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1st May, 1970

Efficient capital markets: a review of theory and empirical work*
The unlabeled antibody enzyme method of immunohistochemistry preparation and properties of soluble antigen-antibody complex (horseradish peroxidase-antihorseradish peroxidase) and its use in identification of spirochetes:
Assessment of older people: self-maintaining and instrumental activities of daily living
Two dimensional thin layer chromatographic separation of polar lipids and determination of phospholipids by phosphorus analysis of spots
Economics and Information Theory
Nonsynchronous Spatial Overlap of Lizards in Patchy Habitats
Content Analysis for the Social Sciences and Humanities
Enrichment, isolation and some properties of methane-utilizing bacteria.
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Stress distribution in lungs: a model of pulmonary elasticity
Determination of tablet strength by the diametral compression test
Testing for Serial Correlation in Least-Squares Regression When Some of the Regressors are Lagged Dependent Variables
Optimal Choice of Monetary Policy Instruments in a Simple Stochastic Macro Model
Convention: a philosophical study
Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology
An attributional analysis of achievement motivation.
The Optimum Enforcement of Laws
Tables for determining the statistical significance of mutation frequencies.
Cell interactions in the induction of tolerance: the role of thymic lymphocytes
Toxic constituents of plant foodstuffs.
A comparative approach to vocal learning: Song development in white-crowned sparrows.
Evaluation of Pollen Viability by Enzymatically Induced Fluorescence; Intracellular Hydrolysis of Fluorescein Diacetate
Species packing and competitive equilibrium for many species.
Comparison of the biometrical genetical, MAVA, and classical approaches to the analysis of human behavior.
Initial boundary value problems for hyperbolic systems
The relation between polycrystal deformation and single-crystal deformation
Flow of Suspensions through Porous Media—Application to Deep Filtration
Calibration of methanol nuclear magnetic resonance thermometer at low temperature
Geographic Size Variation in Birds and Its Relationship to Climate
Physiological and morphological identification of horizontal, bipolar and amacrine cells in goldfish retina
Measurement of the ionization rates in diffused silicon p-n junctions
Workbook of atmospheric dispersion estimates
Molecular Spectroscopy by Means of ESCA II. Sulfur compounds. Correlation of electron binding energy with structure
Attainment of Diffraction Limited Resolution in Large Telescopes by Fourier Analysing Speckle Patterns in Star Images
Intracellular responses of the Müller (glial) cells of mudpuppy retina: their relation to b-wave of the electroretinogram
Phosphorus ligand exchange equilibriums on zerovalent nickel. Dominant role for steric effects
Independent functioning of verbal memory stores: a neuropsychological study
Electrophysiological evidence for the existence of orientation and size detectors in the human visual system
A fine structural analysis of intercellular junctions in the mouse liver.
Electron donor-acceptor properties of phosphorus ligands. Substituent additivity
Oculomotor unit behavior in the monkey.
Functional measurement and psychophysical judgment.
Economies with a finite set of equilibria
Cognitive therapy: Nature and relation to behavior therapy
Giant-cell tumor: a study of 195 cases.
Coupling constant analyticity for the anharmonic oscillator
Localization of function within the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of the rhesus monkey
Interscalene brachial plexus block.
Evidence for a central noradrenaline receptor stimulation by clonidine.
Table errata: The art of computer programming, Vol. 2: Seminumerical algorithms (Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1969) by Donald E. Knuth
Dark Current and Photocurrent in Retinal Rods
An optimal control model of human response part I: Theory and validation
Smoothing, filtering, and boundary effects
The effects of supervisory behavior on the path-goal relationship
Three-phase interactions in shear and electrical fields
Metabolism of beta-sitosterol in man.
Economic Efficiency and the Distribution of Benefits from College Instruction
Acute arterial injuries in Vietnam: 1,000 cases.
Further study of the role of calcium in synaptic transmission
Regulation of Axon Formation by Clonal Lines of a Neural Tumor
Homogeneous chemiluminescent measurement of nitric oxide with ozone. Implications for continuous selective monitoring of gaseous air pollutants
Geochemistry of black shale deposits; a summary report
Motor control of serial ordering of speech.
The theoretical foundations of principal factor analysis, canonical factor analysis, and alpha factor analysis
Electron microscopic identification of three classes of oligodendrocytes and a preliminary study of their proliferative activity in the corpus callosum of young rats.
Conversion of Thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3) in athyreotic human subjects
Ornstein–Zernike Relation and Percus–Yevick Approximation for Fluid Mixtures
Intermittent Claudication: Incidence in the Framingham Study
The Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Models with Lagged Endogenous Variables and First Order Serially Correlated Errors
Protection against Marek's disease by vaccination with a herpesvirus of turkeys.
How to Deal with Resistance to Change
Mechanism of activation of catabolite-sensitive genes: a positive control system.
Thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin
Absorption of Some Organic Compounds Through the Skin in Man
The Single Server Queue
Harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups
The core structure of ½(111) screw dislocations in b.c.c. crystals
The Structure of Inference.
The Limits of the Criminal Sanction
Survey of capital budgeting: theory and practice
Carnosine and related substances in animal tissues
Isotropic NMR shifts in transition metal complexes: The calculation of the fermi contact and pseudocontact terms
The Analysis of Multidimensional Contingency Tables
Minor-Element Distribution in Olivine
Theory of Molecular Interactions. I. Molecular Orbital Studies of Water Polymers Using a Minimal Slater‐Type Basis
Firing patterns of abducens neurons of alert monkeys in relationship to horizontal eye movement.
A theoretical analysis of insight into a reasoning task.
The genetics of cleft lip and cleft palate.
Infinite periodic minimal surfaces without self-intersections
Retinoscopy and eye size.
Exogenous inorganic carbon sources in plant photosynthesis
Complex moduli of viscoelastic composites—I. General theory and application to particulate composites
A Radioimmunoassay for Plasma Aldosterone
Motor theory of speech perception: A reply to Lane's critical review.
Feather follicle epithelium: a source of enveloped and infectious cell-free herpesvirus from Marek's disease.
On Boundaries of Teichmuller Spaces and on Kleinian Groups: I
The scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation by Milton Kerker. Academic Press, New York, 1969. 666 + xv pp. $33.50
An improved measure of the odd-even predominance in the normal alkanes of sediment extracts and petroleum
Waves in Nonlinear Lattice
Distribution and Diffusion of Solutes in Articular Cartilage
Statistical detection for communication channels with intersymbol interference
Experimental Microbial Ecology
Money and Income: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc?
Random walks and technical theories: some additional evidence
Are expectancies based upon different positive reinforcing events discriminably different
Realization of optimum interleavers
The Theory of Optimum Currency Areas
Gamma globulin complexes in synovial fluids of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Partial characterization and relationship to lowered complement levels
An abstract Volterra equation with applications to linear viscoelasticity
Interdendritic fluid flow and macrosegregation; influence of gravity
Free and protein-bound glutathione in normal and cataractous human lenses.
Endocrine control of reproduction in decapod Crustacea.
Thermal Currents from Corona Charged Mylar
The olivopontocerebellar atrophies: a review.
Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand
Macrophages and Age-Dependent Resistance to Herpes Simplex Virus in Mice
X-ray Photographic Studies of Liquid Crystals I. A Cybotactic Nematic Phase
Portal and Peripheral Vein Immunoreactive Insulin Concentrations Before and After Glucose Infusion
Production of Highly Purified Choleragen and Choleragenoid
Interface Barrier Energy Determination from Voltage Dependence of Photoinjected Currents
Kinetics of catalytic cracking selectivity in fixed, moving, and fluid bed reactors
Rna in cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions of cellular slime mold amebas
The Identity of Women's Clothing Fashion Opinion Leaders:
Tendon arthroplasty of the trapeziometacarpal joint.
The propagation of electromagnetic energy through an absorbing dielectric
Superconductivity in layered structure organometallic crystals.
The association of a class of saltatory movements with microtubules in cultured cells
Interaction of Elastic Strain with the Structural Transition of Strontium Titanate
Hypoplasia of the aortic root The problem of aortic valve replacement
Dual adrenergic and cholinergic innervation of the cerebral arteries of the rat. An ultrastructural study.
The reaction of bone to self-curing acrylic cement. A long-term histological study in man.
The proliferation of astrocytes around a needle wound in the rat brain.
Chromosome Numbers in Compositae
The role of dislocations in the flow stress grain size relationships
Electromigration Damage in Aluminum Film Conductors
Cooperative study in the evaluation of therapy in multiple sclerosis. ACTH vs. placebo--final report.
Sex cord tumor with annular tubules a distinctive ovarian tumor of the Peutz‐Jeghers syndrome
Flexure of the lithosphere at Hawaii
Control of the tricarboxylate cycle and its interactions with glycolysis during acetate utilization in rat heart
A Method for Forming Very Small Diameter Wires
Wave Attenuation in Saturated Sediments
Properties of Matter Under Unusual Conditions
Whipple's disease: a review of 19 patients from one hospital and a review of the literature since 1950
Cardiovascular effects of halothane in man.
Electrical activity of vertebrate photoreceptors.
Dorsal Column Electroanalgesia
Biogenous Deep-Sea Sediments: Fractionation by Deep-Sea Circulation
Direct determination of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate
How we remember what we see.
Calculation of mass transfer in geochemical processes involving aqueous solutions
Computer Techniques in Image Processing
Mixed Model Line Balancing with Smoothed Station Assignments
Dimensions of Marital Roles in Consumer Decision Making
Condensation of a supersaturated vapor. XII. The homogeneous nucleation of the n‐alkanes
Asymptotic Analysis of Laminar Flame Propagation for General Lewis Numbers
A collaborative study for the evaluation of a serologic test for primary liver cancer
Immunohistochemical observations on lymphoid tissues from conventional and germ-free mice.
Rosette formation by peripheral lymphocytes.
The innovations approach to detection and estimation theory
Tonotopic organization and discharge characteristics of single neurons in nuclei of the lateral lemniscus of the cat.
Oxygen intake in track and treadmill running with observations on the effect of air resistance
Specific Estrogen Binding by the Cytoplasm of Human Breast Carcinoma
Studies of the hydrogen held by solids: XVIII. Hydrogen and oxygen chemisorption on alumina- and zeolite-supported platinum
The vertebral level of termination of the spinal cord during normal and abnormal development.
An Introduction to Plant Diseases
Genetic characteristics of conditional lethal mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus induced by 5-fluorouracil, 5-azacytidine, and ethyl methane sulfonate.
Vertical Distribution of the Oceanic Zooplankton
Counter-current heat exchange in the respiratory passages: effect on water and heat balance.
Third Symposium on Parkinson's Disease
The Rising Price of Physician's Services
Styloid process variation. Radiologic and clinical study.
Untersuchungen Zur anodischen Oxidation von Ammoniak an Platin-Elektroden
Selective Effects of Anti-Macrophage Serum, Silica and Anti-Lymphocyte Serum on Pathogenesis of Herpes Virus Infection of Young Adult Mice
Developmental Potentialities of Clonal In Vitro Cultures of Mouse Testicular Teratoma
Frequency discrimination in the auditory system: Place or periodicity mechanisms?
Critical Points and Curvature for Embedded Polyhedral Surfaces
Dolichol Monophosphate Glucose: An Intermediate in Glucose Transfer in Liver
A comparison of peripheral and rubrospinal synaptic input to slow and fast twitch motor units of triceps surae
Natural Selection and Mutability
Pathological and clinical study of calcification of the mitral valve ring
On fibering certain foliated manifolds overS1
The Surface of Mars
Corticofugal influence on activity of lateral geniculate neurons in the cat.
The scattering of polarized light by polydisperse systems of irregular particles
Chloride‐Hydroxide Exchange across Mitochondrial, Erythrocyte and Artificial Lipid Membranes Mediated by Trialkyl‐ and Triphenyltin Compounds
Two-phase model for prompted recall.
Spontaneous variability of single isolates of Phytophthora infestans. II. Pathogenic variation
The Structuralist Controversy: The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man
The simulation of moving sound sources
Possibilities and Limitations
Ligand ENDOR of Metal Complexes in Powders
Epidemiology of Infantile Autism
Cardiac transplantation in man. VII. Cardiac allograft pathology.
Factor Price Equalization in a Dynamic Economy
Vitamin B12 and marine ecology
On the re-connexion of magnetic field lines in conducting fluids
Bicycloaromaticity. Stability and rearrangement of the bicyclo[3.2.2]nonatrienyl cation
Gas transport and oxygen storage capacity in some pinnipeds and the sea otter.
Resolution Enhancement of Spectra
Flow through a converging-diverging tube and its implications in occlusive vascular disease — I
Lorentzian symmetric spaces
Structural investigations on the 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonate region of lipopolysaccharides.
Cerebral vascular disease and behavior. I. The syndrome of the mesencephalic artery (basilar artery bifurcation).
An improved preparation of tertiary amine N-oxides.
Simultaneous determination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plant material by automatic methods.
van der Waals Forces across Triple‐Layer Films
The Forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger
[Study of the efficiency of a quantitative coproscopic technic for the routine diagnosis and control of parasitic infestations of cattle, sheep, horses and swine].
Numerical solution of the hypersonic viscous shock-layer equations
Responses of neurons in the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus of cat to binaural tonal stimulation.
Red cell and plasma cholinesterase activities in microsamples of human and animal blood determined simultaneously by a modified acetylthiocholine-DTNB procedure.
The proliferative states of mouse granulopoietic progenitor cells.
Nuclear intrinsic quadrupole moments and deformation parameters
Formate as an Intermediate in the Bovine Rumen Fermentation
Massive Cerebral Infarction with Severe Brain Swelling: A CLINICOPATHOLOGICAL STUDY
Size and Charge Distinctions Between Endogenous Human Plasma Gastrin in Peripheral Blood and Heptadecapeptide Gastrins
Lattice dynamics of magnesium oxide
Children's Social Sensitivity and the Relationship to Interpersonal Competence, Intrapersonal Comfort, and Intellectual Level.
Serum mediated inhibition of cellular immunity to methylcholanthrene-induced murine sarcomas.
Interactions between voluntary and postural mechanisms of thehuman motor system.
The influence of polycrystal grain size on several mechanical properties of materials
Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula
On the evolutionary effect of recombination.
Custom and Politics in Urban Africa: A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns
Life history of the Mountain hare (Lepus timidus scoticus) in north‐east Scotland
Stretch injury of peripheral nerve. Acute effects of stretching on rabbit nerve
Appropriate Post Hoc Comparisons for Interaction and Nested Hypotheses in Analysis of Variance Designs: The Elimination of Type IV Errors
Localization of Normal Modes and Energy Transport in the Disordered Harmonic Chain
Influence of Extracellular K+ Concentration on Cable Properties and Excitability of Sheep Cardiac Purkinje Fibers
Anselm and actuality
Virtual orbitals in hartree--fock theory.
Mechanisms of Surfactant Effects on Drug Absorption
Leibniz Rule for Fractional Derivatives Generalized and an Application to Infinite Series
Ternary complexes in solution. VIII. Complex formation between the copper(II)-2,2'-bipyridyl 1:1 complex and ligands containing oxygen and/or nitrogen donor atoms
Derivatives of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Primary Carcinoma of the Ureter: A Report of 102 New Cases
Human Glomerular Basement Membrane: Chemical Alteration in Diabetes Mellitus
Self-interest and the maintenance of equity.
Linkage and selection: two locus symmetric viability model.
Mobility of Electrons in Dielectric Liquids
Interpretation of small-angle scattering functions of dilute solutions and gases. A representation of the structures related to a one-particle scattering function
Social organization and the environment: Aspects of contemporary social ethology
Transport of potassium and rubidium in plant roots. The significance of calcium.
The relationship of nocturnal headaches to sleep stage patterns
Biosynthesis of the indole alkaloids
Melon and banana sensitivity coincident with ragweed pollinosis
Inhibition of Sulfathiazole Crystal Growth by Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Pure-Cone Retinae and Retinomotor Responses in Larval Teleosts
Biochemical differentiation during amphibian metamorphosis.
The frequency of nerve impulses in single carotid body chemoreceptor afferent fibres recorded in vivo with intact circulation
An improved procedure of 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl-ethylene glycol determination by gas-liquid chromatography.
Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Dielectric Properties and Phase Transitions of the Antiferroelectric Perovskites: PbZr O 3 and PbHf O 3
Recovery and characterization of a minute virus of canines.
Peru-Chile Trench Sediments and Sea-Floor Spreading
The anatomy of the wrist joint.
Proposals for scoring and assessing the 100-Hue test
GEDANKEN—a simple typeless language based on the principle of completeness and the reference concept
Effects of low environmental pH on blood pH and sodium balance of brook trout
Retinal angiogenesis in the human embryo.
The solution of the problem of integration in finite terms
Plasma volume and chronic hypertension. Relationship to arterial pressure levels in different hypertensive diseases.
Glycosphingolipids of Plasma Membranes of Cultured Cells and an Enveloped Virus (SV5) Grown in These Cells
Liquid-gel chromatography on lipophilic-hydrophobic Sephadex derivatives.
Structural, ultrastructural, and permeability changes in the ependyma and surrounding brain favoring equilibration in progressive hydrocephalus.
Heterogeneous nucleation in the crystallization of polyolefins: Part 1. Chemical and physical nature of nucleating agents
The discovery of a potent pure chemical wound-healing accelerator
The relationship between methoxyl content and gelling temperature of agarose
Chemistry of the collagen cross-links. Isolation and characterization of two intermediate intermolecular cross-links in collagen
Experiments on natural-convection heat transfer from the outer surface of a vertical cylinder to liquids
Respiration in a primitive air breather, Amia calva.
Hydroxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons in the rat
Aristotle and economic analysis
Basic dimensions within the coronary-prone behavior pattern.
Valence Bands and Core Levels of the Isoelectronic Series LiF, BeO, BN, and Graphite Studied by ESCA
Recurrent abdominal pain in childhood
Fine structure of methane and other hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria.
Detection of Australia antigen and antibody by means of radioimmunoassay techniques.
Characterization of Neurospora crassa Mitochondria Prepared with a Grind-Mill
Cornea and sclera.
Arterial viscoelasticity: a generalized model. Effect on input impedance and wave travel in the systematic tree.
Estimation of Stroke Volume in the Dog by a Pulse Contour Method
Dislocation Dynamics and Single‐Crystal Constitutive Relations: Shock‐Wave Propagation and Precursor Decay
Catabolism of heme in vivo: comparison of the simultaneous production of bilirubin and carbon monoxide
Effect of structure on the rate of pyramidal inversion of acyclic phosphines
Review of collapsing soils
Scale effects in animal joints. I. Articular cartilage thickness and compressive stress.
A Proof of the Regularity Everywhere of the Classical Solution to Plateau's Problem
Carbonate-Bank Sedimentation, Eastern Shark Bay, Western Australia: ABSTRACT
The biological activities of 26 gibberellins in nine plant bioassays
Suppression of Malignancy and Differentiation in Melanotic Melanoma Cells
Exospores and cysts formed by methane-utilizing bacteria.
LYSOSOMES IN SKELETAL MUSCLE TISSUE: Zonal Centrifugation Evidence for Multiple Cellular Sources
The mechanics of stick-slip☆
The spontaneous resistivity anisotropy in Ni-based alloys
Heats of combustion and strain energies of bicyclo[n.m.O]alkanes
Studies on "allergoids" prepared from naturally occurring allergens. I. Assay of allergenicity and antigenicity of formalinized rye group I component.
Epiphysial chondroblastoma of bone
Variations in Diversity within Benthic Marine Communities
Zinc and Wound Healing Effects of Zinc Deficiency and Zinc Supplementation
Unusual complex containing bridging vanadyl groups. Crystal structure of N,N'-propylenebis(salicylaldiminato)oxovanadium(IV)
Exchange mechanisms in europium chalcogenides
The role of the lymphatic system in the rejection of homografts: a study of lymph from renal transplants
Mechanical and morphological aspects of experimental overload and fatigue in bone.
Penetration of low‐energy protons deep into the magnetosphere
Centrifugal fibres to the avian retina
Spectra of perturbed semigroups with applications to transport theory
Polymorphism and crystal data of the rare-earth disilicates of type R.E.2Si2O7
Dynamic mechanical properties of poly(2,6‐dimethyl‐1,4‐phenylene ether)‐polystyrene blends
Existence of Optimal Strategies Based on Specified Information, for a Class of Stochastic Decision Problems
Cholesterol Requirement of Mycoplasmas
Intracellular localization of enzymes in white-adipose-tissue fat-cells and permeability properties of fat-cell mitochondria. Transfer of acetyl units and reducing power between mitochondria and cytoplasm
Carotid angiography in cluster headache.
The Scientific Ethos : A deviant viewpoint
Different inherited levels of DNA repair replication in xeroderma pigmentosum cell strains after exposure to ultraviolet irradiation.
p,p'-DDT: effect on calcium metabolism and concentration of estradiol in the blood.
Analysis of the nonvolatile oxidation products of polypropylene I. Thermal oxidation
Group-theoretical analysis of elementary particles in an external electromagnetic field@@@Теоретико-групповой анализ элементарных частиц во внешнем электромагнитном поле.: I. The relativistic particle in a constant and uniform field@@@I. Релятивистская частица в постоянном и однородном поле
Pharmacologic agents released in ultraviolet inflammation studied by continuous skin perfusion
Graphical methods for determining the number of species in solution from spectrophotometric data
A study of the phosphorylated intermediate of sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase
A rapid, quantitative fluorescence assay for cell damage by cytotoxic antibodies.
Release of dissolved organic matter by marine phytoplankton in coastal and offshore areas of the northeast pacific ocean1
Comparison of Submaximal Exercise ECG Test with Coronary Cineangiocardiogram
Mental Retardation With Absent Fifth Fingernail and Terminal Phalanx
Analytical and experimental studies of facilitated transport
Solar Radio Astronomy
Experimental radiation-induced heart disease. I. Light microscopic studies.
Alcoholic neuropathy: An electrophysiological and histological study
High‐resolution infrared spectroscopy with a tunable diode laser
Stress of anesthesia with M.S. 222 and Benzocaine in Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri)
On the mode of entry of blood vessels into the cerebral cortex.
The emission and propagation of ? 40keV solar flare electrons: I: The relationship of ? 40 keV electron to energetic proton and relativistic electron emission by the Sun
Mono- and Indolamines and Control of LH Secretion
Cultivation ofCalanus helgolandicus under controlled conditions
On the Nutrition and Metabolism of Zooplankton VII. Seasonal Survey of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Excretion by Calanus in the Clyde Sea-Area
Location of proline derivatives in conformational space. I. Conformational calculations; optical activity and NMR experiments.
Factors affecting soil arylsulfatase activity.
Factors affecting the formation of pyrazine compounds in sugar-amine reactions
Phase equilibria in the system CaO-cobalt oxide in air
Formation and decomposition of a phosphorylated intermediate in the reaction of Na+-K+ dependent ATPase
Loss factors and resonant frequencies of encastré damped sandwich beams
Career Salience and Atypicality of Occupational Choice Among College Women.
Long-Term Continuous Oxygen Therapy in Chronic Airway Obstruction: Mortality in Relationship to Cor Pulmonale, Hypoxia, and Hypercapnia
Inhibition of oxygen evolution in chloroplasts isolated from leaves with low water potentials.
Developmental analysis of interpersonal behavior.
Regulation of histidine uptake by specific feedback inhibition of two histidine permeases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Aggregation of ferrihaems. Dimerization and protolytic equilibria of protoferrihaem and deuteroferrihaem in aqueous solution
On the convection, diffusion, and adiabatic deceleration of cosmic rays in the solar wind
Contraception by means of a silastic vaginal ring impregnated with medroxyprogesterone acetate.
Proteins of vesicular stomatitis virus: kinetics and cellular sites of synthesis.
Inhibition of apatite precipitation in the marine environment by magnesium ions
The Biological Clock in Chlamydomonas reinhardi
Degradation of atrazine by soil fungi
Effect of chlorambucil on spermatogenesis in the human with malignant lymphoma.
New Haven survey of joint diseases. XII. Distribution and symptoms of osteoarthrosis in the hands with reference to handedness.
The origin of small cracks in igneous rocks
Rapid method for determining alkaline phosphatase activity in serum with thymolphthalein monophosphate.
Effects of age and exercise on the extent of the myocardial capillary bed
Behavioral analysis of chronic alcoholism. Interaction of alcohol and human contact
Interpersonal Aggregation and Partial Comparability
Encountering the Male Establishment: Sex-Status Limits on Women's Careers in the Professions
Analysis of R-R Intervals in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation at Rest and During Exercise
Model of visual adaptation and contrast detection
Biochemical and ultrastructural properties of a mitochondrial inner membrane fraction deficient in outer membrane and matrix activities.
The cold-drawing of high density polyethylene
A new method of evaluating slit-smeared small-angle X-ray scattering data
Efferent connections of the periaqueductal gray matter in the cat.
Stereospecific formation of 1,2-dioxetanes from cis- and trans-diethoxyethylenes by singlet oxygen
A target chamber for recoil-distance lifetime measurements
Automatic Processing of Foreign Language Documents.
On nitrogen deficiency in tropical pacific oceanic phytoplankton: photosynthetic parameters in poor and rich water1
The characterization of microporous carbons by means of the dubinin-radushkevich equation
Detection of geomagnetically aligned currents associated with an auroral arc
The counter–reformation and the people of catholic europe
The Biologic Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation
An optimal control model of human response part II: Prediction of human performance in a complex task
Diffusion in Metals and Alloys
Inherent optical activity of organic disulfides
Hemostatic defects in dysproteinemias.
Some Properties of Fragmented Frog Sarcoplasmic Reticulum with Particular Reference to Its Response to Caffeine
On the strength and stiffness of planar reinforced plastic resins
The polyunsaturated fatty acids of marine dinoflagellates.
Angioblastic meningiomas; clinicopathologic study of 81 cases.
Invariant features of spatial summation with changing locus in the visual field.
Early facilitation at corticomotoneuronal synapses
The Chemical and Electronic Structure of the Neutral Flavin Radical as Revealed by Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Chemically and Isotopically Substituted Derivatives
The culture of plant cells with ammonium salts as the sole nitrogen source.
On Boundaries of Teichmuller Spaces and on Kleinian Groups: II
Arterial Thrombus Formation During Clinical Percutaneous Catheterization
Sleep During Alcohol Intake and Withdrawal in the Chronic Alcoholic
"Salience": A factor which can override temporal contiguity in taste-aversion learning.
Inorganic elements in foods used in hospital menus.
The effect of fasting, diet, and actinomycin D on insulin secretion in the rat.
Cue properties vs palatability of flavors in avoidance learning
History of the Arabs from the Earliest Times to the Present
Experimentally induced intoxication in alcoholics: a comparison between programed and spontaneous drinking
Anatomic and Hemodynamic Correlations in Carotid Artery Stenosis
The varying clinical spectrum of the systolic click-late systolic murmur syndrome.
Maximal oxygen uptake in four species of small mammals.
X-ray and neutron diffraction study of tetragonal barium titanate
Epidemiology of primary central nervous system neoplasms ii: case-control study,,
Propagation of a light pulse in a resonantly amplifying (absorbing) medium
Exchange and correlation in the theory of simple metals
Copper-quinoline decarboxylation
Changes in the permeability of the testicular capillaries and of the 'blood-testis barrier' after injection of cadmium chloride in the rat
Origin, Classification, and Geologic History of Caliche on the Southern High Plains, Texas and Eastern New Mexico
Recovery of specific "caries-inducing" streptococci from carious lesions in the teeth of children.
Effects of hyperlipoproteinemias and their treatment on the peripheral circulation
The Avalanching of Granular Solids on Dune and Similar Slopes
Experimental Bacterial Mastitis In The Mouse
Transmission of reverberant sound through a single-leaf partition surrounded by an infinite rigid baffle
Evidence for the Existence of More Than One Type of Nematic Phase
Some physiological consequences of keepingMytilus edulis in the laboratory
Variations in glycerol content and its influence on cold hardiness in the Alaskan carabid beetle, Pterostichus brevicornis☆
Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis as seen in adults
Behavioral effects of lesions or cholinergic blockade of the dorsal and ventral caudate of rats.
Antibiotic-induced paralysis.
Ground states of conjugated molecules. XIX. Tautomerism of heteroaromatic hydroxy and amino derivatives and nucleotide bases
Placental hypertrophy in severe pregnancy anaemia
The relation between carotid body chemoreceptor discharge, carotid sinus pressure and carotid body venous flow
Microanalysis and characterization of acidic glycosaminoglycans in human tissues.
Competition for moisture among seedlings of annual and perennial grasses as influenced by root elongation at low temperature.
Observation of a magnetically controllable Jahn Teller distortion in dysprosium vanadate at low temperatures.
Properties of a solubilized form of the cytochrome P-450-containing mixed-function oxidase of liver microsomes.
Studies in metabolic nutrition employing chemically defined diets. II. Effects on gut microflora populations.
The relationship between kidney and urinary kininogenase
Origin of myocardial depressant factor in shock.
Disturbances in Fat Digestion Induced by Acidic Jejunal pH Due to Gastric Hypersecretion in Man
Abdominal drains: their role as a source of infection following splenectomy.
Neural pattern discrimination
SCALE FORMATION IN CHRYSOPHYCEAN ALGAE: I. Cellulosic and Noncellulosic Wall Components Made by the Golgi Apparatus
Asymptotic matching of plasma and sheath in an active low pressure discharge
Light intensity profiles in a perfectly mixed photoreactor
A two-process memory-strength theory for judgment of recency.
Effects of short- and long-term administration of pentazocine in man.
In vitro growth and differetiation of clonal populations of multipotential mouse clls derived from a transplantable testicular teratocarcinoma.
Thyroid hormone and tricyclic antidepressants in resistant depressions.
Properties of glow-discharge deposited amorphous germanium and silicon
Studies on migration inhibitory factor (MIF): Recovery of MIF activity after purification by gel filtration and disc electrophoresis☆
On local solvability of linear partial differential equations—part II. Sufficient conditions†
Local degranulation of individual rat peritoneal mast cells induced by compound 48-80.
Effect of some monovalent anions on chloride and sulphate permeability of human red cells.
The pattern of food intake in female Brown Leghorn fowls as recorded in a Skinner box
Statistical Mechanics Of Chain Molecules
Studies on cytochrome oxidase. I. Fine structure of cytochrome oxidase-rich submitochondrial membrane.
The growth of cartilage cells in soft agar and liquid suspension
Motion drive signals for piloted flight simulators
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part N, Bivalvia
Intermicrotubule bridges in mitotic spindle apparatus.
Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic diabetic coma.
The biology and comparative physiology of thermal panting.
Intestinal absorption of two dipeptides in Hartnup disease
Capillaroscopic observations in rheumatic diseases.
The selectivity of the thrombin-induced platelet release reaction: subcellular localization of released and retained constituents.
Spectres de vibration du diméthylsulfoxyde et dn diméthylsulfoxyde-d6
A stress-optic law for photoelastic analysis of orthotropic composites
A nonlinear edge detection technique
Effect of Testosterone on Growth Hormone Secretion in Patients with Anorchia and Delayed Puberty
Studies in metabolic nutrition employing chemically defined diets. I. Extended feeding of normal human adult males.
Anaerobic Degradation of the Benzene Nucleus by a Facultatively Anaerobic Microorganism
Fitting Nonlinear Models to Biological Data by Marquardt's Algorithm
Hemodynamic Evaluation of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumping in Man
Generalized muscular stiffness, fasciculations, and myokymia of peripheral nerve origin.
Duality in operator formalism
The chemical classification of iron meteorites. IV - Irons with Ge concentrations greater than 190 ppm and other meteorites associated with group I
Pathogenesis of visual field defects. Role of the ciliary circulation.
Incomes Policy: A Re-appraisal1
Cartilaginous tumors of the larynx.
Cardiac deceleration and reaction time: an evaluation of two hypotheses
The Cardiovascular and Sympathomimetic Responses to the Addition of Nitrous Oxide to Halothane in Man
The effect of colchicine on the transport of axonal protein in the chicken
Production and loss of electrons in the quiet daytime D region of the ionosphere
Management of venous injuries.
The primary structure of alamethicin.
Conditions Determining Initiation of DNA Synthesis in 3T3 Cells
Memory for nonattended auditory material
Isolated Splenic Vein Occlusion: Review of Literature and Report of an Additional Case
Further studies on the accumulation and disappearance of catecholamines formed from tyrosine-14C in mouse brain. Effect of some phenothiazine analogues.
The effect of solidification rate on structure and high-temperature strength of the eutectic NiAl-Cr
Thermally self‐induced phase modulation of laser beams
A Decision Theoretic Approach to Crop Disease Prediction and Control
Comparative studies on mitochondria isolated from neuron-enriched and glia-enriched fractions of rabbit and beef brain
On the separation of bulk and surface components of lifetime using the pulsed MOS capacitor
Correlation of cardiac sodium- and potassium-activated adenosine triphosphatase activity with ouabain-induced inotropic stimulation.
Response of retinal cells to moving spots: intracellular recording in Necturus maculosus.
Apathetic thyrotoxicosis: A distinctive clinical and laboratory entity.
A Typology of Bilingual Education
Dependency and Imperialism: The Roots of Latin American Underdevelopment:
Relationship between Fatty-Acid Composition of Platelets and Platelet Aggregation in Rat and Man RELATION TO THROMBOSIS
Postnatal maturation in the cochlea of the cat.
Circulating factors in the etiology of pulmonary insufficiency and right heart failure accompanying severe sepsis (peritonitis).
Tin Oxide Thin Film Transistors
On input signal synthesis in parameter identification
Electrothermal Initiation of an Electronic Switching Mechanism in Semiconducting Glasses
Food Intake Depression and Other Metabolic Effects of Tannic Acid in the Rat
Bindungszustand und Fluoreszenzspektren von Hetero-Excimeren
Feuilletages sur les variétés ouvertes
On topological quotient maps preserved by pullbacks or products
Butterfly—Shaped Pigment Dystrophy of the Fovea
Altered Platelet Function in Newborns
The Application of Lyapunov Methods to the Computation of Transient Stability Regions for Multimachine Power Systems
A Method of Resonant Current Pulse Modulation for Power Converters
Acquired sixth nerve paresis in children
Relationships Between Achievement-Related Motives, Future Orientation, And Academic Performance.
Aspects of the Structure of Strong Shock Waves
Theoretical Model Studies of Drug Absorption and Transport in the Gastrointestinal Tract I
Salmonella excretion in joy-riding pigs.
Simple techniques for making avian blood smears
Deflagration rate, surface structure, and subsurface profile of self-deflagrating single crystals of ammonium perchlorate
An Analysis of Experienced Science Teachers' Understanding of the Nature of Science
Diffraction effects due to shear structures: A new method for determining the shear vector
Genetic Analysis of Streptomycin Resistance in ESCHERICHIA COLI
Lipid oxidation in biological membranes. I. Lipid oxidation in submitochondrial particles and microsomes induced by chaotropic agents.
The effect of hypovolemic hypotension on extra- and intracellular acid-base parameters and energy metabolites in the rat brain.
Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Exact Confidence Intervals for Reliability, and Tolerance Limits in the Weibull Distribution
Growth of High‐Quality LiNbO3 Crystals from the Congruent Melt
General technique for solving nonlinear, two-point boundary-value problems via the method of particular solutions
The atom-probe field ion microscope
A developmental study of afferent-reafferent integration.
Nosema algerae n. sp. (Cnidospora, Microsporida) a pathogen in a laboratory colony of Anopheles stephensi Liston (Diptera, Culicidae).
Correction of metabolic deficiencies in the leukocytes of patients with chronic granulomatous disease
A new type of breast prosthesis. Preliminary report
Surgical Treatment of Vertebral Artery Insufficiency Caused by Cervical Spondylosis
Cryptates. Cation exchange rates
Raman Spectra and the Phonon Dispersion of Polyglycine
Preparation of lithio ethyl acetate. Procedure for the conversion of aldehydes and ketones to .beta.-hydroxy esters
Intra-articular pressure in rheumatoid arthritis of the knee. I. Pressure changes during passive joint distension.
Nutritional contribution of volatile fatty acids from the cecum of rats.
Endocarditis in the drug addict
Binding of mercury in the rat kidney by metallothionein
Timing properties of scintillation counters
Pathogenesis of Hepatic Encephalopathy-with Special Reference to the Role of Ammonia
In vitro development of the isolated shoot apical meristem of angiosperms.
Mechanism of hepatic dysfunction following shock and trauma.
Venturi and other atomizing scrubbers efficiency and pressure drop
Enhancement of the antibody response to type 3 pneumococcal polysaccharide in mice treated with antilymphocyte serum.
Placentation in the garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis
Synthesis and Properties of Azoaromatic Polymers
Ferromagnetic Resonance in Thin Films. I. Theory of Normal-Mode Frequencies
A Computer Program for Approximating System Reliability
Surface antigen(s) of SV40-transformed tumor cells.
The influence of acclimation temperature on the lipid composition of fish gill mitochondria
Simultaneous solution of the time dependent coupled continuity equations, heat conduction equations, and equations of motion for a system consisting of a neutral gas, an electron gas, and a four component ion gas
Temperature Dependence of Elastic, Dielectric, and Piezoelectric Constants in TeO2 Single Crystals
Experimental Nondestructive Electrical Stimulation of the Brain and Spinal Cord
Thermodynamics of austenitic Fe-C alloys
Arenoviruses: Proposed Name for a Newly Defined Virus Group
Psychiatric Symptoms in Community, Clinic, and Mental Hospital Groups
Clinical evaluation of transthoracic electrical impedance as a guide to intrathoracic fluid volumes.
The amino acid sequences of the Fd fragments of two human gamma-1 heavy chains
Anatomy and function of expanded ribs in certain edentates and primates.
On force and tooth movement
Optimality, "Public" Goods, and Local Governments: A General Theoretical Analysis
Phenotypic Mixing of Envelope Proteins of the Parainfluenza Virus SV5 and Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Lunar Maria and circular basins-a review
Zinc Adsorption by Calcareous Soils
Puckering structure in the infra-red spectrum of cyclobutane
Activities and ionic distributions in liquid silicates: application of polymer theory
The reliability of neurons.
Presence of 2 different viral agents in brain cells of patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.
Analysis of gas exchange in the avian lung: Theory and experiments in the domestic fowl
Spin Correlation Functions at High Temperatures
Brief critique of the meaning and reliability of "Accurate Empathy" ratings.
Responses of mice to odors associated with stress.
Cardiac hypertrophy in rats with iron and copper deficiency: quantitative contribution of mitochondrial enlargement.
Effects of single vagal stimuli on heart rate and atrioventricular conduction
NMR and IR investigation of the conditions determining the stability of microemulsions
Generalized juvenile gastrointestinal polyposis. A hereditary syndrome.
Substituted indenyl acetic acids
Adipose tissue metabolism: influence of periodicity of eating and diet composition.
Ultraviolet organic liquid lasers
The female alcoholic
The structure of pepstatin.
Role of vibrissae for depth perception in the rat (Rattus norvegicus).
Organocopper intermediates via decarboxylation of cuprous carboxylates
Pathogenesis of methionine-induced toxicity☆
Quantitative morphology of cold-blooded lungs: amphibia and reptilia.
The antigens of Vibrio cholerae involved in the vibriocidal action of antibody and complement.
Blood flow measurement through single coronary arteries by roentgen densitometry. Right coronary artery flow in conscious man.
Steroid production from plasma cholesterol. I. Conversion of plasma cholesterol to placental progesterone in humans.
Intermodality interactions in spatial localization
Phase-Space Dynamics of Particles
Stress fields produced by dislocations in anisotropic media
Role of catecholamines in stimulating the release of pituitary ovulating hormone(s) in rats.
Repair of the external granular layer of the hamster cerebellum after prenatal and postnatal administration of methylazoxymethanol.
Attitude Measurement: Use of Coefficient Alpha with Cluster or Factor Analysis:
Normal blood leukocyte concentration values.
Pharmacological evidence of autonomic nerve activities in canine papillary muscle.
The nursing clinics of north america
In-Vivo and In-Vitro Conversion of Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II in Dog Blood
Experimental Retinal Branch Vein Occlusion
Experimentally induced corticosteroid arthropathy
The evolution of genetic discontinuity: Computer models of the selection of barriers to interbreeding between subspecies
Damping Constants of Pulsating Bubbles
Selection and Polygenic Characters
A Gaussian channel with slow fading (Corresp.)
Interaction of elastic waves with a penny-shaped crack
Thermal contact resistance: The directional effect and other problems
Laser Doppler detection systems for gas velocity measurement.
The role of one's own voice in immediate memory ☆
Asymmetry in muscle weight and one-sided dominance in the human lower limbs.
Energy expenditure of swimming copepods
Effect of amino acids on iron absorption from a staple vegetable food.
The nature of the symbiosis between Indo-Pacific anemone fishes and sea anemones
Calorie deficiencies and protein deficiencies
Fertilizer Nitrogen and Crop Rotation in Relation to Movement of Nitrate Nitrogen Through Soil Profiles
A comparison of shortening and Z line degradation in post-mortem bovine, porcine, and rabbit muscle.
Micrometeorology and Energy Exchange in Two Desert Arthropods
The effect of dialysates and ultrafiltrates of plasma of saline-loaded dogs on toad bladder sodium transport
Quantitative parameters of early human gingival inflammation
Consequences of a Deficient Sellar Diaphragm
Reproductive systems and colonization in Canadian weeds
Chemistry of singlet oxygen. IX. Stable dioxetane from photooxygenation of tetramethoxyethylene
Epitaxial GaAs Kinetic Studies: {001} Orientation
Synchronisation in vivo: kinetics of a malignant cell system following temporary inhibition of DNA synthesis with hydroxyurea.
Load-compression behavior of brittle foams
Studies in the system MgO-SiO 2 -CO 2 -H 2 O (II); the activity-product constant of magnesite
Short‐term memory processes in the deaf
Basic encephalitogenic protein: A simplified purification on sulphoethyl-sephadex
Dural Arteriovenous Shunts in the Region of the Cavernous Sinus
The Effects of Polyhydric and Monohydric Alcohols on the Heat Induced Reversible Denaturation of Chymotrypsinogen A
Computer simulations of magnetic resonance spectra observed in polycrystalline and glassy samples
Jejunoileal shunt in surgical treatment of morbid obesity.
Mechanism of film formation of latices
Studies on the ‘Incisures’ of Schmidt and Lanterman
Ophryocystis elektroscirrha sp. n., a Neogregarine Pathogen of the Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus (L.) and the Florida Queen Butterfly D. gilippus berenice Cramer1
The electrical double layer in molten salts: Part 2. The double-layer capacitance
Central Bank Policy, the Money Supply, and the Short-Term Rate of Interest
Self-Stabilizing Tendencies of Alluvial Channels
Quantitative Angiocardiography IV. Relationships of Left Atrial and Ventricular Pressure and Volume in Mitral Valve Disease
An integrated curriculum.
On cross-waves
Physiological and drug-induced changes in the glycogen content of mouse brain
Rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism of brain "proteolipid" protein.
Pharmacologic effects of intravenously administered aminophylline in asthmatic children
Varieties of idempotent semigroups
Biochemical Consequences of Type 2 Adenovirus and Simian Virus 40 Double Infections of African Green Monkey Kidney Cells
Field ion microscope studies of transition metal adatom diffusion on (110), (211) and (321) tungsten surfaces
Analysis of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate with luciferase luminescence.
Fibrations of Groupoids
The mean free path of gas molecules in the transition régime
Differentiation of heart rate and systolic blood pressure in man by operant conditioning.
A rapid and direct method for the quantitative determination of tryptophan in the intact protein
Analysis of initial and delayed effects of orchidectomy and ovariectomy on pituitary and serum LH levels in adult and immature rats.
Demographic aspects of lactation and postpartum amenorrhea
The Living City
Physico-chemical phenomena in comets—II: Gas adsorption in the snows of the nucleus
Conformational analysis of tricarbonyl(diene) iron compounds
An Experimental Study of Tectonic Overpressure in Franciscan Rocks
Attitude determination by kalman filtering
A comparison of variable-ratio and variable-interval schedules of reinforcement.
A systematic investigation of elastic moduli of Wc-Co alloys
Ultrafiltration of macromolecular solutions with high‐flux membranes
The Academic Marketplace Revisited: A Study of Faculty Mobility Using the Cartter Ratings
The distribution of chromium 51-labelled lymphoid cells in the mouse: A survey of anatomical compartments
Porcine Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone Is (Pyro)Glu-His-Pro(NH2)
Experimental and environmental factors in cancer. A review of research with animals.
The Location Of Escherichia Coli In The Pig Intestine
On the interpretation of k-shell electron binding energy chemical shifts in molecules
Proximal negative response of frog retina.
Two-substrate kinetics of drug-metabolizing enzyme systems of hepatic microsomes.
Age Responses of Cultured Mammalian Cells to Cytotoxic Drugs
The measurement and interpretation of genotype-environment interactions
Studies on the regulation of the activity of drug oxidation in rat liver microsomes by androgen and estrogen
The Absorption, Distribution, Excretion, and Biotransformation of the Carcinostatic 1-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea in Animals
Inhibition by prostaglandin E2 of sympathetic neurotransmission in the rabbit heart.
The Fractional Derivative of a Composite Function
Duration of Transit of Spermatozoa through the Human Male Ductular System
Retinal and optic nerve serotonin and retinal degeneration as influenced by photoperiod.
Studies on natural suckling in cattle during the first eight hours post partum. II. Behavioural studies (calves).
Physical and functional properties of some higher alkyl polyglucosides.
Interactions of delta-tetrahydrocannabinol with barbiturates and methamphetamine.
Atoms and the ‘Analogy of Nature’: Newton’s Third Rule of Philosophizing
Selection Criteria for Beef Cattle for the Future
Ultrastructure of bacterized and axenic trophozoites of entamoeba histolytica with particular reference to helical bodies
Behavioral group counseling with socially anxious and unassertive college students.
Tibial dyschondroplasia in the fowl
Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Abortion: law, choice, and morality
Meyerhold on Theatre
The intracellular localization of inorganic cations with potassium pyroantimonate. Electron microscope and microprobe analysis.
The Observation of Atomic Collisions in Crystalline Solids
Regulation of lipid metabolism
Population regulation and population inertia
Experimental Results on Crossbreeding Cattle for Beef Production
Growth of head, face, trunk, and limbs in Philadelphia white and Negro children of elementary and high school age.
The Chemistry and Properties of the Medical-Grade Silicones
Functional adaptation of tRNAs to fibroin biosynthesis in the silkgland of Bombyx mori L.
Regional cerebral blood flow and its autoregulation in patients with transient focal cerebral ischemic attacks.
Erosional behavior of Cesium-137.
Influence of lipophilic character on the antibacterial activity of cephalosporins and penicillins.
Sedimentation in Cascadia Deep-Sea Channel
A topological map of the locust flight system motor neurons
Dural sinus and cerebral venous thrombosis. Incidence in young women receiving oral contraceptives.
Evidence for muramic acid in soil
Quaternary Glacial Record in Swat Kohistan, West Pakistan
Studies of cellular proliferation in human leukemia. VI. The proliferative activity, generation time, and emergence time of neutrophilic granulocytes in chronic granulocytic leukemia.
Vinblastine in the management of testicular cancer.
Gas chromatographic and mass spectral analyses of soybean milk volatiles
Opposite effect of urea and some of its derivatives on water structure
Experimental measurement of hydrate numbers for methane and ethane and comparison with theoretical values
A statistical model of a porous medium with nonuniform pores
Strip Line with Rectangular Outer Conductor and Three Dielectric Layers
Characterization of saccharolytic nonfermentative bacteria associated with man.
Determination of solidus-liquidus temperatures in the uo2 + x system (−0.50<x<0.20)
Psychological aspects of the care of children with cystic fibrosis.
Large‐scale atmospheric energetics in the wave‐number domain
On laminar boundary layers near corners
Eigenfunctions of the Curl Operator, Rotationally Invariant Helmholtz Theorem, and Applications to Electromagnetic Theory and Fluid Mechanics
Effects of Ethylene and 2-Chloroethylphosphonic Acid on the Ripening of Grapes
Carcinosarcoma and mixed mesodermal tumor of the uterine corpus. Review of 49 cases.
The neural regulation of gene expression in the muscle cell
Equilibrium relations and crystal structure of lithium fluorolanthanate phases
On automatic methods of sleep staging by EEG spectra
Electron microscopy of the ammoniacal silver reaction for histones in the erythropoietic cells of the chick.
Drugs, toxins and dietary amino acids affecting vitamin B12 or folic acid absorption or utilization.
Neonatal hypocalcemia in low birth weight infants
The detection of cell-bound antibody on complement-coated human red cells
Severe subluxation of the cervical spine in rheumatoid arthritis
Electron-molecule interactions. II. Scattering by closed-shell diatomic molecules
Innervation and the regulation of acetylcholinesterase activity during the development of normal and dystrophic chick muscle
Seasonal biochemical changes in the living bark and needles of red pine (Pinus resinosa) in relation to adaptation to freezing
Disproportionate dental anxiety. Clinical and nosological considerations.
Runaway stars and the pulsars near the crab nebula.
Arginaseless Neurospora: Genetics, Physiology, and Polyamine Synthesis
Conditions influencing the retention of learned fear in young rats.
On the Dynamics of the Swing of a Golf Club
Physico-chemical phenomena in comets—I: Experimental study of snows in a cometary environment
Repayment of O2 debt and resynthesis of high-energy phosphates in gastrocnemius muscle of the dog.
Interaction between “sensitized lymphocytes” and antigen in vitro: II. Mitogen-induced release of skin reactive and macrophage migration inhibitory factors
Maize Leaf Elongation: Continuous Measurements and Close Dependence on Plant Water Status
Effect of ammonium and nitrate concentration on chlorophyll increases in natural tropical pacific phytoplankton populations1
The time it takes to imagine1
Near hartree-fock energy and equilibrium geometry of CH+5
Diffusion and Permeation of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide through Polytetrafluoroethylene
Malignant Lymphoma Associated With Hydantoin Drugs
Shock waves as a criterion for the transition from homogeneous to heterogeneous fluidization
Lipids and proteins in multiple sclerosis white matter.
Placental Transmission of Nitrous Oxide
Black Boxism and the Sociology of Science: A Discussion of the Major Developments in the Field
The fundamental absorption edge of AlAs and AlP
Observations of irregular structure in thermal ion distributions in the duskside magnetosphere
Effects of colestipol (U-26,597A), a new bile acid sequestrant, on serum lipids in experimental animals and man.
The interaction of sodium dodecyl sulfate with gelatin
Comparison between metabolic changes in local venous and coronary sinus blood after acute experimental coronary arterial occlusion
Separable graphs, planar graphs and web grammars
The Covered-Arbitrage Schedule: A Critical Survey of Recent Developments
Gas exchange in the domestic fowl during spontaneous breathing and artificial ventilation
Lake Effect Snowfall to the Lee of the Great Lakes: Its Role in Michigan.
Combination chemotherapy with nitrogen mustard, vincristine, procarbazine, and prednisone in lymphosarcoma and reticulum cell sarcoma.
On the singularities of solutions of partial differential equations
Flow through a converging-diverging tube and its implications in occlusive vascular disease — II: Theoretical and experimental results and their implications
Graduate training of facilitative counselors: The effects of individual supervision.
Child Versus Adult Perception of Evaluative Messages in Verbal, Vocal, and Visual Channels.
Hypospadias—A One-Stage Repair Without Skin Graft Based on a New Principle: Chordee is Sometimes Produced by the Skin Alone
VENOUS THROMBOSIS IN PATIENTS WITH FRACTURE OF THE UPPER END OF THE FEMUR: A Phlebographic Study of the Effect of Prophylactic Anticoagulation
Interspecific competition, predation and species diversity.
Nonparametric detection
Degradation of Endrin, Aldrin, and DDT by Soil Microorganisms
The Tidal Rhythm and Rhythm of Feeding and Digestion in Cardium Edule
Ionization Equilibria for High Ions of Fe and Ni
Three-dimensional laminar boundary-layer transition on a sharp 8 degcone at Mach 10
THE SYNTHESIS AND TURNOVER OF RAT LIVER PEROXISOMES III. The Size Distribution of Peroxisomes and the Incorporation of New Catalase
Alteration of mechanical performance of the ventricle by intraaortic balloon counterpulsation.
Polymorphic Behavior of Thin Evaporated Films of Zirconium and Hafnium Oxides
Lateral inhibition and geometric illusions.
Pain and mood patterns in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. A prospective study.
Olfactory imprinting and age variables in the guinea-pig, Cavia porcellus.
The cellular response to nerve injury. 3. The effect of repeated crush injuries.
Effects of pre‐ and postmortem glycolysis on poultry tenderness
Infected arterial grafts: experince in 22 cases with empsis on unusual bactia and technics.
Phytoplankton‐zooplankton relationships in narragansett bay. iv. the seasonal importance of grazing1
Increased ethanol toxicity in old rats: Changes in LD50, in vivo and in vitro metabolism, and liver alcohol dehydrogenase activity
Topics in clinical medicine: serious complications and sudden death in the Pickwickian syndrome.
Decision analysis: Perspectives on inference, decision, and experimentation
Maintenance of sinus rhythm after DC reversion of atrial fibrillation: A double-blind controlled trial of long-acting quinidine bisulphate
On Nonnegative Solutions of the Equation $AD + DA' = - C$
Electronic structure and bonding in manganese pentacarbonyl halides and hydride
Comparative behavior of ring chromosomes.
Interaction of Proteins with Sulfide
An analysis of models describing predator‐prey interaction
Einstein's Vision
Measuring the motives of public officials at a distance: An exploratory study of american presidents
Stoichiometric relation of protein components in cerebral myelin from different species.
Formal Languages and their Relation to Automata
The Disposition of Proteinpoly-Saccharide in the Epiphysial Plate Cartilage of the Young Rabbit
Sarcoma of the Spermatic Cord and Tunics: Review of the Literature, Case Report and Discussion of the Role of Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection
Performance limitations and error calculations for parameter estimation
Pollen biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Edmonton Formation (Maestrichtian), Alberta, Canada
Dissociation of β-lactoglobulin near neutral pH☆
Configuration and frequency gradient of electric slow wave over canine small bowel.
Molecular MC–SCF calculations
Electrical Transport Properties in a Superlattice
Experiments on the cellular structure in bénard convection
Retinal function in an isolated, perfused mammalian eye.
Sets, lattices, and Boolean algebras
Theory of low frequency noise in Si MOST's
Morphogenesis and ultrastructure inDictyostelium
The influence of particle-size distribution on the apparent viscosity of non-newtonian dispersed systems
Decision Making vs. Policy Making: Toward an Antidote for Technocracy@@@The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups@@@The Policy-Making Process@@@Public Policymaking Reexamined@@@The Study of Policy Formation
Differences in primary cellular factors influencing the metabolism and distribution of 3,5,3′-L-triiodothyronine and L-thyroxine
Seroepidemiologic studies during a simultaneous epidemic of infection with El Tor Ogawa and classical Inaba Vibrio cholerae.
Conformational analysis. XXII. Conformational equilibria in 2-substituted 1,3-dioxanes
Synthesis and configurational assay of asymmetric methyl groups.
On the Lattice Thermal Conduction
Trade Unions and National Wages Policies
Annotated index and bibliography of the calcareous nannoplankton III
Kinship in an urban setting
Animal inhalation studies on ammonia, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, dimethylamine, and ethanol.
New Classification of Neisseria meningitidis by Means of Bactericidal Reactions
Precise Evaluation of Topically Applied Corticosteroid Potency: Modification of the Stoughton-McKenzie Assay
Alterations of hemodynamics and myocardial mechanics in patients with congestive heart failure: pathophysiologic mechanisms and assessment of cardiac function and ventricular contractility.
Diode edge effect on doping-profile measurements
Dystrophia retinae pigmentosa--dysacusis syndrome (DRD): a study of the Usher- or Hallgren syndrome.
Summary Of Medical Experience in The Apollo 7 Through 11 Manned Spaceflights
Evaluation of the peripheral and central antagonistic activities against 5-hydroxytryptamine of some new agents.
Ammonia Metabolism in the Gut
Chloroplast and Cytoplasmic Enzymes: Three Distinct Isoenzymes Associated with the Reductive Pentose Phosphate Cycle
The symmetrical maze: An automated closed-field test series for rats
Healing of Surface Cracks in SiC by Oxidation
Binding of mercury in the rat: Studies using 203HgCl2 and gel filtration☆
The biological and immunological properties of pork and beef insulin, proinsulin, and connecting peptides
Thoracic Temperature Stabilization byn Blood Circulation in a Free-Flying Moth.
Effect of tannic acid and related compounds on the absorption and utilization of proteins in the rat.
Chronic glomerulonephritis associated with low serum complement activity (chronic hypocomplementemic glomerulonephritis).
The activation areas for creep deformation
Work: a weak reinforcer.
Increased levels of brain free fatty acids after electroconvulsive shock.
Changes in sodium pool and kinetics of sodium transport in frog skin produced by amiloride.
On the influence of extracellular fluid volume expansion and of uremia on bicarbonate reabsorption in man
Failure of cytotoxic drugs to suppress immune responses of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Some Speculation about Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning
Reactions of organolithium reagents with siloxane substrates
Survey of Literature on Reflection and Scattering of Sound Waves at the Sea Surface
The Subcellular Distribution of Plutonium in Rat Liver
Comparison of ventilatory and circulatory flow rates between animals in various physiological conditions.
The natural experiment.
The dehydration of alcohols on alumina: XII. Kinetic isotope effects in the olefin formation from butanols
Analysis of nonvolatile oxidation products of polypropylene. III. Photodegradation
Thermodynamics and Calculation of the Liquidus‐Solidus Gap in Homogeneous, Monotonic Alloy Systems
Effects of moisture content and temperature on aflatoxin production in corn.
Theory of a high-intensity gas laser
Dissipation discontinuities in hydromagnetic shock waves
The use of equilibrium-density-gradient methods for the preparation and characterization of blood-group-specific glycoproteins
Some Mathematical Properties of Oscillator Phase Operators
Secondary Structure of the Cyclic Moiety of the Peptide Hormone Oxytocin and Its Deamino Analog
Metabolic Clearance and Production Rates of Human Growth Hormone in Subjects with Normal and Abnormal Growth
Cerebrospinal fluid monoamine catabolites in drug-induced extrapyramidal disorders.
The conduction of heat from sliding solids
Self-Similar Strong Shocks with Radiation in a Decreasing Exponential Atmosphere
Electron microscopic and electrophysiological studies on the carotid body following intracranial section of the glossopharyngeal nerve.
Warfarin metabolism in man: identification of metabolites in urine
Thymic myoid cells and myasthenia gravis.
The antibacterial action of lactoperoxidase. The nature of the bacterial inhibitor.
Photoablösung von Elektronen bei einigen stabilen negativen Ionen
CEREBELLAR GRANULE CELLS IN VITRO: A Light and Electron Microscope Study
Myositis ossificans circumscripta. Report of four cases without history of injury.
Amoxycillin levels in sputum, serum, and saliva
Underwater Daylight and Moonlight Measurements in the Eastern North Atlantic1
The nephrotic syndrome associated with secondary syphilis: An immune deposit disease
The effect of education on the earnings of Blacks and Whites
A Differential Effect of Hydroxyurea on Hemopoietic Stem Cell Colonies in Vitro and in Vivo
Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy in the Treatment of Prostatic Carcinoma
Failure to escape traumatic electric shock: Incompatible skeletal-motor responses or learned helplessness?☆
Trichocephalidae and Capillariidae of Animals and Man and the Diseases Caused by Them
Informal Communication in Industrial Markets
Regulation of thrombopoiesis
Effective ionic radii and crystal chemistry
Physico‐chemical characteristics of orange juice cloud
Integer points on curves of genus 1
Lysosomal enzyme activity in rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis.
The diagnostic significance of the intrauterine pressure. I.
The three types of right aortic arch
A review of laser radar measurements of atmospheric properties
Some Effects of Chemical Composition on the Flammability Behavior of Textiles
Some theorems on the core of an n-Game without Side-Payments
The activities of proline dehydrogenase, glutamate dehydrogenase, aspartate-oxoglutarate aminotransferase and alanine-oxoglutarate aminotransferase in some insect flight muscles.
Growth characteristics of the copepodsEurytemora affinis andE. herdmani in laboratory cultures
IQ’s of Identical Twins Reared Apart
Encephalization in Chiroptera
Silver depletion indicated by microanalysis of gold from placer occurrences, western United States
The effect of alcohol and noise on components of a tracking and monitoring task
The development of the cutaneous microvascular system in the newborn
Demonstration of the chemotactic properties of collagen.
How many marine invertebrate fossil species? A new approximation
Relationship of Nitrate Reductase Activity to Grain Protein Production in Wheat 1
Salmonella contamination in a poultry-processing plant.
UGA Nonsense Mutations in Salmonella typhimurium
The absorption and malabsorption of folic acid and its polyglutamates
Determination of the optimum concentration of eggs and spermatozoa for the production of normal larvae in Pecten maximus (Mollusca, Lamellibranchia)
Surface chlorophyll as an index of the depth, chlorophyll content, and primary productivity of the euphotic layer1
Cleavage of amino acid esters and peptides with hydroxoaquo(2,2',2''-triaminotriethylamine)cobalt(III) ion
Power Failure in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Teratogenic compounds of Veratrum californicum (Durand). X. Cyclopia in rabbits produced by cyclopamine
Polyarticular and familial chondrocalcinosis.
Two blackbody radiometers of high accuracy.
An analysis of locomotor behaviour of goldfish (Carassius auratus).
Generalized Hamiltonian equations for convex problems of Lagrange.
A crack perpendicular to an elastic half-plane
Macrophage-melanocyte heterokaryons. I. Preparation and properties.
Principal Component Ordination and Simulated Vegetational Data
The 1968-1969 cholera-vaccine field trial in rural east pakistan. Effectiveness of monovalent ogawa and inaba vaccines and a purified inaba antigen, with comparative results of serological and animal protection tests
Congenital defects in folate utilization
The determination of carbon bonded sulfur in soil.
Excitation and radiative transport of OI 1304 Å resonance radiation—I
Characterization of some volatile potato components
Occlusal plane determination.
Knee injuries: the role of the suprapatellar plica and suprapatellar bursa in simulating internal derangements.
An alternative to the bounds test for testing for serial correlation in least-squares regression
Disposition of newly synthesized amines in cell bodies and terminals of central catechol aminergic neurons. (I) effect of amphetamine and thioproperazine on the metabolism of CA in the caudate nucleus, the substantia nigra and the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus
Grain size effects in the strain hardening of polycrystals
Structure of undercooled Ni-Sn eutectic
Decortication in treatment of osteomyelitis of the mandible
Soft FerritesߞProperties and Applications
Segregation of Carbon to the (100) Surface of Nickel
Pericardial and myocardial involvement by lymphomas and leukemias. The role of radiotherapy.
Renal metabolic response to acid-base changes: II. The early effects of metabolic acidosis on renal metabolism in the rat
A-Like Blood Group Antigen in Gastric Cancer Cells of Patients in Blood Groups O or B
Diffusion Processes in Iron Alloys
Innervation of pulmonary and bronchial blood vessels of the dog.
Growth of Crenulate Shaped Bays to Equilibrium
Cortisol is secreted episodically in Cushing's syndrome.
Low-temperature matrix isolation study of hydrogen-bonded, high-boiling organic compounds. I. Sampling device and the infrared spectra of pyrazole, imidazole, and dimethylphosphinic acid
The isolation and characterization of mutants of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis with disturbed morphology and cell division.
Direct Current‐Voltage Characteristics of Calcia Stabilized Zirconia with Porous Platinum Electrodes
The chemical and immunological assay of low density lipoprotriens extracted from human aortic intima
Introduction to Public Administration
Chemical ionization mass spectrometry. XII. Alcohols
Methionine Hydroxy Analog: Varying Levels for Lactating Cows
Oxygen Diffusion in the Soil‐Plant System I. A Model1
Fine structure of the apex of absorptive cells from rat small intestine
Significance of positive tests for rheumatoid factor in the prognosis of rheumatoid arthritis. A follow-up study.
Current concepts and correction in the valgus foot.
Stability of apparent vertical and ocular countertorsion as a function of lateral tilt
Training Police as Specialists in Family Crisis Intervention.
Effect of Optical Inhomogeneities on Phase Matching in Nonlinear Crystals
Effect of temperature and resin on hatch of eggs of the mountain pine beetle (dendroctonus ponderosae)
Fine structure of the fungus Metarrhizium anisopliae infecting three species of larval Elateridae (Coleoptera): III. Penetration of the host integument
Incorporation of carbohydrates into endogenous acceptors of liver microsomal fractions.
A study of the distribution of methotrexate in human tissues and tumors.
Neoclassical Theory of Investment Behavior: A Comment
Cooperative breeding and altruistic behaviour in the mexican jay, Aphelocoma ultramarina
The effect of calcium and its relation to several cations in soybean root growth.
The crystal structure of triethylammonium bis-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethanide, (TEA)+(TCNQ)2−
Price Discrimination and Product Differentiation in Economic Theory: An Early Analysis
Mitotic index of psoriatic lesions treated with anthralin, glucocorticosteriod and occlusion only
Numerical analysis of finite axisymmetric deformations of incompressible elastic solids of revolution
Body Composition Changes During Growth in Young Sockeye (Oncorhynchus nerka) in Fresh Water
Thermal Analysis of the Grinding Process
Urinary bladder carcinogenicity of N-[4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-2-thiazolyl] formamide in female Swiss mice.
Deformation Characteristics and Ductile Fracture of 1040 Steel in Simple Upsetting of Solid Cylinders and Rings
An incorrect inequality in micropolar elasticity theory
Electrophoresis of an insulating sphere normal to a conducting plane
Congenital malabsorption of folate
Behaviour and ecology of a population of Abudefduf saxatilis (Pomacentridae, Teleostei) at Eilat (Red Sea)
The pollen wall of Canna and its similarity to the germinal apertures of other pollen.
Aversive and cognitive factors in the modification of smoking behaviour
Global effects of environmental pollution
DDT-Induced Inhibition of Avian Shell Gland Carbonic Anhydrase: A Mechanism for Thin Eggshells
An appraisal of chloroquine
Intellectual Development Beyond Elementary School
Communication. Ultrafiltration of aquatic humus
Kinetic interpretation of non-newtonian flow
Artificial selection for genetic adaptation to temperature extremes in Aphytis lingnanensis Compere (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)
Decreased Nitroblue Tetrazolium Dye Reduction in the Phagocytes of Patients Receiving Prednisone
An alternative integral equation for propagation over irregular terrain, 2
Direct Coronary Surgery Utilizing Multiple-Vein Bypass Grafts
Reversal by light of the action of n-methyl n-desacetyl colchicine on mitosis
Arterial oxygen tension in acute myocardial infarction. Serial analysis of clinical state and blood gas changes.
Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Isolation of Cytokinins from Natural Sources 6-(3-Methyl-2-butenylamino) purine from Agrobacterium Tumefaciens
Studies on intestinal absorption of amino acids and a dipeptide in a case of Hartnup disease
Coronaviruses, a new group of animal RNA viruses.
Direct writeout of total respiratory resistance.
Numerical techniques in mathematical programming
Phase transitions in one-dimensional cluster-interaction fluids IA. Thermodynamics
Family Size, Interaction, Affect and Stress*
Instructional control of human operant responding during extinction following fixed-ratio conditioning.
Anastomosis of the Internal Mammary Artery to the Distal Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery
Wirephoto quality improvement by unsharp masking
This is interesting.
Solitary eosinophilic granuloma in bone
Potential‐Energy Curves for the He2 Molecule
Seasonal composition of temperate plankton communities: fatty acids1
Infiltration and soil erosion as influenced by vegetation and soil in northern Utah.
The molecular organization of nerve membranes: I. Isolation and characterization of plasma membranes from the retinal axons of the squid: an axolemma-rich preparation
Myocardial atrio-venous junctions and extensions (sleeves) over the pulmonary and caval veins Anatomical observations in various mammals
A New Rationale for the Management of Periapical Granulomas and Cysts: An Evaluation of Histopathological and Radiographic Findings
Active management of labour and cephalopelvic disproportion
An algebraic method for control systems design
An improvement in a procedure for counting tritium and carbon-14 in polyacrylamide gels.
Ecological Effects of the War in Vietnam
Repair of x-ray damage in DNA of cultivated cells from patients having xeroderma pigmentosum.
Membranous particles in calcifying cartilage matrix.
Pituitary-adrenal function in ten patients receiving medroxyprogesterone acetate for true precocious puberty.
Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Entwicklungsgeschichte der Tiere
Assessing reports of therapeutic trials.