalococcoidaceae fam. nov., within the phylum Chloroflexi.
Optimal Outcome in Individuals with a History of Autism
A heterozygous moth genome provides insights into herbivory and detoxification
Intrahousehold Bargaining and Resource Allocation in Developing Countries
Greening organizations through leaders' influence on employees' pro-environmental behaviors
Nutrient enrichment can increase the susceptibility of reef corals to bleaching
The ATP synthase: the understood, the uncertain and the unknown
Research collaboration in universities and academic entrepreneurship: the-state-of-the-art
Whole exome sequencing identifies a recurrent NAB2-STAT6 fusion in solitary fibrous tumors
A Meta-analysis of Executive Components of Working Memory
Targeted zwitterionic near-infrared fluorophores for improved optical imaging
Proteomic Analysis of Exosomes from Mutant KRAS Colon Cancer Cells Identifies Intercellular Transfer of Mutant KRAS
Distributed Tracking Control for Linear Multiagent Systems With a Leader of Bounded Unknown Input
UV-B exposure, ROS, and stress: inseparable companions or loosely linked associates?
Estimating dynamic panel models in corporate finance
Robust Solutions of Optimization Problems Affected by Uncertain Probabilities
Improved lifestyle and decreased diabetes risk over 13 years: long-term follow-up of the randomised Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS)
Flexible and stretchable electrodes for dielectric elastomer actuators
VEGFA and tumour angiogenesis.
Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics
The roles of vitamin D in skeletal muscle: form, function, and metabolism.
Electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes: the ‘Seattle Criteria’
Molecular imprinted polymers for separation science: a review of reviews.
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, angiotensin-(1-7) and Mas: new players of the renin-angiotensin system
The Functional Benefits of Criticality in the Cortex
mTOR in aging, metabolism, and cancer.
The receptor PD-1 controls follicular regulatory T cells in the lymph nodes and blood
A general class of Lagrangian smoothed particle hydrodynamics methods and implications for fluid mixing problems
Application of life-cycle assessment to early stage building design for reduced embodied environmental impacts
The anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and cattle manure.
Endogenous product versus process innovation and a firm's propensity to export
Model Predictive Direct Speed Control with Finite Control Set of PMSM Drive Systems
Accuracy of complete-arch dental impressions: a new method of measuring trueness and precision.
Emergent Sensing of Complex Environments by Mobile Animal Groups
Recent trends in the prevalence of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in a commercially insured US population.
Natural history of cerebral arteriovenous malformations: a meta-analysis.
Care of the self, resistance and subjectivity under neoliberal governmentalities
The space group classification of topological band-insulators
A Generalized Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Series Connection of Submultilevel Inverters
Mitochondrial dynamics in neurodegeneration
Does e‐cigarette consumption cause passive vaping?
Multidimensionality and Structural Coefficient Bias in Structural Equation Modeling: A Bifactor Perspective
GRADE guidelines: 13. Preparing Summary of Findings tables and evidence profiles—continuous outcomes
Lipopolysaccharide Causes an Increase in Intestinal Tight Junction Permeability in Vitro and in Vivo by Inducing Enterocyte Membrane Expression and Localization of TLR-4 and CD14
Phase change material (PCM) storage for free cooling of buildings—A review
The intriguing metabolically healthy but obese phenotype: cardiovascular prognosis and role of fitness
The ASCAT Soil Moisture Product: A Review of its Specifications, Validation Results, and Emerging Applications
Reconfigurable Antennas
New Sliding-Mode Observer for Position Sensorless Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor
Multiple Functions of BCL-2 Family Proteins
The Pharmacologic and Clinical Effects of Medical Cannabis
Explaining Social Policy Preferences: Evidence from the Great Recession
The incidence and magnitude of fibrinolytic activation in trauma patients.
The impact of microsaccades on vision: towards a unified theory of saccadic function
History, Applications, and Mechanisms of Deep Brain Stimulation
Organic carbon and nutrient release from a range of laboratory-produced biochars and biochar–soil mixtures
Non-enzymatic electrochemical sensing of glucose
Advances in multiphoton microscopy technology
Electrocatalytic water oxidation with a copper(II) polypeptide complex
Evolution, brain, and the nature of language
The intermediate disturbance hypothesis should be abandoned
Dynamic managerial capabilities: Configuration and orchestration of top executives' capabilities and the firm's dominant logic: Research Notes and Commentaries
Steps Toward Safe Cell Therapy Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Recurrent mutations at codon 625 of the splicing factor SF3B1 in uveal melanoma
2012 European guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhoea in adults
Reconceptualizing the Member Check Interview
Heat transfer of Cu-water nanofluid flow between parallel plates
Domestic and industrial water uses of the past 60 years as a mirror of socio-economic development: A global simulation study
Amputation-induced reactive oxygen species are required for successful Xenopus tadpole tail regeneration
The Activation of MAPK in Melanoma Cells Resistant to BRAF Inhibition Promotes PD-L1 Expression That Is Reversible by MEK and PI3K Inhibition
Variable NK cell receptors and their MHC class I ligands in immunity, reproduction and human evolution
Progress in dimethacrylate-based dental composite technology and curing efficiency
BBB ON CHIP: microfluidic platform to mechanically and biochemically modulate blood-brain barrier function
Galaxy clusters discovered via the sunyaev-zel’dovich effect in the first 720 square degrees of the south pole telescope survey
The serrated pathway to colorectal carcinoma: current concepts and challenges.
Graphene-based semiconductor nanostructures
Opinion Fluctuations and Disagreement in Social Networks
Implications of memory modulation for post-traumatic stress and fear disorders
Nurses' intention to leave their profession: a cross sectional observational study in 10 European countries
Why linked data is not enough for scientists
5-Hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) in the gastrointestinal tract.
Reality as the leading cause of stress: rethinking the impact of chronic stress in nature
In utero and childhood polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) exposures and neurodevelopment in the CHAMACOS study.
From knowledge to action: Bridging gaps in disaster risk reduction
Complications and re-operations after Bristow-Latarjet shoulder stabilization: a systematic review
Deontological and utilitarian inclinations in moral decision making: a process dissociation approach
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH): Guidelines for Diagnosis, Clinical Work-Up, and Treatment for Patients Till the Age of 18 Years
Epidemiology of OA
Fertility in Advanced Societies: A Review of Research
Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and gadolinium-based contrast media: updated ESUR Contrast Medium Safety Committee guidelines
Absolute calibration of an ABB IRB 1600 robot using a laser tracker
Complex regional pain syndrome: practical diagnostic and treatment guidelines, 4th edition.
Boardroom Diversity and its Effect on Social Performance: Conceptualization and Empirical Evidence
Re: Efficacy and Tolerability of Mirabegron, a β3-Adrenoceptor Agonist, in Patients with Overactive Bladder: Results from a Randomised European-Australian Phase 3 Trial
Robust Observer Design for Unknown Inputs Takagi–Sugeno Models
A mutualistic approach to morality: The evolution of fairness by partner choice
A Model of Focusing in Economic Choice
Molecular Mechanism of Action of Microtubule-Stabilizing Anticancer Agents.
On the biodegradability, mechanical behavior, and cytocompatibility of amorphous Mg72Zn23Ca5and crystalline Mg70Zn23Ca5Pd2alloys as temporary implant materials
Polyploidy and its effect on evolutionary success: old questions revisited with new tools
Social isolation and loneliness: relationships with cognitive function during 4 years of follow-up in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.
Elements of Human Performance : Reaction Processes and Attention in Human Skill
User acceptance of YouTube for procedural learning: An extension of the Technology Acceptance Model
Hyperspectral Data Processing: Algorithm Design and Analysis
Exome sequencing identifies mutation in CNOT3 and ribosomal genes RPL5 and RPL10 in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Current challenges and concepts of the thermomechanical treatment of nickel-titanium instruments.
Local Shannon entropy measure with statistical tests for image randomness
Predicting entrepreneurial behaviour: a test of the theory of planned behaviour
Exploitation of vegetables and fruits through lactic acid fermentation
Working memory development in monolingual and bilingual children.
Constitutive nuclear lamina–genome interactions are highly conserved and associated with A/T-rich sequence
Elevated C-reactive protein levels, psychological distress, and depression in 73, 131 individuals.
Surgical Strategies That May Decrease Leak After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 9991 Cases
miRNA profiling of cancer
The role of instrumental, hedonic and symbolic attributes in the intention to adopt electric vehicles
The Interrelationships among Informal Institutions, Formal Institutions, and Inward Foreign Direct Investment
Real-time observation of ultrafast Rabi oscillations between excitons and plasmons in metal nanostructures with J-aggregates
A sustainable catalytic pyrrole synthesis
A phase II placebo-controlled study of tralokinumab in moderate-to-severe asthma
Do Team and Individual Debriefs Enhance Performance? A Meta-Analysis:
Predator‐induced stress and the ecology of fear
High-degree cubature Kalman filter
Transcriptome analysis using next-generation sequencing.
Senescence, ageing and death of the whole plant
A survey on security issues and solutions at different layers of Cloud computing
Modification of cement-based materials with nanoparticles
Human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells secrete functional neprilysin-bound exosomes
Effects on survival of BAP1 and PBRM1 mutations in sporadic clear-cell renal-cell carcinoma: A retrospective analysis with independent validation
Colonic inflammation in Parkinson's disease.
Radiofrequency Ablation With or Without Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization in the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Prospective Randomized Trial
The ecology of stress: effects of the social environment
Planck intermediate results: V. Pressure profiles of galaxy clusters from the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect
Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinoma
Mortality among people who inject drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Drought response strategies define the relative contributions of hydraulic dysfunction and carbohydrate depletion during tree mortality.
The relationship between high-fat dairy consumption and obesity, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease
Founder takes all: density-dependent processes structure biodiversity
Boiling heat transfer on superhydrophilic, superhydrophobic, and superbiphilic surfaces
Impact of Social Factors on Risk of Readmission or Mortality in Pneumonia and Heart Failure: Systematic Review
Isogeometric boundary element analysis using unstructured T-splines
Deceleration in the Earth's oblateness
Support vector regression with chaos-based firefly algorithm for stock market price forecasting
Do people “personally experience” global warming, and if so how, and does it matter?
What is the global economic impact of Neospora caninum in cattle - the billion dollar question.
Evaluation of methods for modeling transcription factor sequence specificity
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels: the neurobiology of anorexia nervosa
Newborn Mortality and Fresh Stillbirth Rates in Tanzania After Helping Babies Breathe Training
Synthesizing and Extending Resource Dependence Theory A Meta-Analysis
The Abscopal Effect Associated With a Systemic Anti-melanoma Immune Response
Neighborhood effects on heat deaths: social and environmental predictors of vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona
Psychometric Properties of the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index: Part I
A Review of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Research During the Last Decade
Dynamic Conditional Correlation: On Properties and Estimation
Prenatal maternal infection, neurodevelopment and adult schizophrenia: a systematic review of population-based studies
Vitamin D and Its Role in Skeletal Muscle
An urbanization bomb? Population growth and social disorder in cities
Market demand, green product innovation, and firm performance: evidence from Vietnam motorcycle industry
Patients With Lower Activation Associated With Higher Costs; Delivery Systems Should Know Their Patients’ ‘Scores’
The Science of Early Life Toxic Stress for Pediatric Practice and Advocacy
Neoliberalism as language policy
Increased cortical porosity in type 2 diabetic postmenopausal women with fragility fractures
Work System Theory: Overview of Core Concepts, Extensions, and Challenges for the Future
Statins Are Associated With a Reduced Risk of Hepatocellular Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Prospective Evaluation and Classification of Ureteral Wall Injuries Resulting from Insertion of a Ureteral Access Sheath During Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery
Association between older age and more successful aging: critical role of resilience and depression.
To milliseconds and beyond: challenges in the simulation of protein folding.
Efficacy and safety of secukinumab in the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II dose-ranging study
The potential of ‘Urban Green Commons’ in the resilience building of cities
An integrated service-device-technology roadmap for smart city development
Substantial Reduction in Single Sympathetic Nerve Firing After Renal Denervation in Patients With Resistant Hypertension
Landscape configuration and urban heat island effects: assessing the relationship between landscape characteristics and land surface temperature in Phoenix, Arizona
Cellular Mechanisms of Tissue Fibrosis. 1. Common and organ-specific mechanisms associated with tissue fibrosis
The environmental Kuznets curve and the role of coal consumption in India: Cointegration and causality analysis in an open economy
Short selling and the price discovery process
Relations between transformational leadership, organizational learning, knowledge management, organizational innovation, and organizational performance: an empirical investigation of manufacturing firms
Targeting eosinophils in allergy, inflammation and beyond
Antidrug antibodies (ADAb) to tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-specific neutralising agents in chronic inflammatory diseases: a real issue, a clinical perspective
Diversity enhanced particle swarm optimization with neighborhood search
Clinical targeting of the TNF and TNFR superfamilies
Authigenic Carbonate and the History of the Global Carbon Cycle
Analysis of alternative cleavage and polyadenylation by 3′ region extraction and deep sequencing
Botnets: A survey
The RIFLE and AKIN classifications for acute kidney injury: a critical and comprehensive review
Clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
Atomic mechanism and prediction of hydrogen embrittlement in iron
Floquet topological insulators
Life expectancy living with HIV: recent estimates and future implications
Investing in Children: Changes in Parental Spending on Children, 1972–2007
Towards a three-dimensional cost-effective registration of the archaeological heritage
Morphine hyperalgesia gated through microglia-mediated disruption of neuronal Cl⁻ homeostasis.
Antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticles on gram-negative bacteria: influence on the growth and biofilms formation, mechanisms of action.
World Report on Disability 2011を読む(第2回)世界の障害者人口と統計手法をめぐって
Are deep eutectic solvents benign or toxic
Urban gardens, agriculture, and water management: Sources of resilience for long-term food security in cities
Discriminative Ability and Predictive Validity of the Timed Up and Go Test in Identifying Older People Who Fall: Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis
Halogen bonding (X‐bonding): A biological perspective
Flexing Computational Muscle: Modeling and Simulation of Musculotendon Dynamics
A systematic review and meta-analysis of interventions designed to increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in school physical education lessons
Difficult Airway Society guidelines for the management of tracheal extubation
Descriptive epidemiology of Kaposi sarcoma in Europe. Report from the RARECARE project
Finding the end: recruitment of telomerase to telomeres
Physical activity and risk of breast cancer: a meta-analysis of prospective studies.
Nanowire-based gas sensors
Intercellular Transport of MicroRNAs
Fiscal Fatigue, Fiscal Space and Debt Sustainability in Advanced Economies
Evacuation transportation modeling: An overview of research, development, and practice
Near-Optimal Control for Nonzero-Sum Differential Games of Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems Using Single-Network ADP
The product of C9orf72, a gene strongly implicated in neurodegeneration, is structurally related to DENN Rab-GEFs
Genomic Prediction in Animals and Plants: Simulation of Data, Validation, Reporting and Benchmarking
Recent advances in liquid biofuel production from algal feedstocks
West Nile virus infection and immunity
Solid-state and biological nanopore for real-time sensing of single chemical and sequencing of DNA
The many faces of pleiotropy
Central West Antarctica among the most rapidly warming regions on Earth
Portal Vein Embolization Before Liver Resection: A Systematic Review
Limiting global warming to 2 °C is unlikely to save most coral reefs
Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri, vector of citrus huanglongbing disease
Salicylic acid suppresses jasmonic acid signaling downstream of SCFCOI1-JAZ by targeting GCC promoter motifs via transcription factor ORA59
A Wiener-process-based degradation model with a recursive filter algorithm for remaining useful life estimation
Mindfulness: top-down or bottom-up emotion regulation strategy?
A subwavelength plasmonic metamolecule exhibiting magnetic-based optical Fano resonance.
Memristor-based memory
Bariatric Surgery Versus Conventional Medical Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes
Urinary and serum biomarkers for the diagnosis of acute kidney injury: an in-depth review of the literature
The influence of light intensity and photoperiod on the growth and lipid content of microalgae Nannochloropsis sp.
Human stromal (mesenchymal) stem cells from bone marrow, adipose tissue and skin exhibit differences in molecular phenotype and differentiation potential.
The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health Evidence from the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer
Preparation and functional properties of fish gelatin-chitosan blend edible films.
GATA3 suppresses metastasis and modulates the tumour microenvironment by regulating microRNA-29b expression
CYP2E1 and oxidant stress in alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Reuse of public genome-wide gene expression data
Efficient BiVO4 Thin Film Photoanodes Modified with Cobalt Phosphate Catalyst and W‐doping
Effective Parameters for Ultrasound-Induced In Vivo Neurostimulation
Candidate Genes Expression Profile Associated with Antidepressants Response in the GENDEP Study: Differentiating between Baseline ‘Predictors' and Longitudinal ‘Targets'
Aurora A kinase (AURKA) in normal and pathological cell division.
Neutrophil Extracellular Trap–Associated Protein Activation of the NLRP3 Inflammasome Is Enhanced in Lupus Macrophages
A distributed graph engine for web scale RDF data
MicroRNAs: New tools for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma?†
Passive cooling dissipation techniques for buildings and other structures: The state of the art
MicroRNA-374a activates Wnt/β-catenin signaling to promote breast cancer metastasis
Project management knowledge and skills for green construction: Overcoming challenges
Neurobiological markers of exercise-related brain plasticity in older adults
Intestinal luminal nitrogen metabolism: Role of the gut microbiota and consequences for the host
Hypoglycaemia risk with insulin degludec compared with insulin glargine in type 2 and type 1 diabetes: a pre-planned meta-analysis of phase 3 trials
Advance Care Planning and the Quality of End-of-Life Care in Older Adults
Feeding Problems and Nutrient Intake in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Meta-analysis and Comprehensive Review of the Literature
Strain-induced pseudomagnetic field and photonic Landau levels in dielectric structures
Generation, transport, and disposal of wastewater associated with Marcellus Shale gas development
Benefits of regular aerobic exercise for executive functioning in healthy populations
Evaluating firm's green supply chain management in linguistic preferences
Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy: Two Years of Experience
Short‐Selling Bans Around the World: Evidence from the 2007–09 Crisis
Ceftazidime-avibactam: a novel cephalosporin/β-lactamase inhibitor combination.
Nasal drug delivery devices: characteristics and performance in a clinical perspective-a review.
Environmental applications of water-insoluble β-cyclodextrin–epichlorohydrin polymers
Apixaban, an oral, direct factor Xa inhibitor: single dose safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and food effect in healthy subjects
Effect of jute fibre loading on tensile and dynamic mechanical properties of oil palm epoxy composites
Development of gallium-nitride-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes for energy-efficient lighting and displays
Exchange Rate Predictability
Hurdles and Opportunities for Landscape-Scale Restoration
Cosmological constraints from Sunyaev-Zel'dovich-selected clusters with X-ray observations in the first 178 deg2 of the South Pole Telescope survey
Twitter as a reporting tool for breaking news
Symmetry-driven accumulation of local features for human characterization and re-identification
Risk Factors for Survival after Lung Metastasectomy in Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Spectral–Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using Loopy Belief Propagation and Active Learning
A general account of argumentation with preferences
NLEVP: A Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems
Models of few optical cycle solitons beyond the slowly varying envelope approximation
Cognitive systems for revenge and forgiveness.
Drivers and barriers of extended supply chain practices for energy saving and emission reduction among Chinese manufacturers
New OPTN/UNOS Policy for Liver Transplant Allocation: Standardization of Liver Imaging, Diagnosis, Classification, and Reporting of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Chaos-enhanced accelerated particle swarm optimization
Resonant light trapping in ultrathin films for water splitting
A systematic review of the effectiveness of interprofessional education in health professional programs
Self-assembled nanoparticle arrays for multiphase trace analyte detection
Cross‐country rankings in intergenerational mobility: a comparison of approaches from economics and sociology
Public health program capacity for sustainability: a new framework
Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Control of MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Dead-Zone Inputs
Selumetinib in women with recurrent low-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary or peritoneum: an open-label, single-arm, phase 2 study
Identifying RNA editing sites using RNA sequencing data alone
The effect of obesity on polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Directional routing and scheduling for green vehicular delay tolerant networks
ICRP PUBLICATION 120: Radiological protection in cardiology.
Magnetic resonance imaging improves 3-month outcome prediction in mild traumatic brain injury
A phase I dose-escalation trial of 2-deoxy- d -glucose alone or combined with docetaxel in patients with advanced solid tumors
Discordance between pain and radiographic severity in knee osteoarthritis: Findings from quantitative sensory testing of central sensitization
Categorical and dimensional affect analysis in continuous input: Current trends and future directions
Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation
The impact of bank capital on profitability and risk in Asian banking
Potentiating antibacterial activity by predictably enhancing endogenous microbial ROS production
Motor Abilities in Autism: A Review Using a Computational Context
Data exploration, quality control and testing in single-cell qPCR-based gene expression experiments
Beta-diversity in temperate and tropical forests reflects dissimilar mechanisms of community assembly
Incidence and predictors of venous thromboembolism (VTE) among ambulatory high-risk cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in the United States†
Fabrication of vitamin E-enriched nanoemulsions: factors affecting particle size using spontaneous emulsification.
Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using seed aqueous extract of Abelmoschus esculentus and its antifungal activity
Risk factors and basic mechanisms of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: a current understanding
Circulating branched‐chain amino acid concentrations are associated with obesity and future insulin resistance in children and adolescents
Diversity in NMDA Receptor Composition Many Regulators, Many Consequences
Narrative versus Nonnarrative: The Role of Identification, Transportation, and Emotion in Reducing Health Disparities
Inhibiting EGF Receptor or SRC Family Kinase Signaling Overcomes BRAF Inhibitor Resistance in Melanoma
Signaling mechanisms regulating adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis
Attitudes towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in a project-based learning (PjBL) environment
Why Is Spiritual Care Infrequent at the End of Life? Spiritual Care Perceptions Among Patients, Nurses, and Physicians and the Role of Training
The multifunctional role of filaggrin in allergic skin disease
Geographic Image Retrieval Using Local Invariant Features
To Transmit or Not to Transmit: A Discrete Event-Triggered Communication Scheme for Networked Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
The type and quantity of dietary fat and carbohydrate alter faecal microbiome and short-chain fatty acid excretion in a metabolic syndrome ‘at-risk’ population
ISUOG Practice Guidelines: use of Doppler ultrasonography in obstetrics
Hospital nursing, care quality, and patient satisfaction: Cross-sectional surveys of nurses and patients in hospitals in China and Europe
Disaggregating entrepreneurial orientation: the non-linear impact of innovativeness, proactiveness and risk-taking on SME performance
Signaling the mitochondrial unfolded protein response.
Aerobic Exercise Intensity Assessment and Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Report of the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education.
Risk Factors for Lower Extremity Muscle Injury in Professional Soccer: The UEFA Injury Study
Signaling mechanisms and functional roles of cofilin phosphorylation and dephosphorylation.
How universal is the Big Five? Testing the five-factor model of personality variation among forager-farmers in the Bolivian Amazon.
Regional variations in transepidermal water loss, eccrine sweat gland density, sweat secretion rates and electrolyte composition in resting and exercising humans
Atypical Attentional Networks and the Emergence of Autism
Angiographic Success and Procedural Complications in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Chronic Total Occlusion Interventions : A Weighted Meta-Analysis of 18,061 Patients From 65 Studies
Hydrothermal carbonization: Fate of inorganics
Photocurrent measurements of supercollision cooling in graphene
Underground coal gasification: From fundamentals to applications
Social cognition and the anterior temporal lobes: a review and theoretical framework
Cognitive Dissonance, Sentiment, and Momentum
GPU-accelerated preconditioned iterative linear solvers
Mobile learning technology based on iOS devices to support students with special education needs
Research on aerosol sources and chemical composition: Past, current and emerging issues
Differentially Activated Macrophages Orchestrate Myogenic Precursor Cell Fate During Human Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
An enhanced Kurtogram method for fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings
Subretinal drusenoid deposits in non-neovascular age-related macular degeneration: morphology, prevalence, topography, and biogenesis model.
Meta‐analysis of naltrexone and acamprosate for treating alcohol use disorders: when are these medications most helpful?
Light alcohol drinking and cancer: a meta-analysis
Randomized Double-blind, Active-controlled Phase 3 Study to Assess 12-Month Safety and Efficacy of Mirabegron, a β3-Adrenoceptor Agonist, in Overactive Bladder
A review of TRIZ, and its benefits and challenges in practice
Adaptive management of biological systems: A review
Artificial bee swarm optimization algorithm for parameters identification of solar cell models
The evolutionary causes and consequences of sex-biased gene expression
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of novel Hg doped ZnO nanorods prepared by thermal decomposition method
Life history and the ecology of stress: how do glucocorticoid hormones influence life-history variation in animals?
The Ultraviolet Radiation Environment around M Dwarf Exoplanet Host Stars
Mechanistic Insights into Vascular Calcification in CKD
The m bh-l spheroid relation at high and low masses, the quadratic growth of black holes, and intermediate-mass black hole candidates
Grid vs. storage in a 100% renewable Europe
European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) dieback - a conservation biology challenge.
Compressed Sensing for Energy-Efficient Wireless Telemonitoring of Noninvasive Fetal ECG Via Block Sparse Bayesian Learning
A Family of Neutral Point Clamped Full-Bridge Topologies for Transformerless Photovoltaic Grid-Tied Inverters
Use of high flow nasal cannula in critically ill infants, children, and adults: a critical review of the literature
A Proposed ‘Health Literate Care Model’ Would Constitute A Systems Approach To Improving Patients’ Engagement In Care
Spreading Social Media Messages on Facebook: An Analysis of Restaurant Business-to-Consumer Communications
Erratum: Normalization as a canonical neural computation
The impact of cooperatives on agricultural technology adoption: Empirical evidence from Ethiopia
Engineering Trust: Reciprocity in the Production of Reputation Information
An overview of construction and demolition waste management in Canada: a lifecycle analysis approach to sustainability
Taste Regimes and Market-Mediated Practice
Modification effects of colloidal nanoSiO2 on cement hydration and its gel property
Distributed Synchronization in Networks of Agent Systems With Nonlinearities and Random Switchings
Maxent modeling for predicting the potential distribution of medicinal plant, Justicia adhatoda L. in Lesser Himalayan foothills
A review of nanometer resolution position sensors: Operation and performance
Gulf Stream's induced sea level rise and variability along the U.S. mid‐Atlantic coast
Unravelling the genetic bases of non-target-site-based resistance (NTSR) to herbicides: a major challenge for weed science in the forthcoming decade
Coagulation and cancer: biological and clinical aspects.
Flexible and Compact AMC Based Antenna for Telemedicine Applications
Biomass gasification cogeneration – A review of state of the art technology and near future perspectives
Firm collaboration and modes of innovation in Norway
Review of Security Issues in Industrial Networks
Suzaku observations of 'bare' active galactic nuclei
Short-term CO2 and N2O emissions and microbial properties of biochar amended sandy loam soils
Shape Memory Assisted Self-Healing Coating
Finite element modelling of the compressive response of lattice structures manufactured using the selective laser melting technique
Sea surface microlayers: A unified physicochemical and biological perspective of the air–ocean interface
Multi-objective optimization of heat exchangers using a modified teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm
EGFR mutation testing in lung cancer: a review of available methods and their use for analysis of tumour tissue and cytology samples
Glycerol-based deep eutectic solvents: Physical properties
Models of care for the secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Update of Immune Events in the Murine Contact Hypersensitivity Model: Toward the Understanding of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
High-resolution, lensless endoscope based on digital scanning through a multimode optical fiber
Predicting Postconcussion Syndrome After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents Who Present to the Emergency Department
Sustainable consumption and production for Asia: sustainability through green design and practice
Violation of non-Gaussianity consistency relation in a single-field inflationary model
The Roots of the Widening Racial Wealth Gap: Explaining the Black-White Economic Divide
DNS-Based Service Discovery
Two-stage Treatment of Hip Periprosthetic Joint Infection Is Associated With a High Rate of Infection Control but High Mortality
The organization of two new cortical interneuronal circuits.
Citizen Participation, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: Challenges and Opportunities for Planning
Emotional valence modulates brain functional abnormalities in depression: Evidence from a meta-analysis of fMRI studies
Clinical Prediction Models
Modeling plant species distributions under future climates: how fine scale do climate projections need to be?
Modular Multilevel Inverter with New Modulation Method and Its Application to Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Generator
Long-term exposure to road traffic noise and incident diabetes: a cohort study.
Historic Building Information Modelling – Adding intelligence to laser and image based surveys of European classical architecture
Human Milk for the Premature Infant
Silver nanoparticle-induced oxidative stress, genotoxicity and apoptosis in cultured cells and animal tissues.
Sea surface temperature in the north tropical Atlantic as a trigger for El Niño/Southern Oscillation events
Childhood adversity in schizophrenia: a systematic meta-analysis.
Atopic dermatitis: A practice parameter update 2012
DANPOS: dynamic analysis of nucleosome position and occupancy by sequencing.
A Laboratory-Developed TaqMan Array Card for Simultaneous Detection of 19 Enteropathogens
The VHL/HIF Axis in Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma
The role of human carboxylesterases in drug metabolism: have we overlooked their importance?
Nonlinear formulation of the magnetic field to source relationship for robust quantitative susceptibility mapping.
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Explaining Variation in Western Jihadists’ Choice between Domestic and Foreign Fighting
Randomized Clinical Trial of 3 Types of Physical Exercise for Patients With Parkinson Disease
Parenting-related stress and psychological distress in mothers of toddlers with autism spectrum disorders
Which provenance and where? Seed sourcing strategies for revegetation in a changing environment
Determinants of Horizontal Spillovers from FDI: Evidence from a Large Meta-Analysis
On social suffering
Effect of ligand density, receptor density, and nanoparticle size on cell targeting.
The Importance of Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Social Capital for the Well Being of Older Adults in the Community
Individual and group decision making : current issues
Role of the TGF-β/BMP-7/Smad pathways in renal diseases
Exome array analysis identifies new loci and low-frequency variants influencing insulin processing and secretion
Potential mechanisms of action of lithium in bipolar disorder : current understanding
A rechargeable Li-O2 battery using a lithium nitrate/N,N-dimethylacetamide electrolyte.
Firm Size Distortions and the Productivity Distribution: Evidence from France
A statistical investigation of biodiesel physical and chemical properties, and their correlation with the degree of unsaturation
Intergroup Cognition and Intergroup Behavior
Mental health comorbidity in patients with atopic dermatitis
Nonlinear Propagation in Multimode and Multicore Fibers: Generalization of the Manakov Equations
Self-interest and pro-environmental behaviour
Homoeolog expression bias and expression level dominance in allopolyploid cotton
High-solids anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and food waste in comparison with mono digestions: Stability and performance
Natural Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Induce Antigen-Specific T-Cell Responses in Melanoma Patients
Image Noise Level Estimation by Principal Component Analysis
Expected user experience of mobile augmented reality services: a user study in the context of shopping centres
Last chance for carbon capture and storage
Rapid hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical nanostructures assembled from ultrathin birnessite-type MnO2 nanosheets for supercapacitor applications
Timescales of crustal melting in the Higher Himalayan Crystallines (Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya) inferred from trace element-constrained monazite and zircon chronology
Twins Early Development Study (TEDS): a genetically sensitive investigation of cognitive and behavioral development from childhood to young adulthood.
Seasonal dynamics and age of stemwood nonstructural carbohydrates in temperate forest trees
Profiting from business model innovation: Evidence from Pay-As-You-Drive auto insurance
Environmental and physical controls on northern terrestrial methane emissions across permafrost zones
Capacity of a Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication System With Channel Memory and Molecular Noise
Mutations in the NOTCH pathway regulator MIB1 cause left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy
Services and the Business Models of Product Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Software Industry
Superior T memory stem cell persistence supports long-lived T cell memory
Zoledronic acid (zoledronate) for postmenopausal women with early breast cancer receiving adjuvant letrozole (ZO-FAST study): final 60-month results
Crafting a Future in Science Tracing Middle School Girls’ Identity Work Over Time and Space
A statistical comparative study of different similarity measures of consensus in group decision making
Cardiomyocyte proliferation and progenitor cell recruitment underlie therapeutic regeneration after myocardial infarction in the adult mouse heart
Current Concepts in the Treatment of Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocations
Relationship between indicators of training load in soccer players.
Asthma-associated differences in microbial composition of induced sputum.
Transcriptomics in the RNA-seq era
Giant voltage-induced deformation in dielectric elastomers near the verge of snap-through instability
Adaptive Droop Control for Effective Power Sharing in Multi-Terminal DC (MTDC) Grids
Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of Allograft Rejection After Renal Transplantation: Results of a Phase I Study
Association of AKI with Mortality and Complications in Hospitalized Patients with Cirrhosis
The dietary pattern of patients with schizophrenia: A systematic review
Variability in anticoagulation management of patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: an international survey
Comparison of Droplet Digital PCR to Real-Time PCR for Quantitative Detection of Cytomegalovirus
Single-molecule analysis of gene expression using two-color RNA labeling in live yeast
Watering our cities The capacity for Water Sensitive Urban Design to support urban cooling and improve human thermal comfort in the Australian context
Meconium microbiota types dominated by lactic acid or enteric bacteria are differentially associated with maternal eczema and respiratory problems in infants.
Scientific production of renewable energies worldwide: An overview
Prevalence and Nature of Medication Administration Errors in Health Care Settings: A Systematic Review of Direct Observational Evidence
Anti-malaria drug chloroquine is highly effective in treating avian influenza A H5N1 virus infection in an animal model
Musket: a multistage k-mer spectrum-based error corrector for Illumina sequence data.
Immune modulation of T-cell and NK (natural killer) cell activities by TEXs (tumour-derived exosomes)
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations in Lung Adenocarcinomas: Prevalence, Molecular Heterogeneity, and Clinicopathologic Characteristics
Statistical analysis of longitudinal neuroimage data with Linear Mixed Effects models.
Cortico-cortical projections in mouse visual cortex are functionally target specific
Breastfeeding and health outcomes for the mother-infant dyad.
A Nonparametric Approach to Modeling Choice with Limited Data
The mouse excisional wound splinting model, including applications for stem cell transplantation
The biology of strigolactones
Rising income and the subjective well-being of nations
A supramolecular approach to combining enzymatic and transition metal catalysis
Stress and multiple memory systems: from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’
Ocean acidification causes ecosystem shifts via altered competitive interactions
The structure of psychopathology: Toward an expanded quantitative empirical model.
A National Action Plan To Support Consumer Engagement Via E-Health
Prevalence, Comorbidity and Correlates of DSM-5 Proposed Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
Correlated alterations in genome organization, histone methylation, and DNA–lamin A/C interactions in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome
Comparison of Reliability, Validity, and Responsiveness of the Mini-BESTest and Berg Balance Scale in Patients With Balance Disorders
Characteristics and nutrient values of biochars produced from giant reed at different temperatures.
LSTM-Modeling of continuous emotions in an audiovisual affect recognition framework
The rise and fall of the “marine heat wave” off Western Australia during the summer of 2010/2011
Osteoclast-specific cathepsin K deletion stimulates S1P-dependent bone formation
Food sustainability: problems, perspectives and solutions
Experimental demonstration of optical transport, sorting and self-arrangement using a /`tractor beam/'
Fueling open-source drug discovery: 177 small-molecule leads against tuberculosis.
Post-transcriptional regulation on a global scale: form and function of Csr/Rsm systems
Synthetic cascades are enabled by combining biocatalysts with artificial metalloenzymes
Cost: the missing outcome in simulation-based medical education research: a systematic review.
Poverty and Insecurity: Life in Low-Pay, No-Pay Britain
'The presentation of self in the online world': Goffman and the study of online identities
Delivery of dsRNA for RNAi in insects: an overview and future directions
Organic carbon transformations in high-Arctic peat soils: key functions and microorganisms
Palladium‐Catalyzed Oxidative Carbonylation Reactions
Modelling of direct energy requirements in mechanical machining processes
The Transferability Approach: Crossing the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Robotics
Mindfulness-based relapse prevention for substance craving.
Grid-Connected Integrated Battery Chargers in Vehicle Applications: Review and New Solution
Fabrication and characterization of polyvinylidenefluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene (PVDF-HFP) electrospun membranes for direct contact membrane distillation
Excretion masses and environmental occurrence of antibiotics in typical swine and dairy cattle farms in China.
CD133 as a biomarker for putative cancer stem cells in solid tumours: limitations, problems and challenges
Osmotic Stress Responses and Plant Growth Controlled by Potassium Transporters in Arabidopsis
Genome-scale coestimation of species and gene trees
Genome-wide association analyses identify multiple loci associated with central corneal thickness and keratoconus.
Physiological role for nitrate-reducing oral bacteria in blood pressure control.
Association of diabetes with anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae: A review of treatment and outcomes
A Review of the Application of Multiobjective Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems: Current Status and Further Directions
Alzheimer's disease and insulin resistance: translating basic science into clinical applications
N6-methyl-adenosine (m6A) in RNA: an old modification with a novel epigenetic function.
On surface temperature measurements with thermographic phosphors: A review
Think global, act local? The relevance of place attachments and place identities in a climate changed world
Bio-distribution and in vivo antioxidant effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles in mice
Snake venom metalloproteinases.
Assessment of tumor heterogeneity by CT texture analysis : Can the largest cross-sectional area be used as an alternative to whole tumor analysis?
Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients: In conjunction with the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Biomarkers of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Production of hepatocyte-like cells from human pluripotent stem cells
Use of computer-assisted technologies (CAT) to enhance social, communicative, and language development in children with autism spectrum disorders.
Predicting m-commerce adoption determinants: A neural network approach
Intersectional what? Social divisions, intersectionality and levels of analysis
Linking endothelial dysfunction with endothelial cell activation
Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in glaucoma.
The use of nitrogen-doped graphene supporting Pt nanoparticles as a catalyst for methanol electrocatalytic oxidation
Electrochemical activation of graphite felt electrode for VO2+/VO2+ redox couple application
A step-defined sedentary lifestyle index: <5000 steps/day
Electrical Stimulation: A Novel Tool for Tissue Engineering
Enhanced seasonal forecast skill following stratospheric sudden warmings
Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI of the human lung
A probabilistic model for analysing species co-occurrence
Coal tar induces AHR-dependent skin barrier repair in atopic dermatitis
Exploring the Trade-off Between Accuracy and Observational Latency in Action Recognition
Noninvasive cardiac output monitors: a state-of the-art review.
α-Synuclein oligomers and clinical implications for Parkinson disease.
The role of van der Waals forces in the performance of molecular diodes
Systematic Identification of Signal-Activated Stochastic Gene Regulation
Cohort Profile: TwinsUK and Healthy Ageing Twin Study
Organizational Identity and Organizational Identification A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research
Estimating ground-level PM2.5 concentrations in the southeastern U.S. using geographically weighted regression
Management of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in Children and Adolescents
CoSLAM: Collaborative Visual SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Prebiopsy Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Prostate Cancer Detection: Comparison of Random and Targeted Biopsies
Convergence of a Multi-Agent Projected Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Non-Convex Optimization
Tethered capsule endomicroscopy enables less invasive imaging of gastrointestinal tract microstructure.
Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority
Prevalence of oral glucocorticoid usage in the United States: a general population perspective.
Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging in breast cancer: meta-analysis of surgical outcomes.
Molecular virology of hepatitis E virus
Phage–bacteria infection networks
Role of exercise on sarcopenia in the elderly.
Entrepreneurship and growth
Functional components of grape pomace: their composition, biological properties and potential applications
When Differences Unite: Resource Dependence in Heterogeneous Consumption Communities
A Large-Scale Identification of Direct Targets of the Tomato MADS Box Transcription Factor RIPENING INHIBITOR Reveals the Regulation of Fruit Ripening
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: Amplifying ros stress to improve anticancer drug efficacy
Remote Sensing Image Fusion via Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionaries
Health risks and benefits from calcium and vitamin D supplementation: Women's Health Initiative clinical trial and cohort study
Catalytic transformation of alcohols to carboxylic acid salts and H2 using water as the oxygen atom source
Climate change prediction: Erring on the side of least drama?
Measurement of the extragalactic background light imprint on the spectra of the brightest blazars observed with H.E.S.S.
Is arthroscopic surgery beneficial in treating non-traumatic, degenerative medial meniscal tears? A five year follow-up
A Novel and Generalized Three-Phase Power Flow Algorithm for Islanded Microgrids Using a Newton Trust Region Method
Role of oxygen gradients in shaping redox relationships between the human intestine and its microbiota
Selection for hepatic resection of colorectal liver metastases: expert consensus statement
Steiner Tree Approximation via Iterative Randomized Rounding
The antecedents of customer satisfaction and its link to complaint intentions in online shopping: An integration of justice, technology, and trust
Combined heat and power economic dispatch problem solution using particle swarm optimization with time varying acceleration coefficients
High Tech and High Touch: A Framework for Understanding User Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Smart Interactive Services
Diversity and evolution of bioenergetic systems involved in microbial nitrogen compound transformations.
Ultrasound-assisted extraction for food and environmental samples
Nonlinear forced vibrations of a microbeam based on the strain gradient elasticity theory
Investigation of the physical properties of tricalcium silicate cement-based root-end filling materials
The Effects of Free-Living Interval-Walking Training on Glycemic Control, Body Composition, and Physical Fitness in Type 2 Diabetic Patients A randomized, controlled trial
Mitochondrial protein import: common principles and physiological networks
Defining Social Enterprise Across Different Contexts A Conceptual Framework Based on Institutional Factors
El Nino and health risks from landscape fire emissions in southeast Asia
The effect of exercise on the cardiovascular risk factors constituting the metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis of controlled trials.
Secondary mutations in BRCA2 associated with clinical resistance to a PARP inhibitor.
Biased perceptions of income distribution and preferences for redistribution: Evidence from a survey experiment ☆
Rethinking Potential Output: Embedding Information About the Financial Cycle
Ultrasound guidance decreases complications and improves the cost of care among patients undergoing thoracentesis and paracentesis.
The heritability of human disease: estimation, uses and abuses
Industrial source identification and emission estimation of perfluorooctane sulfonate in China.
Denitrification and aerobic respiration, hybrid electron transport chains and co-evolution
Poised to prosper? A cross-system comparison of climate change effects on native and non-native species performance.
Population connectivity: recent advances and new perspectives
Genome of Acanthamoeba castellanii highlights extensive lateral gene transfer and early evolution of tyrosine kinase signaling
An expanding range of targets for kynurenine metabolites of tryptophan
Long-term monitoring and data analysis of the Tamar Bridge
Functionalized graphene nanoplatelets for enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of polyurethane nanocomposites
Relationships between daily affect and pro‐environmental behavior at work: The moderating role of pro‐environmental attitude
‘Matching Michigan’: a 2-year stepped interventional programme to minimise central venous catheter-blood stream infections in intensive care units in England
Conditional dependence structure between oil prices and exchange rates: A copula-GARCH approach
Comparison of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Algorithms for Pattern Classification
World Gastroenterology Organisation global guidelines on celiac disease.
The comparative effectiveness of outpatient treatment for adolescent substance abuse: A meta-analysis
Sizing up metatranscriptomics
Advances and new directions in gas-sensing devices
Objective Reduction in Many-Objective Optimization: Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms
On LMI conditions to design observers for Lipschitz nonlinear systems
APOE ε4 increases risk for dementia in pure synucleinopathies.
Comparison of two aerial imaging platforms for identification of Huanglongbing-infected citrus trees
Tracing the cellular origin of cancer
Elemental: A New Framework for Distributed Memory Dense Matrix Computations
Measurement reproducibility of perfusion fraction and pseudodiffusion coefficient derived by intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MR imaging in normal liver and metastases
International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) and its International Caries Classification and Management System (ICCMS) - methods for staging of the caries process and enabling dentists to manage caries.
Kahler-Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds, III: limits as cone angle approaches 2\pi\ and completion of the main proof
Human Cortical Excitability Increases with Time Awake
Conditional genome engineering in Toxoplasma gondii uncovers alternative invasion mechanisms
Using Nvivo for Data Analysis in Qualitative Research
Is symptomatic knee osteoarthritis a risk factor for a trajectory of fast decline in gait speed? Results from a longitudinal cohort study.
Random matrices and complexity of spin glasses
Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Citrus fruits (Citrus limon, Citrus reticulata and Citrus sinensis) aqueous extract and its characterization
Epidemiology, clinical presentation and antibody response to primary infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in young women
The UK adult twin registry (TwinsUK resource)
Sovereign Risk, Fiscal Policy, and Macroeconomic Stability
Synthesis of anisotropic silver nanoparticles using novel strain, Bacillus flexus and its biomedical application.
Revisiting the mediating role of trust in transformational leadership effects: Do different types of trust make a difference?
A Pan‐European Study of the C9orf72 Repeat Associated with FTLD: Geographic Prevalence, Genomic Instability, and Intermediate Repeats
Baccalaureate Education in Nursing and Patient Outcomes
Ozone depletion and global warming: Case for the use of natural refrigerant – a review
Decentralized Adaptive Pinning Control for Cluster Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks
Supply chain operational risk mitigation: a collaborative approach
Uncovering the protein translocon at the chloroplast inner envelope membrane.
Metabolite damage and its repair or pre-emption
Absence of signaling into CD4 + cells via C3aR and C5aR enables autoinductive TGF-β1 signaling and induction of Foxp3 + regulatory T cells
Multiphysics simulations: Challenges and opportunities
Diabetes Is an Independent Predictor for Severe Osteoarthritis: Results from a longitudinal cohort study
Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and cardiovascular risk: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
Update of the drug resistance mutations in HIV-1: March 2013.
Practitioner research: A means of coping with the systemic demands for continual professional development?
Silicon nanowires for advanced energy conversion and storage
Discriminating sarcopenia in community-dwelling older women with high frequency of overweight/obesity: the São Paulo Ageing & Health Study (SPAH)
Drought stress adaptation: metabolic adjustment and regulation of gene expression
Shifting ability predicts math and reading performance in children: A meta-analytical study
Shift work and the assessment and management of shift work disorder (SWD)
Multifunctional dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles for dual mode CT/MR imaging applications.
Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein folding dynamics--expanding scope and timescales.
A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials on preoperative oral carbohydrate treatment in elective surgery
Challenging offers of material science for adsorption heat transformation: A review
Linkers in the structural biology of protein–protein interactions
A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Association Between Depression and Insulin Resistance
Specialized role of migratory dendritic cells in peripheral tolerance induction
Option Grids: shared decision making made easier.
In vivo and in vitro metabolism of trans-resveratrol by human gut microbiota
The Full Extent of Student-College Academic Undermatch
Why nature really chose phosphate.
Values Work: A Process Study of the Emergence and Performance of Organizational Values Practices
Unrelated facultative endosymbionts protect aphids against a fungal pathogen.
Eating problems in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes: a systematic review with meta‐analysis
Distributed formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots without global position measurements
The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition)
Hepatitis B virus X protein represses miRNA-148a to enhance tumorigenesis.
Adaptation to climate change through the choice of cropping system and sowing date in sub-Saharan Africa
Financial toxicity, Part I: a new name for a growing problem.
The dynamic evolution of the Palaeozoic geography of eastern Asia
Divergent metabolic outcomes arising from targeted manipulation of the gut microbiota in diet-induced obesity
Ocular perfusion pressure and ocular blood flow in glaucoma.
Static and stability analysis of nonlocal functionally graded nanobeams
Reduced artemisinin susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum ring stages in western Cambodia
Phonological deficits in specific language impairment and developmental dyslexia: towards a multidimensional model
Epigenetic regulation of adaptive responses of forest tree species to the environment.
Shifting Boundaries: An Experimental Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program in Middle Schools
Low Dose Vaporized Cannabis Significantly Improves Neuropathic Pain
Metabolic Fluxes in an Illuminated Arabidopsis Rosette
How a nuclear power plant accident influences acceptance of nuclear power: results of a longitudinal study before and after the Fukushima disaster.
Physical and chemical methods used to enhance the structure and mechanical properties of protein films: A review
Wall accumulation of self-propelled spheres
Establishing a Causal Relationship between Interventions to Promote Self-Determination and Enhanced Student Self-Determination.
Nanoscale wear as a stress-assisted chemical reaction
Diversity of microorganisms from forest soils differently polluted with heavy metals
Valuing green infrastructure in an urban environment under pressure — The Johannesburg case
An Analysis of One-Star Online Reviews and Responses in the Washington, D.C., Lodging Market
Shade tolerance: when growing tall is not an option
Watt balance experiments for the determination of the Planck constant and the redefinition of the kilogram
Decline in semen concentration and morphology in a sample of 26 609 men close to general population between 1989 and 2005 in France
Debt and growth: New evidence for the euro area
The impact of the work environment of nurses on patient safety outcomes: A multi-level modelling approach
The Marketers’ Prismatic Palette: A Review of Color Research and Future Directions
Electronic structure and optical properties of the lanthanide activated RE3(Al1−xGax)5O12 (RE=Gd, Y, Lu) garnet compounds
Robust Markov Decision Processes
Advances in targeting cell surface signalling molecules for immune modulation
Cyclic carbonates synthesis from epoxides and CO2 over metal-organic framework Cr-MIL-101
Prevalence and concurrence of anxiety, depression and fatigue over time in multiple sclerosis
Diagnosis and Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus: An Update
A Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation Method in Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives Based on an Extended Kalman Filter
Resistance to BRAF Inhibition in BRAF-Mutant Colon Cancer Can Be Overcome with PI3K Inhibition or Demethylating Agents
Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution by a zeolite–nanoscale zero-valent iron composite
Sustaining Optimal Motivation: A Longitudinal Analysis of Interventions to Broaden Participation of Underrepresented Students in STEM.
Thermodynamic analysis on the binding of heavy metals onto extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of activated sludge.
Gibberellic acid mediated induction of salt tolerance in wheat plants: Growth, ionic partitioning, photosynthesis, yield and hormonal homeostasis
A strategy for modulation of enzymes in the ubiquitin system.
The Internet of Things: The Next Technological Revolution
3D spheroid culture of hESC/hiPSC-derived hepatocyte-like cells for drug toxicity testing
Comparison of random forest, support vector machine and back propagation neural network for electronic tongue data classification: Application to the recognition of orange beverage and Chinese vinegar