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1st September, 2017

The meta-analysis.
Practical Bayesian model evaluation using leave-one-out cross-validation and WAIC
Deep convolutional neural networks for image classification: A comprehensive review
Clinical Practice Guideline for Screening and Management of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents.
Nivolumab in patients with metastatic DNA mismatch repair-deficient or microsatellite instability-high colorectal cancer (CheckMate 142): an open-label, multicentre, phase 2 study
Fake News Detection on Social Media: A Data Mining Perspective
Global, regional, and national deaths, prevalence, disability-adjusted life years, and years lived with disability for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, 1990–2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
Magnitude, temporal trends, and projections of the global prevalence of blindness and distance and near vision impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Simultaneous epitope and transcriptome measurement in single cells.
Mistakes and inconsistencies regarding adsorption of contaminants from aqueous solutions: A critical review.
Lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis mechanism: A state-of-the-art review
SMS: Smart Model Selection in PhyML.
Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2015
Methodological challenges in qualitative content analysis : A discussion paper
Parameter-less Auto-weighted multiple graph regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for data representation
Olaparib tablets as maintenance therapy in patients with platinum-sensitive, relapsed ovarian cancer and a BRCA1/2 mutation (SOLO2/ENGOT-Ov21): a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial
iFogSim: A toolkit for modeling and simulation of resource management techniques in the Internet of Things, Edge and Fog computing environments
Fano resonances in photonics
Estimates of global, regional, and national morbidity, mortality, and aetiologies of diarrhoeal diseases: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015
The coefficient of determination R2 and intra-class correlation coefficient from generalized linear mixed-effects models revisited and expanded.
Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975-2014, Featuring Survival.
Rechargeable aqueous zinc-manganese dioxide batteries with high energy and power densities
Real-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem: READY
Renal Mass and Localized Renal Cancer: AUA Guideline
Microglia emerge as central players in brain disease.
The Gender Wage Gap: Extent, Trends, and Explanations
Revisions of international consensus Fukuoka guidelines for the management of IPMN of the pancreas.
A hands-on guide to doing content analysis
Accelerometer Data Collection and Processing Criteria to Assess Physical Activity and Other Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Practical Considerations
Prevalence of 12-Month Alcohol Use, High-Risk Drinking, and DSM-IV Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States, 2001-2002 to 2012-2013: Results From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Much ado about grit: A meta-analytic synthesis of the grit literature.
Health benefits of physical activity: a systematic review of current systematic reviews.
A review of affective computing
Optimal Transport for Domain Adaptation
A Survey of Blockchain Security Issues and Challenges
Ensemble learning for data stream analysis
Rare coding variants in PLCG2, ABI3, and TREM2 implicate microglial-mediated innate immunity in Alzheimer's disease
The rise of 3-D printing: The advantages of additive manufacturing over traditional manufacturing
Volatility estimation for Bitcoin: A comparison of GARCH models
Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: State of the art and new perspectives.
A Joint Many-Task Model: Growing a Neural Network for Multiple NLP Tasks
The Human Microbiome.
Influence of tribology on global energy consumption, costs and emissions
Toward the blue energy dream by triboelectric nanogenerator networks
Recurrent Attention Network on Memory for Aspect Sentiment Analysis
Transparent, Flexible, and Conductive 2D Titanium Carbide (MXene) Films with High Volumetric Capacitance.
The Swedish cause of death register.
Flexible, Solid-State, Ion-Conducting Membrane with 3D Garnet Nanofiber Networks for Lithium Batteries
Treatment Technologies for Emerging Contaminants in water: A review
Early, accurate diagnosis and early intervention in cerebral palsy: Advances in diagnosis and treatment
Clinical practice guidelines for the care of girls and women with Turner syndrome: proceedings from the 2016 Cincinnati International Turner Syndrome Meeting
European Respiratory Society guidelines for the management of adult bronchiectasis
Truth of Varying Shades: Analyzing Language in Fake News and Political Fact-Checking
A multi-species synthesis of physiological mechanisms in drought-induced tree mortality
High Efficiency Photocatalytic Water Splitting Using 2D α-Fe2O3/g-C3N4 Z-Scheme Catalysts
Interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance in patient care
Blockchain in government: Benefits and implications of distributed ledger technology for information sharing
Low intensity transcranial electric stimulation: Safety, ethical, legal regulatory and application guidelines
Gut microbiota: Role in pathogen colonization, immune responses, and inflammatory disease.
Neuronal cell-type classification: challenges, opportunities and the path forward
Materials discovery and design using machine learning
International ERS/ESICM/ESCMID/ALAT guidelines for the management of hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia
Definition and recommendations for advance care planning : an international consensus supported by the European Association for Palliative Care
The International Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care, 2017
Manipulating Adsorption–Insertion Mechanisms in Nanostructured Carbon Materials for High‐Efficiency Sodium Ion Storage
Position-aware Attention and Supervised Data Improve Slot Filling
Targeting cellular senescence prevents age-related bone loss in mice
A spatially resolved estimate of High Mountain Asia glacier mass balances from 2000 to 2016
Tethered to the EHR: Primary Care Physician Workload Assessment Using EHR Event Log Data and Time-Motion Observations
Emerging trends in spin crossover (SCO) based functional materials and devices
Treatment of Non-Metastatic Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: AUA/ASCO/ASTRO/SUO Guideline.
OSMnx: New methods for acquiring, constructing, analyzing, and visualizing complex street networks
Optical coherence tomography angiography: A comprehensive review of current methods and clinical applications.
Bication lead iodide 2D perovskite component to stabilize inorganic α-CsPbI 3 perovskite phase for high-efficiency solar cells
Dynamic multinuclear sites formed by mobilized copper ions in NO x selective catalytic reduction.
Occurrence and effects of plastic additives on marine environments and organisms: A review
CARE guidelines for case reports: explanation and elaboration document.
The MERRA-2 Aerosol Reanalysis, 1980 Onward. Part I: System Description and Data Assimilation Evaluation
Anaerobic co-digestion process for biogas production: Progress, challenges and perspectives
A systematic review and meta-regression of the prevalence and incidence of perinatal depression
The International Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care, 2017
CrystalExplorer model energies and energy frameworks: extension to metal coordination compounds, organic salts, solvates and open-shell systems
Habitat Suitability and Distribution Models
The critical role of phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine metabolism in health and disease.
Automated detection of arrhythmias using different intervals of tachycardia ECG segments with convolutional neural network
Psoriasis pathogenesis and the development of novel targeted immune therapies
Distributed attack detection scheme using deep learning approach for Internet of Things
Defect‐Engineered Ultrathin δ‐MnO2 Nanosheet Arrays as Bifunctional Electrodes for Efficient Overall Water Splitting
3D fully convolutional network for vehicle detection in point cloud
Quicksilver: Fast predictive image registration – A deep learning approach
Efficient & Effective Prioritized Matching for Large-Scale Image-Based Localization
Effect of antibiotic stewardship on the incidence of infection and colonisation with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Clostridium difficile infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis
AF classification from a short single lead ECG recording: The PhysioNet/computing in cardiology challenge 2017
Outcomes after adrenalectomy for unilateral primary aldosteronism: an international consensus on outcome measures and analysis of remission rates in an international cohort
Microglia in Alzheimer’s disease
Making sense of the "clean label" trends: A review of consumer food choice behavior and discussion of industry implications.
Debating big data: A literature review on realizing value from big data
Associations Between Cancer Predisposition Testing Panel Genes and Breast Cancer.
Self-Templated Formation of Interlaced Carbon Nanotubes Threaded Hollow Co3S4 Nanoboxes for High-Rate and Heat-Resistant Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.
Micropolar nanofluid flow with MHD and viscous dissipation effects towards a stretching sheet with multimedia feature
Past, present, and future of Parkinson's disease: A special essay on the 200th Anniversary of the Shaking Palsy
Cu, Co-Embedded N-Enriched Mesoporous Carbon for Efficient Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
APP mouse models for Alzheimer's disease preclinical studies
The Rotterdam Study: 2018 update on objectives, design and main results.
Identification of an Immune-specific Class of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Based on Molecular Features
Management of COPD exacerbations: a European Respiratory Society/American Thoracic Society guideline
Chitosan as biomaterial in drug delivery and tissue engineering.
Consumer behavior and purchase intention for organic food: A review and research agenda
Reducing the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease, Part 1: The Epidemiology and Risk Factors.
Global climatic drivers of leaf size.
Surface Chemistry Mechanism of Ultra-Low Interfacial Resistance in the Solid-State Electrolyte Li7La3Zr2O12
Exploring the governance and politics of transformations towards sustainability
Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte ratio (PLR) as prognostic markers in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated with nivolumab
Progress on Perovskite Materials and Solar Cells with Mixed Cations and Halide Anions
Tensor Fusion Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Revisiting biomarker discovery by plasma proteomics.
MONARCH 1, A Phase II Study of Abemaciclib, a CDK4 and CDK6 Inhibitor, as a Single Agent, in Patients with Refractory HR+/HER2− Metastatic Breast Cancer
Diurnal cortisol slopes and mental and physical health outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
How do lncRNAs regulate transcription
Scholars’ open debate paper on the World Health Organization ICD-11 Gaming Disorder proposal
Contribution of citizen science towards international biodiversity monitoring
Analysis of cell-free DNA in maternal blood in screening for aneuploidies: updated meta-analysis: Cell-free DNA in screening for aneuploidies
Biocompatibility of hydrogel-based scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
A Survey of App Store Analysis for Software Engineering
Randomized Trial of C5a Receptor Inhibitor Avacopan in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis.
Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) Guideline for Pharmacogenetics-Guided Warfarin Dosing: 2017 Update.
Pharmacokinetics of Monoclonal Antibodies
Lung Cancer Screening With Low-Dose Computed Tomography in the United States—2010 to 2015
A Review on Distribution System State Estimation
Cohort profile: The National Health Insurance Service-National Health Screening Cohort (NHIS-HEALS) in Korea
The Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders Compared With Diagnosis-Specific Protocols for Anxiety Disorders: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Cost Projection of State of the Art Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Up to 2030
Reporting Score Distributions Makes a Difference: Performance Study of LSTM-networks for Sequence Tagging
Findings of the 2017 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT17)
Diabetes and Hypertension: A Position Statement by the American Diabetes Association
Obesity and adverse breast cancer risk and outcome: Mechanistic insights and strategies for intervention.
Gasdermins: Effectors of Pyroptosis
American Gastroenterological Association Institute Guideline on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The gut microbiota: A key factor in the therapeutic effects of (poly)phenols
Biochar as a Catalyst
Epidemiology of uterine fibroids: a systematic review
A new color image encryption using combination of the 1D chaotic map
Socially aware motion planning with deep reinforcement learning
Progress and prospects of early detection in lung cancer
WTO Accession and Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms
Alzheimer's disease drug development pipeline: 2017
Achievement emotions and academic performance: longitudinal models of reciprocal effects
The importance of food naturalness for consumers: Results of a systematic review
Meta-analysis of faculty's teaching effectiveness: Student evaluation of teaching ratings and student learning are not related
Unsupervised Pretraining for Sequence to Sequence Learning
Local Treatment of Unresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases: Results of a Randomized Phase II Trial
Clinical development of CAR T cells—challenges and opportunities in translating innovative treatment concepts
Politicizing energy justice and energy system transitions: Fossil fuel divestment and a “just transition”
A 3D hybrid of chemically coupled nickel sulfide and hollow carbon spheres for high performance lithium–sulfur batteries
Scholarly use of social media and altmetrics: A review of the literature
Recent research and developments on wrought magnesium alloys
Understanding nucleosome dynamics and their links to gene expression and DNA replication.
The impact of oxidative stress and inflammation on RPE degeneration in non-neovascular AMD
Form Follows Function: Nanoparticle Shape and Its Implications for Nanomedicine.
Multi-key privacy-preserving deep learning in cloud computing
Advancing Social Connection as a Public Health Priority in the United States
Chitin and Chitosan: Structure, Properties and Applications in Biomedical Engineering
Bifunctional Transition Metal Hydroxysulfides: Room-Temperature Sulfurization and Their Applications in Zn-Air Batteries.
Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find
Modeling and Evaluating the Resilience of Critical Electrical Power Infrastructure to Extreme Weather Events
Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table? A new analysis of the feed/food debate
Atomic-Scale CoOx Species in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Review of physicochemical properties and analytical characterization of lignocellulosic biomass
The MERRA-2 Aerosol Reanalysis, 1980 Onward. Part II: Evaluation and Case Studies
The COSMOS2015 galaxy stellar mass function . Thirteen billion years of stellar mass assembly in ten snapshots
The interactions of composting and biochar and their implications for soil amendment and pollution remediation: a review
Evaluation of Tumor-Derived Exosomal miRNA as Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers for Early-Stage Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Next-Generation Sequencing
Understanding the functions and relationships of the glymphatic system and meningeal lymphatics
Experimental characterization and micrography of 3D printed PLA and PLA reinforced with short carbon fibers
Current Use and Trends in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in the United States
Good practices for real-world data studies of treatment and/or comparative effectiveness: Recommendations from the joint ISPOR-ISPE Special Task Force on real-world evidence in health care decision making
On the crashworthiness performance of thin-walled energy absorbers: Recent advances and future developments
Assessing Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes in Solid Tumors: A Practical Review for Pathologists and Proposal for a Standardized Method from the International Immunooncology Biomarkers Working Group: Part 1: Assessing the Host Immune Response, TILs in Invasive Breast Carcinoma and Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, Metastatic Tumor Deposits and Areas for Further Research
Stereotactic body radiation therapy for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer: Executive Summary of an ASTRO Evidence-Based Guideline
The intestinal microbiota: Antibiotics, colonization resistance, and enteric pathogens.
The impact of economic development and social-political factors on ecological footprint: A panel data analysis for 15 MENA countries
Detecting Stealthy False Data Injection Using Machine Learning in Smart Grid
State-of-art review on hybrid nanofluids
Device stability of perovskite solar cells – A review
An Overview of the Development of Flexible Sensors.
Varieties of Participation in Public Services: The Who, When, and What of Coproduction
Uncertainty and stress: Why it causes diseases and how it is mastered by the brain.
Dryland climate change: Recent progress and challenges
Tremelimumab as second-line or third-line treatment in relapsed malignant mesothelioma (DETERMINE): a multicentre, international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2b trial.
Financing transformative health systems towards achievement of the health Sustainable Development Goals: a model for projected resource needs in 67 low-income and middle-income countries
Present situation and future prospect of renewable energy in China
Policy Uncertainty, Trade, and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for China and the United States
Robotic grasp detection using deep convolutional neural networks
Association of Adverse Events With Antibiotic Use in Hospitalized Patients
Efficacy, safety, and effect on sexual behaviour of on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV in men who have sex with men: an observational cohort study
Melatonin as a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant: one of evolution’s best ideas
Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention
A novel hybrid artificial intelligence approach for flood susceptibility assessment
Does One Belt One Road initiative promote Chinese overseas direct investment
Engineering a sprayable and elastic hydrogel adhesive with antimicrobial properties for wound healing
Environmental Escherichia coli: ecology and public health implications—a review
The Taiji Program in Space for gravitational wave physics and the nature of gravity
β2-Adrenoreceptor is a regulator of the α-synuclein gene driving risk of Parkinson’s disease
Nanostructured Metal Chalcogenides for Energy Storage and Electrocatalysis
Earth-Abundant Iron Diboride (FeB2) Nanoparticles as Highly Active Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia: 2017 update on diagnosis, risk stratification, and treatment
Shifting paradigms in restoration of the world's coral reefs
Broadband Nonlinear Optical Response in Few-Layer Antimonene and Antimonene Quantum Dots: A Promising Optical Kerr Media with Enhanced Stability
Interactive deep learning method for segmenting moving objects
Effects of Intensive BP Control in CKD
Enhanced Virtual Synchronous Generator Control for Parallel Inverters in Microgrids
Biodiversity in the City: Fundamental Questions for Understanding the Ecology of Urban Green Spaces for Biodiversity Conservation
Management challenges in creating value from business analytics
Climate and climatic variability of rainfall over eastern Africa
Risks to human and animal health related to the presence of deoxynivalenol and its acetylated and modified forms in food and feed
Advancements in the development of TiO 2 photoanodes and its fabrication methods for dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) applications. A review
Neural Semantic Parsing with Type Constraints for Semi-Structured Tables
Data Quality Influences Observed Links Between Functional Connectivity and Behavior
Materials and Systems for Organic Redox Flow Batteries: Status and Challenges
Search for new phenomena in dijet events using 37 fb-1 of pp collision data collected at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in patients with type 2 diabetes following initiation of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors versus other glucose-lowering drugs (CVD-REAL Nordic): a multinational observational analysis.
Global Innovation Systems—A conceptual framework for innovation dynamics in transnational contexts
Lipid-lowering nutraceuticals in clinical practice: position paper from an International Lipid Expert Panel.
Happiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Mental Health and Subjective Well-being?
Fractal-fractional differentiation and integration: Connecting fractal calculus and fractional calculus to predict complex system
A survey of multimodal sentiment analysis
Stock price prediction using LSTM, RNN and CNN-sliding window model
Circulating Cell-Free DNA to Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment with PARP Inhibition.
A state of the art review on viscosity of nanofluids
Non-coding RNA in hepatocellular carcinoma: Mechanisms, biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
Human beta cell mass and function in diabetes: Recent advances in knowledge and technologies to understand disease pathogenesis
On-chip photonic synapse
Visible/solar light active photocatalysts for organic effluent treatment: Fundamentals, mechanisms and parametric review
Hierarchical VS2 Nanosheet Assemblies: A Universal Host Material for the Reversible Storage of Alkali Metal Ions.
Rutin: A review on extraction, identification and purification methods, biological activities and approaches to enhance its bioavailability
Efficacy and safety of left atrial appendage closure with WATCHMAN in patients with or without contraindication to oral anticoagulation: 1-Year follow-up outcome data of the EWOLUTION trial.
Discriminant Validity Assessment: Use of Fornell & Larcker criterion versus HTMT Criterion
Comparison of isolation methods of exosomes and exosomal RNA from cell culture medium and serum.
3D Printed Photoresponsive Devices Based on Shape Memory Composites
Constant Q cepstral coefficients
Prebiotics Reduce Body Fat and Alter Intestinal Microbiota in Children Who Are Overweight or With Obesity.
How Servant Leadership Influences Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Roles of LMX, Empowerment, and Proactive Personality
Ingestion of micro- and nanoplastics in Daphnia magna - Quantification of body burdens and assessment of feeding rates and reproduction.
Power System Resilience to Extreme Weather: Fragility Modeling, Probabilistic Impact Assessment, and Adaptation Measures
Understanding active species in catalytic transformations: From molecular catalysis to nanoparticles, leaching, “Cocktails” of catalysts and dynamic systems
Neural Network-Based Passive Filtering for Delayed Neutral-Type Semi-Markovian Jump Systems
Natural language processing systems for capturing and standardizing unstructured clinical information: A systematic review
A Survey of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G
Learning to fly by crashing
Integrating Personality Structure, Personality Process, and Personality Development:
Effects of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors for the treatment of patients with heart failure - Proposal of a novel mechanism of action
Adversarial Training for Relation Extraction
Image Segmentation for Fruit Detection and Yield Estimation in Apple Orchards
Visible-Light-Excited Ultralong Organic Phosphorescence by Manipulating Intermolecular Interactions
A Next-Generation TRK Kinase Inhibitor Overcomes Acquired Resistance to Prior TRK Kinase Inhibition in Patients with TRK Fusion-Positive Solid Tumors.
A critical review on effects, tolerance mechanisms and management of cadmium in vegetables.
Bias in Cable News: Persuasion and Polarization
An immune clock of human pregnancy.
Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis spp.) as sentinel organisms in coastal pollution monitoring: A review
Nitrogen-Superdoped 3D Graphene Networks for High-Performance Supercapacitors
Molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) for energy storage, catalysis, and optoelectronics
High-Performance All-Solid-State Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Enabled by Amorphous Sulfur-Coated Reduced Graphene Oxide Cathodes
Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in corals
Overview of the 2017 WHO Classification of Pituitary Tumors
Heritability of Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Spectrum Based on the Nationwide Danish Twin Register
Data mining techniques and applications — A decade review
Problematic smartphone use and relations with negative affect, fear of missing out, and fear of negative and positive evaluation.
Temporal solitons in microresonators driven by optical pulses
Notes for genera: Ascomycota
Batch Fabrication of Customizable Silicone‐Textile Composite Capacitive Strain Sensors for Human Motion Tracking
Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) systems: Status and future prospects
Estrogen-gut microbiome axis: Physiological and clinical implications.
A Comprehensive Survey of Deep Learning in Remote Sensing: Theories, Tools and Challenges for the Community
Blockchain Technology: Applications in Health Care.
Gout: An old disease in new perspective – A review
Current Epidemiology of Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty in the United States
Leaf chlorophyll content as a proxy for leaf photosynthetic capacity
Applying convolutional neural network for network intrusion detection
Fatal Anaphylaxis: Mortality Rate and Risk Factors
Interactions between cannabidiol and commonly used antiepileptic drugs.
Dual modification of graphene by polymeric flame retardant and Ni(OH)2 nanosheets for improving flame retardancy of polypropylene
K-Ion Batteries Based on a P2-Type K0.6CoO2 Cathode
Island biogeography: Taking the long view of nature’s laboratories
Shape completion enabled robotic grasping
Clinical and immunological responses after CD30-specific chimeric antigen receptor–redirected lymphocytes
Randomized Trial Comparing a Web-Mediated Follow-up With Routine Surveillance in Lung Cancer Patients.
Burden of proof: A comprehensive review of the feasibility of 100% renewable-electricity systems
Green synthesized silver nanoparticles destroy multidrug resistant bacteria via reactive oxygen species mediated membrane damage
Key European guidelines for the diagnosis and management of patients with phenylketonuria
Insight of magnesium alloys and composites for orthopedic implant applications – a review
Metabolic network failures in Alzheimer's disease: A biochemical road map
Methods to Assess Adverse Childhood Experiences of Children and Families: Toward Approaches to Promote Child Well-being in Policy and Practice.
Polymer structure-property requirements for stereolithographic 3D printing of soft tissue engineering scaffolds
An Optimal Energy Management System for Islanded Microgrids Based on Multiperiod Artificial Bee Colony Combined With Markov Chain
Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles: A review on power conditioning units and topologies
Age Limit of Pediatrics.
Trends in Deaths Involving Heroin and Synthetic Opioids Excluding Methadone, and Law Enforcement Drug Product Reports, by Census Region — United States, 2006–2015
Facility location optimization model for emergency humanitarian logistics
Cretaceous sea-surface temperature evolution: Constraints from TEX86 and planktonic foraminiferal oxygen isotopes
Inferring synaptic excitation/inhibition balance from field potentials.
Wind power prediction using deep neural network based meta regression and transfer learning
Uncommon lanthanide ions in purely 4f Single Molecule Magnets
Using multimedia for e-learning
Performance Modeling of PBFT Consensus Process for Permissioned Blockchain Network (Hyperledger Fabric)
Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning in a 15-year grassland experiment: Patterns, mechanisms, and open questions
Molecular single-ion magnets based on lanthanides and actinides: Design considerations and new advances in the context of quantum technologies
Ternary Porous Cobalt Phosphoselenide Nanosheets: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for Electrocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting.
Emerging 3D-Printed Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices: A Critical Review
Self-Powered Pulse Sensor for Antidiastole of Cardiovascular Disease.
Cancer associated fibroblasts: An essential role in the tumor microenvironment (Review)
A new fractional operator of variable order: Application in the description of anomalous diffusion
Multilingual processing of speech via web services
The biology of mucus: Composition, synthesis and organization.
Non-AUG translation: a new start for protein synthesis in eukaryotes.
A big data analytics method for tourist behaviour analysis
Trends in overall survival and costs of multiple myeloma, 2000–2014
Group Decision Making Based on Heronian Aggregation Operators of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
The history of medicine : Challenges and successes.
Residential Demand Response of Thermostatically Controlled Loads Using Batch Reinforcement Learning
Official ERS technical standards: Global Lung Function Initiative reference values for the carbon monoxide transfer factor for Caucasians
Advances in Small Perovskite-Based Lasers
Recent Advances on Edible Films Based on Fruits and Vegetables—A Review
Condition-based maintenance policies for systems with multiple dependent components: a review
First-line selective internal radiotherapy plus chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer (FOXFIRE, SIRFLOX, and FOXFIRE-Global): a combined analysis of three multicentre, randomised, phase 3 trials
Psychological safety: A systematic review of the literature
Skills and capabilities for a sustainable and circular economy: The changing role of design
Survival of patients with advanced metastatic melanoma: the impact of novel therapies-update 2017.
Smart tourism technologies in travel planning: The role of exploration and exploitation
Continuous-flow electroreduction of carbon dioxide
Assessing Nitrate and Fluoride Contaminants in Drinking Water and Their Health Risk of Rural Residents Living in a Semiarid Region of Northwest China
Catalytic degradation of chemical warfare agents and their simulants by metal-organic frameworks
YAP/TAZ regulates sprouting angiogenesis and vascular barrier maturation
The intestinal microbiota regulates body composition through NFIL3 and the circadian clock
Neural Sequence Learning Models for Word Sense Disambiguation
American Gastroenterological Association Institute Technical Review on the Role of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
Micro‐ and Nano‐Structured Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) for Electrodes of Lithium‐Ion Batteries
Sports injury and illness incidence in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Summer Games: A prospective study of 11274 athletes from 207 countries
Biophysical processes supporting the diversity of microbial life in soil.
An update of the global burden of pertussis in children younger than 5 years: a modelling study
Estimates of plant density of wheat crops at emergence from very low altitude UAV imagery.
The global burden of fatal self-poisoning with pesticides 2006-15: Systematic review
Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage: An Updated Review of U.S. Policies and Programs and Their Impact
Shape-controlled bismuth nanoflakes as highly selective catalysts for electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction to formate
Prioritization of pathogens to guide discovery, research and development of new antibiotics for drug resistant bacterial infections, including tuberculosis
Diagnostic Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Whole-Exome Sequencing for Ambulant Children With Suspected Monogenic Conditions
Resilient Event-Triggering $H_{\infty }$ Load Frequency Control for Multi-Area Power Systems With Energy-Limited DoS Attacks
Weights and importance in composite indicators: Closing the gap.
Using stories, narratives, and storytelling in energy and climate change research
Blockchain for smart grid resilience: Exchanging distributed energy at speed, scale and security
Copied Monolingual Data Improves Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
Question Generation for Question Answering
Drugs in Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease: The Major Trends.
Electrical properties and applications of graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), and graphene/h-BN heterostructures
Discovery of a warm, dusty giant planet around HIP 65426
Why Do Phylogenomic Data Sets Yield Conflicting Trees? Data Type Influences the Avian Tree of Life more than Taxon Sampling.
Electrospun PCL/gelatin composite nanofiber structures for effective guided bone regeneration membranes.
Prospects for pyrolysis technologies in the bioenergy sector: A review
Entinostat neutralizes myeloid derived suppressor cells and enhances the antitumor effect of PD-1 inhibition in murine models of lung and renal cell carcinoma
Wave energy device and breakwater integration: A review
Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited
Estimating the prevalence of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Entity Linking via Joint Encoding of Types, Descriptions, and Context
Assessment of Tocilizumab (Anti-Interleukin-6 Receptor Monoclonal) as a Potential Treatment for Chronic Antibody-Mediated Rejection and Transplant Glomerulopathy in HLA-Sensitized Renal Allograft Recipients.
Deep Joint Entity Disambiguation with Local Neural Attention
Chronic Inflammation: Accelerator of Biological Aging.
Research on variational mode decomposition in rolling bearings fault diagnosis of the multistage centrifugal pump
It Depends on Where You Search: Institutional Investor Attention and Underreaction to News
Fracture properties prediction of clay/epoxy nanocomposites with interphase zones using a phase field model
Review of geometries and coating materials in solid phase microextraction: Opportunities, limitations, and future perspectives.
Consensus-Based Energy Management in Smart Grid With Transmission Losses and Directed Communication
KSF-OABE: Outsourced Attribute-Based Encryption with Keyword Search Function for Cloud Storage
A Herschel/PACS Far-infrared line emission survey of local luminous infrared galaxies
Compassion interventions: The programmes, the evidence, and implications for research and practice
Half a century of genetic interaction between farmed and wild Atlantic salmon: Status of knowledge and unanswered questions
Tourism and wellbeing
Clinically Focused Molecular Investigation of 1000 Consecutive Families with Inherited Retinal Disease.
A leadless pacemaker in the real-world setting: The Micra Transcatheter Pacing System Post-Approval Registry
Three indazole derivatives as corrosion inhibitors of copper in a neutral chloride solution
The computer program structure for assigning individuals to populations: easy to use but easier to misuse.
Sulfur-doped cobalt phosphide nanotube arrays for highly stable hybrid supercapacitor
Resting state brain network function in major depression - Depression symptomatology, antidepressant treatment effects, future research.
The version 3 OMI NO 2 standard product
Time-varying feedback for regulation of normal-form nonlinear systems in prescribed finite time☆
Frailty and cancer: Implications for oncology surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.
Echo-Doppler estimation of left ventricular filling pressure: results of the multicentre EACVI Euro-Filling study.
Removal efficiency of multiple poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in drinking water using granular activated carbon (GAC) and anion exchange (AE) column tests
Battery degradation and behaviour for electric vehicles: Review and numerical analyses of several models
British Association of Dermatologists guidelines for biologic therapy for psoriasis 2017
The Deluge of Spurious Correlations in Big Data
Whole Slide Imaging Versus Microscopy for Primary Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology: A Multicenter Blinded Randomized Noninferiority Study of 1992 Cases (Pivotal Study).
Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing
The benefits of cooperation in a highly renewable European electricity network
Statistical clustering of temporal networks through a dynamic stochastic block model
Identification of genetic variants associated with Huntington's disease progression: a genome-wide association study
Iron formations: A global record of Neoarchaean to Palaeoproterozoic environmental history
Exploring the relationship among CO2 emissions, real GDP, energy consumption and tourism in the EU and candidate countries: Evidence from panel models robust to heterogeneity and cross-sectional dependence
Small-scale downdraft gasifiers for biomass gasification: A review
Targeting the Thioredoxin System for Cancer Therapy.
Traffic light control using deep policy-gradient and value-function-based reinforcement learning
Results of the WNUT2017 Shared Task on Novel and Emerging Entity Recognition
Chitosan: A potential biopolymer for wound management.
Shifting intra- and inter-organizational innovation processes towards digital business: An empirical analysis of SMEs
JNK-signaling: A multiplexing hub in programmed cell death.
Metal–organic framework-induced construction of actiniae-like carbon nanotube assembly as advanced multifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting and Zn-air batteries
Aberrant Cortical Activity in Multiple GCaMP6-Expressing Transgenic Mouse Lines.
Rapid and near-complete dissolution of wood lignin at ≤80°C by a recyclable acid hydrotrope
Neural network with unbounded activation functions is universal approximator
KMC 3: counting and manipulating k-mer statistics.
A strategic framework for a profitable business model in the sharing economy
Tweetment Effects on the Tweeted: Experimentally Reducing Racist Harassment
Effect of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Followed by Surgical Resection on Survival in Patients With Limited Metastatic Gastric or Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer: The AIO-FLOT3 Trial
SINR-Based DoS Attack on Remote State Estimation: A Game-Theoretic Approach
A Critical Review of Bilingual Education in the United States: From Basements and Pride to Boutiques and Profit
Recent Progress on Localized Field Enhanced Two-dimensional Material Photodetectors from Ultraviolet—Visible to Infrared
Transforming Growth Factor-β Receptors and Smads: Regulatory Complexity and Functional Versatility
The electric vehicle routing problem with nonlinear charging function
Dark energy and dark matter as curvature effects
The hidden burden of influenza: A review of the extra-pulmonary complications of influenza infection
A comprehensive review on recent developments in bentonite-based materials used as adsorbents for wastewater treatment
Stimuli-responsive liposomes for drug delivery.
Co-activation of STAT3 and YES-Associated Protein 1 (YAP1) Pathway in EGFR-Mutant NSCLC
ALPPS Improves Resectability Compared With Conventional Two-stage Hepatectomy in Patients With Advanced Colorectal Liver Metastasis Results From a Scandinavian Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial (LIGRO Trial)
Faecal microbiota study reveals specific dysbiosis in spondyloarthritis
The Working Group on the Anthropocene: Summary of evidence and interim recommendations
The Effect of Physical Activity Interventions on Children's Cognition and Metacognition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Self-Templated Fabrication of CoO-MoO 2 Nanocages for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution
Boosting biomethane yield and production rate with graphene: The potential of direct interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion.
Survey on semi-tensor product method with its applications in logical networks and other finite-valued systems
Anatomically and Functionally Distinct Lung Mesenchymal Populations Marked by Lgr5 and Lgr6
Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction: A Safe Alternative to Submuscular Prosthetic Reconstruction following Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy.
Household Food Security in the United States in 2016
Comparison of Faradaic reactions in capacitive deionization (CDI) and membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI) water treatment processes
Mapping urban air quality in near real-time using observations from low-cost sensors and model information.
Is a good example the best sermon? Children’s imitation of parental reading
Microwave processing techniques and their recent applications in the food industry
3D Printing of Polymer Nanocomposites via Stereolithography
Genetic algorithm based model for optimizing bank lending decisions
Treatment Beyond Progression in Patients with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Treated with Nivolumab in CheckMate 025.
An algal photoenzyme converts fatty acids to hydrocarbons
A users guide to HPA axis research.
Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak
Stitching triple cation perovskite by a mixed anti-solvent process for high performance perovskite solar cells
Modifications on reduced titanium dioxide photocatalysts: A review
Standard-dose pembrolizumab in combination with reduced-dose ipilimumab for patients with advanced melanoma (KEYNOTE-029): an open-label, phase 1b trial
Ultratransparent and stretchable graphene electrodes
Role of the small intestine, colon and microbiota in determining the metabolic fate of polyphenols
Enhancing Electrocatalytic Total Water Splitting at Few Layer Pt-NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Interfaces
A mangrove forest map of China in 2015: analysis of time series Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-1A imagery in Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform.
Intellectual capital and financial performance: A study of the Turkish Banking Sector
Empower Sequence Labeling with Task-Aware Neural Language Model
The global burden of tuberculosis mortality in children: a mathematical modelling study.
Numerical simulation for magneto Carreau nanofluid model with thermal radiation: A revised model
Bibliometrics of social media research: A co-citation and co-word analysis
Microalgae, old sustainable food and fashion nutraceuticals.
The neurocognitive consequences of sleep restriction: A meta-analytic review.
Examining the relationship between burnout and empathy in healthcare professionals: A systematic review.
FlashPCA2: principal component analysis of Biobank-scale genotype datasets
How global is international CSR research? Insights and recommendations from a systematic review
Autophagy-monitoring and autophagy-deficient mice
Uncovering the Temporal Context for Video Question Answering
A global framework for future costs and benefits of river-flood protection in urban areas
Advanced glycation end-products produced systemically and by macrophages: A common contributor to inflammation and degenerative diseases.
Deep reinforcement learning with successor features for navigation across similar environments
WASSA-2017 Shared Task on Emotion Intensity
Surgical data science for next-generation interventions.
A novel multi-modality image fusion method based on image decomposition and sparse representation
Prostate cancer-associated SPOP mutations confer resistance to BET inhibitors through stabilization of BRD4.
Understanding and Eliminating Hysteresis for Highly Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
Constraining the galaxy–halo connection over the last 13.3 Gyr: star formation histories, galaxy mergers and structural properties
Videolaryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy for adult patients requiring tracheal intubation: a Cochrane Systematic Review
Aligning with new digital strategy: A dynamic capabilities approach
Metal–Ligand Bifunctional Catalysis: The “Accepted” Mechanism, the Issue of Concertedness, and the Function of the Ligand in Catalytic Cycles Involving Hydrogen Atoms
Next-Generation Insect-Resistant Plants: RNAi-Mediated Crop Protection
Conceptualising compensation in neurodevelopmental disorders: Reflections from autism spectrum disorder.
Interactions between polystyrene microplastics and marine phytoplankton lead to species-specific hetero-aggregation
Selective targeting of lysyl oxidase-like 2 (LOXL2) suppresses hepatic fibrosis progression and accelerates its reversal
Direct Synthesis of Large-Area 2D Mo 2 C on In Situ Grown Graphene.
The Minimum Data Set 3.0 Cognitive Function Scale.
Sparse Regularization via Convex Analysis
Core-Satellite Polydopamine-Gadolinium-Metallofullerene Nanotheranostics for Multimodal Imaging Guided Combination Cancer Therapy.
Optimization strategies for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) application: A literature survey
The human microbiome.
Mouse models of metastasis: progress and prospects.
Energy retrofits in historic and traditional buildings: A review of problems and methods
Histopathologic evaluation of atypical neurofibromatous tumors and their transformation into malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in patients with neurofibromatosis 1-a consensus overview.
Ab initio assisted design of quinary dual-phase high-entropy alloys with transformation-induced plasticity
Stretchable fiber-shaped asymmetric supercapacitors with ultrahigh energy density
Hierarchically mesoporous nickel-iron nitride as a cost-efficient and highly durable electrocatalyst for Zn-air battery
Integral backstepping sliding mode control for quadrotor helicopter under external uncertain disturbances
Refining Word Embeddings for Sentiment Analysis
Experimental phase diagram of zero-bias conductance peaks in superconductor/semiconductor nanowire devices
Generation of a microglial developmental index in mice and in humans reveals a sex difference in maturation and immune reactivity: HANAMSAGAR et al.
A review of droop control techniques for microgrid
Experimental evidence for type-II Dirac semimetal in PtSe 2
The role of ionic liquids in desulfurization of fuels: A review
DOC: Deep Open Classification of Text Documents
Electrospun conductive nanofibrous scaffolds for engineering cardiac tissue and 3D bioactuators.
Meaningful maps with object-oriented semantic mapping
Assessing the utility of social media as a data source for flood risk management using a real-time modelling framework
Hsa_circ_0020397 regulates colorectal cancer cell viability, apoptosis and invasion by promoting the expression of the miR-138 targets TERT and PD-L1.
Navigating the Space between Research and Implementation in Conservation
Variable neighborhood search: basics and variants
Detection, risk factors, and functional consequences of cerebral microinfarcts
Myasthenia gravis: An emerging toxicity of immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Frailty as a predictor of disabilities among community-dwelling older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Degradable Adhesives for Surgery and Tissue Engineering.
Preoperative gadoxetic acid–enhanced MRI for predicting microvascular invasion in patients with single hepatocellular carcinoma
Civil society, populism and religion
Mechanical basis of bone strength: influence of bone material, bone structure and muscle action
Ultrathin metal-organic framework membrane production by gel-vapour deposition.
Effects of tourism information quality in social media on destination image formation: The case of Sina Weibo
Cytokines in immunogenic cell death: Applications for cancer immunotherapy.
Phase II study of copanlisib, a PI3K inhibitor, in relapsed or refractory, indolent or aggressive lymphoma.
The therapeutic alliance in internet interventions: A narrative review and suggestions for future research
To be in synchrony or not? A meta-analysis of synchrony's effects on behavior, perception, cognition and affect
Video-based emotion recognition in the wild using deep transfer learning and score fusion*
Global biodiversity monitoring: From data sources to Essential Biodiversity Variables
Epidemiology, Evolution, and Pathogenesis of H7N9 Influenza Viruses in Five Epidemic Waves since 2013 in China
The glassy state of matter: Its definition and ultimate fate
Graphene-based nanomaterials for drug and/or gene delivery, bioimaging, and tissue engineering
Biomass : an r package for estimating above-ground biomass and its uncertainty in tropical forests
Climate, soil and plant functional types as drivers of global fine-root trait variation
A review of connectivity map and computational approaches in pharmacogenomics.
Mutant p53 as a target for cancer treatment.
Effective field theory of dissipative fluids
Connecting minds and sharing emotions through mimicry: A neurocognitive model of emotional contagion.
Device-assisted transdermal drug delivery
An updated classification of the freshwater crayfishes (Decapoda: Astacidea) of the world, with a complete species list
Advances in the MYB-bHLH-WD Repeat (MBW) Pigment Regulatory Model: Addition of a WRKY Factor and Co-option of an Anthocyanin MYB for Betalain Regulation.
An Online Optimal Dispatch Schedule for CCHP Microgrids Based on Model Predictive Control
Synthesis paradigm and applications of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), a review
The follicular skin microbiome in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa and healthy controls
Tissue Engineered Bio-Blood-Vessels Constructed Using a Tissue-Specific Bioink and 3D Coaxial Cell Printing Technique: A Novel Therapy for Ischemic Disease
Control of intestinal stem cell function and proliferation by mitochondrial pyruvate metabolism.
Host Genetics and Gut Microbiome: Challenges and Perspectives
2017 publication guidelines for structural modelling of small-angle scattering data from biomolecules in solution: an update.
Industrial Internet of Things Monitoring Solution for Advanced Predictive Maintenance Applications
Eukaryotic ribosome assembly, transport and quality control.
Structure, function and regulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa porins
Role of radiotherapy fractionation in head and neck cancers (MARCH): an updated meta-analysis
Imagined Futures: Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics
Evolutionary dynamics of the kinetochore network in eukaryotes as revealed by comparative genomics.
Exploiting Cross-Sentence Context for Neural Machine Translation
Leukodystrophies: a proposed classification system based on pathological changes and pathogenetic mechanisms.
Neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease: New treatment paradigms
A consensus model for hesitant fuzzy preference relations and its application in water allocation management
Antibacterial Activity of Graphene Oxide/g-C3N4 Composite through Photocatalytic Disinfection under Visible Light
Rubbery electronics and sensors from intrinsically stretchable elastomeric composites of semiconductors and conductors
Effectiveness of Rotavirus Vaccination: A Systematic Review of the First Decade of Global Postlicensure Data, 2006-2016.
German Robots - The Impact of Industrial Robots on Workers
Antibacterial agents in clinical development: an analysis of the antibacterial clinical development pipeline, including tuberculosis
Emerging Semitransparent Solar Cells: Materials and Device Design
Have Instrumental Variables Brought Us Closer to the Truth
Processes, Motivations, and Issues for Migrating to Microservices Architectures: An Empirical Investigation
The nature and dynamics of spermatogonial stem cells
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15189.
Guided Open Vocabulary Image Captioning with Constrained Beam Search
Biological CO2 fixation with production of microalgae in wastewater – A review
Colorimetric sensors for rapid detection of various analytes.
A comprehensive review on reduced switch multilevel inverter topologies, modulation techniques and applications
Nonparametric methods for doubly robust estimation of continuous treatment effects
Earth Mover’s Distance Minimization for Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction
Cation exchange formation of prussian blue analogue submicroboxes for high-performance Na-ion hybrid supercapacitors
From two-dimensional materials to their heterostructures: An electrochemist's perspective
The Default Mode Network in Autism
A systematic review of gait analysis methods based on inertial sensors and adaptive algorithms.
Manipulation of ionized impurity scattering for achieving high thermoelectric performance in n-type Mg
Ultrafast Synthesis of Ultrasmall Poly(Vinylpyrrolidone)-Protected Bismuth Nanodots as a Multifunctional Theranostic Agent for In Vivo Dual-Modal CT/Photothermal-Imaging-Guided Photothermal Therapy
Sensing Danger: Key to Activating Plant Immunity.
Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge as traced by microlensed dwarf and subgiant stars. VI. Age and abundance structure of the stellar populations in the central sub-kpc of the Milky Way
Pullulan: A novel molecule for biomedical applications.
A parametric review of sonochemistry: Control and augmentation of sonochemical activity in aqueous solutions.
Application of seaweeds to develop new food products with enhanced shelf-life, quality and health-related beneficial properties.
A Systematic Review of Exercise Systematic Reviews in the Cancer Literature (2005-2017)
GnRH antagonist versus long agonist protocols in IVF: a systematic review and meta-analysis accounting for patient type
Semantic Specialization of Distributional Word Vector Spaces using Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Constraints
The mechanism of cone cell death in Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Monitoring stress with a wrist device using context.
Deep Multi-Task Learning for Aspect Term Extraction with Memory Interaction
Reduced graphene oxide as an effective adsorbent for removal of malachite green dye: Plausible adsorption pathways
Uric acid in the pathogenesis of metabolic, renal, and cardiovascular diseases: A review
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Association between plant-based diets and plasma lipids: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Ultrahigh–current density anodes with interconnected Li metal reservoir through overlithiation of mesoporous AlF3 framework
Smart cities: Utopia or neoliberal ideology?
Bending behavior of sandwich composite structures with tunable 3D-printed core materials
Plant Glandular Trichomes: Natural Cell Factories of High Biotechnological Interest
Year-round influenza immunisation during pregnancy in Nepal: a phase 4, randomised, placebo-controlled trial
A Multi-institutional Prospective Observational Study of Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Patients With Multiple Brain Metastases (JLGK0901 Study Update): Irradiation-related Complications and Long-term Maintenance of Mini-Mental State Examination Scores.
Rational design of CdS@ZnO core-shell structure via atomic layer deposition for drastically enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution with excellent photostability
Recommendation on Design, Execution, and Reporting of Animal Atherosclerosis Studies: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association
Molecular Engineered Hole-Extraction Materials to Enable Dopant-Free, Efficient p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells
A vision for global monitoring of biological invasions
The effects of graphene on the flammability and fire behavior of intumescent flame retardant polypropylene composites at different flame scenarios
Predicting farmer uptake of new agricultural practices: a tool for research, extension and policy.
Dopant-Free Hole-Transporting Materials for Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells.
Humidity resistant fabrication of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells and modules
Bariatric Surgery and the Risk of Cancer in a Large Multisite Cohort
Deep Yedoma permafrost: A synthesis of depositional characteristics and carbon vulnerability
Agreement Between Magnetic Resonance Imaging Proton Density Fat Fraction Measurements and Pathologist-Assigned Steatosis Grades of Liver Biopsies From Adults With Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.
Designing intelligent manufacturing systems through Human-Machine Cooperation principles: A human-centered approach
A feature weighted support vector machine and K-nearest neighbor algorithm for stock market indices prediction
Stock-Market Crashes and Depressions
Analysis of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Identifies Multiclonal Heterogeneity of BRCA2 Reversion Mutations Associated with Resistance to PARP Inhibitors.
Integrating train scheduling and delay management in real-time railway traffic control
Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of cellulose nanofibers reinforced epoxy composites.
Surgical management of degenerative meniscus lesions: the 2016 ESSKA meniscus consensus
Therapy-related myeloid neoplasms: when genetics and environment collide.
Prevalence and Correlates of Suicidal Ideation Among Transgender Youth in California: Findings From a Representative, Population-Based Sample of High School Students
Investigation on the pore structure and multifractal characteristics of tight oil reservoirs using NMR measurements: Permian Lucaogou Formation in Jimusaer Sag, Junggar Basin
The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization: A Survey.
Polysaccharides from macroalgae: Recent advances, innovative technologies and challenges in extraction and purification
Bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds from fruits and vegetables after thermal and nonthermal processing
Towards the next generation of smart grids: semantic and holonic multi-agent management of distributed energy resources
Dynamic changes in PD-L1 expression and immune infiltrates early during treatment predict response to PD-1 blockade in melanoma
The Nephrotoxicity of Vancomycin.
Genetic Alterations in the Molecular Subtypes of Bladder Cancer: Illustration in the Cancer Genome Atlas Dataset
Intestinal dysbiosis and probiotic applications in autoimmune diseases.
Enhancing the catalytic activity of g-C3N4 through Me doping (Me = Cu, Co and Fe) for selective sulfathiazole degradation via redox-based advanced oxidation process
Therapeutic pipeline for atopic dermatitis: End of the drought?
Freedom Rising. Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation
Analysis of the essential factors for the adoption of mobile learning in higher education: A case study of students of the University of Technology
Efficient Skin Temperature Sensor and Stable Gel‐Less Sticky ECG Sensor for a Wearable Flexible Healthcare Patch
Random Forests for Big Data
Soil parent material-A major driver of plant nutrient limitations in terrestrial ecosystems.
Catalase-loaded cisplatin-prodrug-constructed liposomes to overcome tumor hypoxia for enhanced chemo-radiotherapy of cancer.
What Is the Blockchain
Adults born preterm: a review of general health and system-specific outcomes.
Incidence of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Following Human Immunodeficiency Virus Preexposure Prophylaxis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Modeling Study
Why is Family Firms’ Internationalization Unique? A Meta–Analysis:
Efficient 3D-CTF correction for cryo-electron tomography using NovaCTF improves subtomogram averaging resolution to 3.4Å.
Preferences and Biases in Educational Choices and Labour Market Expectations: Shrinking the Black Box of Gender
A central role for cadherin signaling in cancer.
Free convection of hybrid Al2O3-Cu water nanofluid in a differentially heated porous cavity
Electrocatalytic properties of N-doped graphite felt in electro-Fenton process and degradation mechanism of levofloxacin.
On the Safety of Machine Learning: Cyber-Physical Systems, Decision Sciences, and Data Products
Biodegradation of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Their Derivatives
Kidney toxicity related to herbs and dietary supplements: Online table of case reports. Part 3 of 5 series
A Probabilistic Energy Management Scheme for Renewable-Based Residential Energy Hubs
Prevalence of psychological stress, depression and anxiety among medical students in Egypt
ENETS Consensus Guidelines for the Standards of Care in Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy with Radiolabelled Somatostatin Analogues
Microsatellite Instability: A Predictive Biomarker for Cancer Immunotherapy.
Current Clinical Brain Tumor Imaging.
Methodological implementation of mixed linear models in multi-locus genome-wide association studies.
Ultrastable atomic copper nanosheets for selective electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway inhibitors in solid tumors: From laboratory to patients.
Deep reinforcement learning for high precision assembly tasks
Adaptive Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Non-Identical Partially Unknown Control Directions and Bounded Modelling Errors
Structural overshoot of tree growth with climate variability and the global spectrum of drought-induced forest dieback
Placental Exosomes as Early Biomarker of Preeclampsia: Potential Role of Exosomal MicroRNAs Across Gestation.
Permanent His-bundle pacing for cardiac resynchronization therapy: Initial feasibility study in lieu of left ventricular lead.
The optical trapezoid model: A novel approach to remote sensing of soil moisture applied to Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 observations
Application of mechanical surface finishing processes for roughness reduction and fatigue improvement of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V parts
norUrsodeoxycholic acid improves cholestasis in primary sclerosing cholangitis
Assessment of adult malnutrition and prognosis with bioelectrical impedance analysis: phase angle and impedance ratio.
Ebola on Instagram and Twitter: How health organizations address the health crisis in their social media engagement
Constraining Formation Models of Binary Black Holes with Gravitational-wave Observations
Highly Conductive, Lightweight, Low‐Tortuosity Carbon Frameworks as Ultrathick 3D Current Collectors
Multi-scale convolutional neural networks for crowd counting
Influence of processing parameters on the evolution of melt pool, porosity, and microstructures in Ti-6Al-4V alloy parts fabricated by selective laser melting
Removal of heavy metals from emerging cellulosic low-cost adsorbents: a review
Change detection method for remote sensing images based on an improved Markov random field
Device-detected subclinical atrial tachyarrhythmias: definition, implications and management-an European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) consensus document, endorsed by Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS) and Sociedad Latinoamericana de Estimulación Cardíaca y Electrofisiología (SOLEACE).
Analysis of One-Bit Quantized Precoding for the Multiuser Massive MIMO Downlink
Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis.
Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
Characterization of a novel natural cellulosic fiber from Juncus effusus L
The GUM corpus: creating multilayer resources in the classroom
A Soft-label Method for Noise-tolerant Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction
Regulatory Role of Circular RNAs and Neurological Disorders.
Fast-Frequency Response Provided by DFIG-Wind Turbines and its Impact on the Grid
Cinnamon and ginger essential oils to improve antifungal, physical and mechanical properties of chitosan-carboxymethyl cellulose films
Oligodendroglia: metabolic supporters of neurons
Optical colours and spectral indices of z = 0.1 EAGLE galaxies with the 3D dust radiative transfer code SKIRT
A survey of infrared and visual image fusion methods
Effects of Traditional Advertising and Social Messages on Brand-Building Metrics and Customer Acquisition
Anosmia-A Clinical Review.
Data and knowledge mining with big data towards smart production
Virtual Classrooms: How Online College Courses Affect Student Success
Microtubule organization, dynamics and functions in differentiated cells.
Multimedia cloud transmission and storage system based on internet of things
Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer
Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another's opinions
Mitigation and adaptation in polycentric systems: sources of power in the pursuit of collective goals
Geometric distortion metrics for point cloud compression
Architecture and Dynamics of the Jasmonic Acid Gene Regulatory Network
Use of pyrolytic gas from waste tire as a fuel: A review
Distributed Robust Finite-Time Secondary Voltage and Frequency Control of Islanded Microgrids
The effects of successful ICT-based smart city services: From citizens' perspectives
Highly sensitive square wave voltammetric sensor employing CdO/SWCNTs and room temperature ionic liquid for analysis of vanillin and folic acid in food samples
A review of the value of aggregators in electricity systems
Application of a novel PROMETHEE-based method for construction of a group compromise ranking to prioritization of green suppliers in food supply chain
In defense of causal-formative indicators: A minority report.
Actor roles in transition: Insights from sociological perspectives
Harnessing the Power of Genomics to Secure the Future of Seafood
Pricing and carbon emission reduction decisions in supply chains with vertical and horizontal cooperation
Diagnosed HIV Infection in Transgender Adults and Adolescents: Results from the National HIV Surveillance System, 2009-2014.
A techno-economic feasibility of a stand-alone hybrid power generation for remote area application in Bangladesh
Does a long-term orientation create value? Evidence from a regression discontinuity
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome components in young adults: A pooled analysis
Impact of nonlinear thermal radiation and gyrotactic microorganisms on the Magneto-Burgers nanofluid
Defect Engineering of Chalcogen-Tailored Oxygen Electrocatalysts for Rechargeable Quasi-Solid-State Zinc–Air Batteries
Pectin coating improves physicochemical properties of caseinate/zein nanoparticles as oral delivery vehicles for curcumin
Outcome Evidence for Structured Pediatric to Adult Health Care Transition Interventions: A Systematic Review
Selective laser melting of a novel Sc and Zr modified Al-6.2 Mg alloy: Processing, microstructure, and properties
Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for POS Tagging without Cross-Lingual Resources
Half-BPS Wilson loop and AdS2/CFT1
New Graphic Schemes for Stata: Plotplain and Plottig:
Depression and Self-Harm Risk Assessment in Online Forums
Malignant Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma: 272 Patients Over 55 Years.
Association Between Ustekinumab Trough Concentrations and Clinical, Biomarker, and Endoscopic Outcomes in Patients With Crohn's Disease
Lightweight, multifunctional microcellular PMMA/Fe3O4@MWCNTs nanocomposite foams with efficient electromagnetic interference shielding
GATA6 regulates EMT and tumour dissemination, and is a marker of response to adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
Integrating short term variations of the power system into integrated energy system models: A methodological review
A new MPPT controller based on the Ant colony optimization algorithm for Photovoltaic systems under partial shading conditions
T-cell infiltration and clonality correlate with programmed cell death protein 1 and programmed death-ligand 1 expression in patients with soft tissue sarcomas.
New criteria for sepsis-induced coagulopathy (SIC) following the revised sepsis definition: a retrospective analysis of a nationwide survey.
Risk-sharing and contagion in networks
Entrepreneurial Team Composition Characteristics and New Venture Performance: A Meta‐Analysis
Oral Substitution Treatment of Injecting Opioid Users for Prevention of HIV Infection.
K_2SiF_6:Mn^4+ as a red phosphor for displays and warm-white LEDs: a review of properties and perspectives
A new method for crop classification combining time series of radar images and crop phenology information.
Prospects of spintronics based on 2D materials
Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of the Interplay Between Herbal Medicines and Gut Microbiota.
Rotated region based CNN for ship detection
Targeting EZH2 in cancer therapy.
Investigation of rheological behavior of MWCNT (COOH-functionalized)/MgO - Engine oil hybrid nanofluids and modelling the results with artificial neural networks
Informal Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies: The Impacts of Starting up Unregistered on firm Performance:
Silver nanowires: Synthesis technologies, growth mechanism and multifunctional applications
Review on sorption materials and technologies for heat pumps and thermal energy storage
Getting the Word Out: New Approaches for Disseminating Public Health Science.
False Data Attacks Against AC State Estimation With Incomplete Network Information
Failure mode and effect analysis using MULTIMOORA method with continuous weighted entropy under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment
Electrospun hollow nanofibers for advanced secondary batteries
Sarcopenia as a predictor of all-cause mortality among community-dwelling older people: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Degradation and metabolism of synthetic plastics and associated products by Pseudomonas sp.: capabilities and challenges
Instance Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation
High-Performance Polymers Sandwiched with Chemical Vapor Deposited Hexagonal Boron Nitrides as Scalable High-Temperature Dielectric Materials
Green and eco-friendly synthesis of cobalt-oxide nanoparticle: Characterization and photo-catalytic activity
The biological activities of β-glucosidase, phosphatase and urease as soil quality indicators: a review
Stock prediction using deep learning
Mortality, survival and incidence rates in the ITALUNG randomised lung cancer screening trial.
Accessibility of public urban green space in an urban periphery: The case of Shanghai
Financial inclusion and stability in MENA: Evidence from poverty and inequality
Of, for, and by the people: the legal lacuna of synthetic persons
A worldview of root traits: the influence of ancestry, growth form, climate and mycorrhizal association on the functional trait variation of fine-root tissues in seed plants.
Alcohol based automotive fuels from first four alcohol family in compression and spark ignition engine: A review on engine performance and exhaust emissions
Endoplasmic reticulum stress and eIF2α phosphorylation: The Achilles heel of pancreatic β cells
Molybdenum in natural waters: A review of occurrence, distributions and controls
Myofibroblast transdifferentiation: The dark force in ocular wound healing and fibrosis
Fault Diagnosis of a Rolling Bearing Using Wavelet Packet Denoising and Random Forests
Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Youth With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study.
A novel green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their catalytic action in reduction of Methylene Blue dye
Clinical characteristics of patients from the worldwide registry on peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM)
An Overview of Novel Adjuvants Designed for Improving Vaccine Efficacy
Use of a Robotic Seal as a Therapeutic Tool to Improve Dementia Symptoms: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial
Supra molecular mechanism of the removal of 17-β-estradiol endocrine disturbing pollutant from water on functionalized iron nano particles
Results of the WMT17 metrics shared task
Learning how to Active Learn: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
Metformin, the aspirin of the 21st century: its role in gestational diabetes mellitus, prevention of preeclampsia and cancer, and the promotion of longevity.
Close relationships and the management of chronic illness: Associations and interventions.
Manipulating low-dimensional materials down to the level of single atoms with electron irradiation
Lactate dehydrogenase activity drives hair follicle stem cell activation
Sugar Transporters in Plants: New Insights and Discoveries.
Interpersonal mechanisms linking close relationships to health.
Mapping Human Resource Management: Reviewing the field and charting future directions
A review on recent advancements in photovoltaic thermal techniques
A GA-LR wrapper approach for feature selection in network intrusion detection☆
WHO Treatment Guidelines for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, 2016 Update: Applicability in South Korea.
Deep Neural Solver for Math Word Problems
Prostate-specific membrane antigen ligands for imaging and therapy
Models for forecasting growth trends in renewable energy
Talent management and dynamic view of talent in small and medium enterprises
The SWPER index for women's empowerment in Africa: development and validation of an index based on survey data.
Breast Cancer Screening for Average-Risk Women: Recommendations From the ACR Commission on Breast Imaging
Fault Detection, Isolation, and Service Restoration in Distribution Systems: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends
Wind-induced vibration mitigation in tall buildings using the tuned mass-damper-inerter (TMDI)
Executive function and metacognition: Towards a unifying framework of cognitive self-regulation
Optoelectronic device physics and technology of nitride semiconductors from the UV to the terahertz.
Design, integration, and field evaluation of a robotic apple harvester
Effects of Dietary Fructose Restriction on Liver Fat, De Novo Lipogenesis, and Insulin Kinetics in Children With Obesity.
Neoadjuvant cisplatin and fluorouracil versus epirubicin, cisplatin, and capecitabine followed by resection in patients with oesophageal adenocarcinoma (UK MRC OE05): an open-label, randomised phase 3 trial
Neurobiology of axonal transport defects in motor neuron diseases: opportunities for translational research?
Increased uptake and improved outcomes of bowel cancer screening with a faecal immunochemical test: results from a pilot study within the national screening programme in England
Multi-class sentiment classification
Cellulose-based Supercapacitors: Material and Performance Considerations
Epidemiology of blindness in children.
Application of dopamine-modified halloysite nanotubes/PVDF blend membranes for direct dyes removal from wastewater
Eosinophils in COPD: just another biomarker?
Towards the assessment of potential impact of unmanned vessels on maritime transportation safety
Regulation of type I interferon signaling in immunity and inflammation: A comprehensive review.
A novel three-tier Internet of Things architecture with machine learning algorithm for early detection of heart diseases
Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
Towards Automatic Wild Animal Monitoring: Identification of Animal Species in Camera-trap Images using Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Diseases due to unhealthy environments: an updated estimate of the global burden of disease attributable to environmental determinants of health
The human papillomavirus replication cycle, and its links to cancer progression: a comprehensive review
Early pregnancy vaginal microbiome trends and preterm birth
Economic uncertainty and the influence of monetary policy
Design/test of a hybrid energy storage system for primary frequency control using a dynamic droop method in an isolated microgrid power system
Biomaterials that promote cell-cell interactions enhance the paracrine function of MSCs.
Early detection of consciousness in patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury
The relative contribution of subjective office referrals to racial disproportionality in school discipline.
Guidelines for the understanding and management of pain in chronic pancreatitis
Fragile image watermarking with pixel-wise recovery based on overlapping embedding strategy
Facile synthesis of flower-like Ag3VO4/Bi2WO6 heterojunction with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Short-term costs of preeclampsia to the United States health care system.
Controlled Synthesis of Ultrathin 2D β-In2S3 with Broadband Photoresponse by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Recent development in the synthesis, modification and application of Mg(OH)(2) and MgO: A review
Self-Healing Materials for Next-Generation Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices
A survey of 5G technologies: regulatory, standardization and industrial perspectives
The Role of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Factors in Pancreatic Cancer: A Mendelian Randomization Study
So you want to study bullying? Recommendations to enhance the validity, transparency, and compatibility of bullying research
Theories and Frameworks for Online Education: Seeking an Integrated Model
Species boundaries in the human pathogen Paracoccidioides
A review on current advances in the energy and environmental performance of buildings towards a more sustainable built environment
Prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A meta-analysis.
Phyto-assisted synthesis, characterization and applications of gold nanoparticles – A review
NeuroNER: an easy-to-use program for named-entity recognition based on neural networks
Global incidence of oral and oropharynx cancer in patients younger than 45 years versus older patients: A systematic review.
The macrolide antibiotic renaissance
Mining for Micropeptides
Multifocal Intraocular Lenses: An Overview
Funding liquidity and bank risk taking
Molecular genetics and targeted therapy of WNT-related human diseases (Review)
United States Multicenter Clinical Trial of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus Treatment
Governing global problems under uncertainty: making bottom-up climate policy work
Interventions to enhance testing, linkage to care and treatment uptake for hepatitis C virus infection among people who inject drugs: A systematic review
Bio-inspired crosslinking and matrix-drug interactions for advanced wound dressings with long-term antimicrobial activity.
Clinical utility of sperm DNA fragmentation testing: practice recommendations based on clinical scenarios.
Review on powder-bed laser additive manufacturing of Inconel 718 parts
Critical Thinking about Research: Psychology and Related Fields. Second Edition.
Selective laser melting porous metallic implants with immobilized silver nanoparticles kill and prevent biofilm formation by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Nanostructured organic semiconductor films for molecular detection with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
A high-performance sodium-ion battery enhanced by macadamia shell derived hard carbon anode
Digital entrepreneurship: Innovative business models for the sharing economy
Current role of the NLRP3 inflammasome on obesity and insulin resistance: A systematic review.
Surfactant-enhanced remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: A review
Natural History of Subclinical Neovascularization in Nonexudative Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Swept-Source OCT Angiography
Fluctuating feedback-regulated escape fraction of ionizing radiation in low-mass, high-redshift galaxies
The application of microwave heating in bioenergy: A review on the microwave pre-treatment and upgrading technologies for biomass
RNF43 germline and somatic mutation in serrated neoplasia pathway and its association with BRAF mutation
Subgenome Dominance in an Interspecific Hybrid, Synthetic Allopolyploid, and a 140-Year-Old Naturally Established Neo-Allopolyploid Monkeyflower.
Natural deep eutectic solvents from choline chloride and betaine – Physicochemical properties
18F-AV-1451 and CSF T-tau and P-tau as biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease
A novel border-rich Prussian blue synthetized by inhibitor control as cathode for sodium ion batteries
A World Overview of the Organic Rankine Cycle Market
Rotating Night-Shift Work and the Risk of Breast Cancer in the Nurses' Health Studies
Prestimulus alpha-band power biases visual discrimination confidence, but not accuracy
On electricity consumption and economic growth in China
Spanking and adult mental health impairment: The case for the designation of spanking as an adverse childhood experience
Probing Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides MX2 (M = Mo, W and X = S, Se) using Time‐Domain Thermoreflectance
Image encryption based on new Beta chaotic maps
Maintenance in digitalised manufacturing: Delphi-based scenarios for 2030
Decolonising geographical knowledges
Building an Argument Search Engine for the Web
A review of algorithms for filtering the 3D point cloud
Predicting consumer product demands via Big Data: the roles of online promotional marketing and online reviews
Tackling vitamin A deficiency with biofortified sweetpotato in sub-Saharan Africa.
The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Firms
The Motivational Foundation of Learning Languages Other Than Global English: Theoretical Issues and Research Directions
Correspondence coloring and its application to list-coloring planar graphs without cycles of lengths 4 to 8
Cold metal transfer (CMT) technology - An overview
Group‐III Sesquioxides: Growth, Physical Properties and Devices
A State-Independent Linear Power Flow Model With Accurate Estimation of Voltage Magnitude
Somatostatin Receptor Antagonists for Imaging and Therapy.
Plasmon-exciton coupling of monolayer MoS2-Ag nanoparticles hybrids for surface catalytic reaction
Assessment of Glomerular Filtration Rate in Health and Disease: A State of the Art Review
A Review of integrating solar collectors to solar still
Simultaneous X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Radio Observations of the Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102
Quaternary 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) with Tunable Bandgap.
Flexible Ti3C2 MXene-lithium film with lamellar structure for ultrastable metallic lithium anodes
The WFSA Global Anesthesia Workforce Survey.
Cooperative Cognitive Intelligence for Internet of Vehicles
Integrating ecosystem services into spatial planning - a spatial decision support tool.
Bioinspired bright noniridescent photonic melanin supraballs.
Global sea turtle conservation successes.
A Youth Compendium of Physical Activities: Activity Codes and Metabolic Intensities.
Scalable, Self‐Aligned Printing of Flexible Graphene Micro‐Supercapacitors
Autoantibodies in chronic inflammatory neuropathies: diagnostic and therapeutic implications
Complex spectrogram enhancement by convolutional neural network with multi-metrics learning
Sliding Mode Control of Discrete-Time Switched Systems with Repeated Scalar Nonlinearities
Role of Substance P Neuropeptide in Inflammation, Wound Healing, and Tissue Homeostasis.
Freestanding Flexible Li2S Paper Electrode with High Mass and Capacity Loading for High-Energy Li–S Batteries
Reducing the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease, Part 2: Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease.
March Madness: NCAA Tournament Participation and College Alcohol Use
More than just noise: Inter-individual differences in fear acquisition, extinction and return of fear in humans - Biological, experiential, temperamental factors, and methodological pitfalls.
Microalgae biomass production for a biorefinery system: Recent advances and the way towards sustainability
Grounded theory methodology in information systems research
Impaired Intestinal Permeability Contributes to Ongoing Bowel Symptoms in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Mucosal Healing
CCLearner: A Deep Learning-Based Clone Detection Approach
Dyslipidemia in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus
Intraflagellar transport: mechanisms of motor action, cooperation, and cargo delivery
Parasite biodiversity faces extinction and redistribution in a changing climate
Cryptocurrency portfolio management with deep reinforcement learning
Evolutionary biology of high-risk multiple myeloma
STRAF—A convenient online tool for STR data evaluation in forensic genetics
Optimizing green space locations to reduce daytime and nighttime urban heat island effects in Phoenix, Arizona
Occupant injury severities in hybrid-vehicle involved crashes: A random parameters approach with heterogeneity in means and variances
Persistence and Adherence with Mirabegron versus Antimuscarinic Agents in Patients with Overactive Bladder: A Retrospective Observational Study in UK Clinical Practice
Learning to Predict Charges for Criminal Cases with Legal Basis
Three-year pooled analysis of factors associated with clinical outcomes across dabrafenib and trametinib combination therapy phase 3 randomised trials.
Fatigue fracture of tough hydrogels
A magnetic topological semimetal Sr 1− y Mn 1− z Sb 2 ( y , z < 0.1)
Poly(Vinylpyrollidone)- and Selenocysteine-Modified Bi2Se3 Nanoparticles Enhance Radiotherapy Efficacy in Tumors and Promote Radioprotection in Normal Tissues
The Value of PSA Density in Combination with PI-RADS™ for the Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Prediction
Comparing Plasma Phospho Tau, Total Tau, and Phospho Tau-Total Tau Ratio as Acute and Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers.
Effects of once-weekly semaglutide on appetite, energy intake, control of eating, food preference and body weight in subjects with obesity.
Metaplasia: tissue injury adaptation and a precursor to the dysplasia–cancer sequence
Tuning Singlet Fission in π-Bridge-π Chromophores
Lymphocyte Nadir and Esophageal Cancer Survival Outcomes After Chemoradiation Therapy
Chlorine-resistance of reverse osmosis (RO) polyamide membranes
Bio-mitigation of carbon dioxide using microalgal systems: Advances and perspectives
Sustainable improvement of competitiveness in rural tourism destinations: The quest for tourist loyalty in Spain
Benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs: An Updated Review of Major Adverse Outcomes Reported on in Epidemiologic Research
Between a Pod and a Hard Test: The Deep Evolution of Amoebae.
Value Creation through Novel Resource Configurations in a Digitally Enabled World
NKCC1 Chloride Importer Antagonists Attenuate Many Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Fermentative hydrogen production using lignocellulose biomass: An overview of pre-treatment methods, inhibitor effects and detoxification experiences
Colistin and Polymyxin B Susceptibility Testing for Carbapenem-Resistant and mcr-Positive Enterobacteriaceae: Comparison of Sensititre, MicroScan, Vitek 2, and Etest with Broth Microdilution
Blockchain: Emergent Industry Adoption and Implications for Accounting
Age at Intervention for Permanent Hearing Loss and 5-Year Language Outcomes
Dielectric relaxation, complex impedance and modulus spectroscopic studies of mix phase rod like cobalt sulfide nanoparticles
Mapping burned areas using dense time-series of Landsat data
A multidisciplinary perspective of big data in management research
Efficacy of low carbohydrate diet for type 2 diabetes mellitus management: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Macrotextured Breast Implants with Defined Steps to Minimize Bacterial Contamination around the Device: Experience in 42,000 Implants.
Signals from the Adipose Microenvironment and the Obesity-Cancer Link-A Systematic Review.
Testing the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis across the U.S.: Evidence from panel mean group estimators☆
Pest identification via deep residual learning in complex background
A Comprehensive Review on the Main Honey Authentication Issues: Production and Origin
Nanoescapology: progress toward understanding the endosomal escape of polymeric nanoparticles
Crowdsourcing the last mile delivery of online orders by exploiting the social networks of retail store customers
Educational Gaming for Pharmacy Students - Design and Evaluation of a Diabetes Themed Escape Room
The Internet of Things: Are you ready for what’s coming?
Cueing for people with Parkinson's disease with freezing of gait: A narrative review of the state-of-the-art and novel perspectives
Long-crested wave generation and absorption for SPH-based DualSPHysics model
Vinylidene fluoride- and trifluoroethylene-containing fluorinated electroactive copolymers. How does chemistry impact properties?
Soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the dual power law nonlinearity and resonant nonlinear Schrödinger equation and their modulation instability analysis
Resveratrol alleviates cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation through Sirt1-dependent autophagy induction.
Delivering direct acting antiviral therapy for hepatitis C to highly marginalised and current drug injecting populations in a targeted primary health care setting
A highly adhesive and naturally derived sealant
Frailty status at admission to hospital predicts multiple adverse outcomes.
Clarity in reporting terminology and definitions of set endpoints in resistance training.
Comparison of risk prediction scores for venous thromboembolism in cancer patients: a prospective cohort study
Advancements, prospects, and impacts of automated driving systems
Increasing heat transfer of non-Newtonian nanofluid in rectangular microchannel with triangular ribs
International Migration Report 2015: Highlights
Concurrent PD-1 Blockade Negates the Effects of OX40 Agonist Antibody in Combination Immunotherapy through Inducing T-cell Apoptosis
Reduced dopamine receptors and transporters but not synthesis capacity in normal aging adults: a meta-analysis.
Influence of temperature and pH on the anammox process: A review and meta-analysis.
Current Clinical Applications of Fat Grafting.
Hierarchical NiCo2S4@PANI core/shell nanowires grown on carbon fiber with enhanced electrochemical performance for hybrid supercapacitors
Management of electrical and electronic waste: A comparative evaluation of China and India
Seizure Classification From EEG Signals Using Transfer Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning and TSK Fuzzy System
ZIF-8 derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon/carbon nanotube composite for high-performance supercapacitor
Research and developments on solar assisted compression heat pump systems – A comprehensive review (Part A: Modeling and modifications)
Treatment of Sarcopenia with Bimagrumab: Results from a Phase II, Randomized, Controlled, Proof-of-Concept Study
Future challenges for smart cities
Rapid production of large-area, transparent and stretchable electrodes using metal nanofibers as wirelessly operated wearable heaters
Legacy effects of drought on plant–soil feedbacks and plant–plant interactions
Cheap Translation for Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition
Bacterial flagellin-a potent immunomodulatory agent.
Spatially and temporally controlled hydrogels for tissue engineering
Social media analytics and value creation in urban smart tourism ecosystems
Estimating ground-level PM2.5 concentrations in Beijing using a satellite-based geographically and temporally weighted regression model
Forecasting oil price realized volatility using information channels from other asset classes
Association between exposure to ambient particulate matter and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: results from a cross-sectional study in China
Age-related Changes in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: A Potential Impact on Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis Development
Cooperation of Wind Power and Battery Storage to Provide Frequency Regulation in Power Markets
Treatment of late sequelae after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
Validation of a 30 m resolution flood hazard model of the conterminous United States
First Generation and Continuing-Generation College Students: A Comparison of High School and Postsecondary Experiences
A discrete firefly algorithm to solve a rich vehicle routing problem modelling a newspaper distribution system with recycling policy
Association of Ozone Exposure With Cardiorespiratory Pathophysiologic Mechanisms in Healthy Adults.
Hydrogels with precisely controlled integrin activation dictate vascular patterning and permeability
Multifunctional bioactive glass and glass-ceramic biomaterials with antibacterial properties for repair and regeneration of bone tissue
Translational and Scaling Formation Maneuver Control via a Bearing-Based Approach
Small fraction of marine cloud condensation nuclei made up of sea spray aerosol
Dynamics of Electricity Consumption, Oil Price and Economic Growth: Global Perspective
Amplified Arctic warming and mid-latitude weather: new perspectives on emerging connections
Idealised media images: The effect of fitspiration imagery on body satisfaction and exercise behaviour
Sporotrichosis: an update on epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, laboratory and clinical therapeutics*
Randomized Phase II study of R-CHOP with or without bortezomib in previously untreated patients with non-germinal center B-cell-like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Contamination of fluoride in groundwater and its effect on human health: a case study in hard rock aquifers of Siddipet, Telangana State, India
Perioperative Breast Analgesia: A Qualitative Review of Anatomy and Regional Techniques.
Interplay between tight junctions & adherens junctions.
Core outcome sets in women's and newborn health: a systematic review
Revisiting a Hegemonic Concept: Long-term ‘Mediterranean Urbanization’ in Between City Re-polarization and Metropolitan Decline
Exosomes secreted by cardiomyocytes subjected to ischaemia promote cardiac angiogenesis.
#fitspo or #loveyourself? The impact of fitspiration and self-compassion Instagram images on women's body image, self-compassion, and mood.
GRACE Groundwater Drought Index: Evaluation of California Central Valley groundwater drought
Residential Bacteria on Surfaces in the Food Industry and Their Implications for Food Safety and Quality
Reports of Adverse Events Associated with Use of Novel Psychoactive Substances, 2013-2016: A Review.
Plant microbial fuel cells: A promising biosystems engineering
Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation through Unsupervised Adaptation
A review on distributed generation planning
A prospective, randomized, controlled trial of robot-assisted vs freehand pedicle screw fixation in spine surgery.
ASCEND-8: A Randomized Phase 1 Study of Ceritinib, 450 Mg or 600 Mg, Taken With a Low-Fat Meal Versus 750 Mg in Fasted State in Patients With Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK)-Rearranged Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
An efficient public-key searchable encryption scheme secure against inside keyword guessing attacks